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June 30/12 13:56 pm - Windham World Cup: Elite Men's XC Updates

Posted by Editoress on 06/30/12

The men's field is about to start in downtown Windam.  They will ride ~1 km on pavement leading up to the beginning of a gravel road that will take them up and up for 3 km to the top of the climb, whre they will go down and down to the finish line wehre they start to climb again.


They will do 6 laps.


Lots of Canadians today: Max Plaxton (Specialized), Geoff Kabush (SCOTT-3RoxRacing), Derek Zandstra (SCOTT-3RoxRacing), Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory), Adam Morka (Trek Canada), Kris Sneddon (Kona), Peter Glassford (Trek Canada), Cameron Jette (SCOTT-3RoxRacing)


Ralph Naef (Multivan Merida Biking Team) will not start after a bad crash in training yesterday.


See the preview for course description


Lap 1

Fabian Giger (Rabobank Giant Offroad Team) leading as they head up the gravel road, but it is a long long line strung out behind.

It is going to take a while to sort out the weaker from stronger riders.


2:12 pm


1/2 way:  A small group starting to pull away at the front: Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing), Jaroslav Kulhavy (Specialized Racing), Florian Vogel (Scott - Swisspower MTB  Racing Team), Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Wildwolf - Trek Pro Racing), Rudi Van Houts (Multivan Merida Biking Team), Burry Stander (Specialized Racing) at 3 sec

José Hermida (Multivan Merida Biking Team), Fabian Giger (Rabobank Giant Offroad Team), Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing), Lukas Flückiger (Trek World Racing) 7 sec

14th Geoff Kabush (SCOTT-3RoxRacing) at 20 sec

21st Max Plaxton (Specialized) at 31 sec


Lap 2  2:18 pm

Heading out to the second lap, still a big bunch at the front

Vogel, Fumic, Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Wildwolf - Trek Pro Racing), Kulhavy, Stander, Rudi Van Houts (Multivan Merida Biking Team), Hermida, Giger, Fontana and Lukas Flückiger (Trek World Racing)


Then another bunch at  16 seconds: Martin Gujan (Cannondale Factory Racing), Mathias Flückiger (Trek World Racing), Stéphane Tempier (TX Active Bianchi)


Kabush 14th at 22 sec.  Plaxton 15th at 30 sec


Lap 3

2:33 pm

Fumic leading Stander by 6 seconds.  Hermida, Fontana and Mantacon at 9 sec


2:39 pm

Fumic flats and loses lead


2:40 pm

Kulhavy drops out


2:43 pm

1/2 way round and Stander leading Fontana.  Mantecon at 6 sec

Vogel alone at 34 sec

Giger, Flückiger brothers, & van Houts at 56 sec

9th are Todd Wells, Geoff Kabush and Plaxton  at 1:08  w. Schultz right behind


Hermida has lost a pedal, - he has to  get to tech zone partway up climb .. is climbing with one leg and then runs to tech zone


Lap 4

2:49 pm   Stander , Fontana and Mantecon leading.  4th Vogel and L Flückiger at 39 sec.

6th M Flückiger at 44 sec. 7th van Houts 8th at 1 min

9th Wells and Plaxton at 1:06

11th Schultz at 1:08

12th Kabush 1:12


2:59 pm

1/2 way reoud:  Stander and Fontana have gapped Mantecon by 1 sec.  4/5 Vogel and M Flückiger at 48 sec. 

6/7 Giger and Wells at 48 sec

Plaxton 8th at 50 sec

Schultz 9th at 59 sec

Kabush 10th at 1:12


Lap 5 

2 to go  3:03 pm

Stander and Fontana still battling it out at the front as they head out on Lap 5.  Mantecon 3rd at 1 sec

Wells now 4th at 33 sec. Vogel 5th at 37 sec, Mathias Flückiger 6th at 38 sec, Giger 7th at 45 sec  and Plaxton 8th at 46

Schultz 9th at 53 sec, Kabush 10th at 1 min


Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory) 28th


3:12 pm


Three leaders still together on the climb


3 chasers:  Wells, Vogel and Flückiger with Plaxton closing in


3:16 pm

1/2 way round and Stander is alone.  Mantecon at 8 sec.  Fontana at 18 sec, Wells 4th at 34, Mathias Flückiger 5th at 35 sec, Vogel 6th at 36 sec, Plaxton 6th at 54 sec, Kabush 8th at 1:13, Milatz 9th at 1:19 and Schultz 10th at 1:25



Last lap - 3:22 pm

Stander goes through to start the final lap with a gap of 4 sec on Mantecon.  Fontana at 27 sec.  Wells 4th at 32 sec. Mathias Flückiger 5th at 35 sec, Vogel 6th at 35 sec, Plaxton 7th at 57 sec. Kabush 8th at 1:16. Milatz 9th at 1:25 and Schultz 10th at 1:33


1/2 way   3:31 pm

Stander, Mantecon at 22 sec, Fontana at  47 sec, Wells and Mathias Flückiger at 52 sec.  Vogel at 1:09, Plaxton 7th at 1:26, Kabush 8th at 1:42



1 Burry Stander (Specialized Racing), 1:38:09

2 Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Wildwolf - Trek Pro Racing), at 0:17

3 Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing), 0:31

4 Todd Wells (Specialized Racing), 0:34

5 Mathias Flückiger (Trek World Racing), 0:49

6 Florian Vogel (Scott - Swisspower MTB  Racing Team), 1:08

7 Max Plaxton (Specialized), 1:22

8 Geoff Kabush (SCOTT-3RoxRacing), 1:27





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