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June 30/12 9:30 am - Windham World Cup: U23 and Junior Men on Course

Posted by Editoress on 06/30/12

It is a warm morning as the U23 and Junior Men set out for the first of 6 XC races today.


The U23 men will do 5 laps of the course with the first lap being a bit longer as the start has been moved into downtown Windham


The Junior will take the start 2 min after the U23 men and do 4 laps.


U23 Men

Lap 1

Howard Grotts (Specialized Racing) took the lead and at the end of the first lap was 28 seconds ahead of 3 chasers: Michiel van der Heijden (Rabobank Giant Offroad Team), Markus Schulte-Luenzum (Focus Mig Team), Gerhard Kerschbaumer (TX Active Bianchi)


Mitchell Bailey (Team Canada) was 9th at 32 seconds. Bailey's teammates Leandre Bouchard , Jeremy Martin and Evan McNeely all together at 1:10 back



Lap 2


At the end of second lap, Michiel van der Heijden has taken the lead with Grotts on his wheel. Schulte-Luenzum 3rd at 18 sec.  Bailey 12th at 1:33, Antoine Caron 17th at 2:20



Lap 3

At the end of lap 3 - van der Heijden has extended hi lead over Grotts to 32 sec.  Schulte-Luenzum 3rd at3

7 sec.  Bailey 12th at 2:50, Caron 17th at 3:37, Martin 20th at 4:08, Bouchard 23rd at 4:15, Guthrie 25th at 4:38 and McNeely  25th  at 4:40


Lap 4

Starting the fourth lap, van der Heijden leading with Schulte-Luenzum now 2nd at 29 sec.  Grotts 3rd at 44 sec

Russell Finsterwald (Subaru - Trek)  11th, Bailey 12th at 3:55


1/2 way through the lap: van der Heijden leading Schulte-Luenzum by 48 sec.  Reto Indergand (BMC Mountainbike Racing Team) 3rd at 1:19.  Grotts 4th at 1:24, Ruben Scheire (BH - SR Suntour - Peisey Vallandry) 5th at 1:33

Bailey 13th at 4:40.  Caron 16th at 5:37



1 Michiel van der Heijden (Ned) Rabobank Giant Offroad Team
2 Markus Schulte-Luenzum (Ger) Focus Mig Team

3 Reto Indergand (Sui) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team

4 Ruben Scheire (Bel) BH - SR Suntour - Peisey Vallandry

5 Howard Grotts (USA) Specialized Racing

11 Russell Finsterwald (USA) Subaru - Trek

13 Mitchell Bailey (Can)




Junior Men

Lap 1


Anton Cooper (Trek World Racing) blasted up the 3 km climb and at the end of the first lap was 47 seconds ahead of Keegan Swenson (Cannondale Factory Racing).

Peter Disera (Team Canada) top Canadian  in 11th at 1:08 back. 

Marc-Antoine Nadon (SCOTT-3RoxRacing) had some sort of mechanical and was sitting 21st


Lap 2

Cooper has started to work his way through the U23 eild that started 2 min ahead.

Swenson 2nd at 1:55, Luis Camacho (Costa Rica) has moved into 3rd at 2:41, Nicolas Sessler (Brazil) 4th at s.t.


Peter Disera (Team Canada) sitting 10th, Marc-Antoine Nadon (SCOTT-3RoxRacing) 13th


Lap 3


Copper starts the 3rd lap with a gap of 2:32 on Swenson, Sessler now 3rd at 3:45


Nadon has made it up to 10th, but is 5:32 behind the leader. Julien Gagne is the next Canadian sitting 15th at 6:33 back. Vincent Belhumeur 18th, Alexandre Vialle 21st and Disera 22nd


Lap 4

1/2 way through the final lap

Coopper leading Swenson by 2:39.  Swenson 3rd at 4:28, Ben Bradley (Australia) 4th at 4:51


WOW....  Nadon 6th at 6:09



1 Anton Cooper (NZl) Trek World Racing, 1:08:12

2 Keegan Swenson (USA) Cannondale Factory Racing at 3:18

3 Nicolas Sessler (Bra) Brazil,5:06

4 Ben Bradley (Aus) Australia, 5:16

5 Lucas Newcomb (USA) United States of America, 6:07

6 Marc-Antoine Nadon (Can) SCOTT-3RoxRacing, 6:42



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