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April 17/00 9:04 am - BC Cup #1, Pelham, Birthday

Posted by Editor on 04/17/00

BC XC Cup #1 - Nanaimo
(courtesy Rodney Hsu and Claire Bonin)

BC Cup XC #1 (AKA Team Puke's Barf Bash IV) took place in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island on Sunday April 16th. Racers were blessed with sunny weather, ideal racing condition and very dry trails!

The 12km course was very technical, typical West coast style. The first few kilometers after the start were rolling double tracks. This was followed by a narrow flat technical singletrack that caused riders falling all over the place. The terrain of the first half of the course was changing constantly. It was doubletrack, singletrack, doubletrack, then some switchbacks, and more doubletracks.... by the time you get to the second half, you would be pretty dizzy unless you've been focusing hard throughout the ride. The second half of the course was a lot more challenging, racers had to face two steep climbs that forced many to hike up. After the climb, obviously there was downhill. The downhill was steep, bumpy with roots, logs and big drops. Spectators lined up along the trail to watch racers fly down, or crash down. In my case, it was crash down. Huge bail off a rocky drop that left a big bruise on my left hip. I trusted my Sugar 1 a bit too much. ;-) Each lap took between 30 to 40 minutes. Senior pro men did 4 laps, while pro women and junior men did 3.

In the senior pro men category, the field was destroyed by the presence of national team members Andreas Hestler (Devinci), Roland Green (GT), Ryder Hesdejal (Gary Fisher) and Geoff Kabush (Kona). The pace was incredibly fast from the start because everyone wanted to get in the singletrack first for that slight advantage. The field was quickly split into two main groups. The front group consisted of Andreas, Ryder and Roland, while the rest of the field slowly spread out on the course. By the beginning of third lap Ryder had a slight lead over Roland and Andreas, but crashed, allowing Andreas to catch and drop both him and Roland by the start of the last lap. Andreas managed to hold off Ryder at the end, making it across the line 3 bike lengths ahead of Ryder. Roland rolled in third not far behind (50m). Whistler's Chad Miles took 4th, and Geoff made quite a comeback to finish 5th. It was a great race from a spectator point of view.

On the women side Amber Chorney, Trish Sinclair, Christine Platt and Sylvie Allan were there, in fact there was a lot of women there - yea!. The battle was also very intense. 14 racers started the race, and all 14 finished! Devinci's Amber Chorney took off from the start like a train and never looked back. Amber and Trish were together at the top of the first climb, but Amber took the lead on the technical section and Trish started to drop back. After spending the spring on trails that were not too technical Trish had to go through technical section 101, 201 and 301 in the same race to be able to claim second place.

Amber led from start to finish, smiling as usual.She won the 3 lap race in 1 hour and 55 minutes. The battle of second place was between Trish and defending BC Cup series champion Kiara Bisaro (Trek). At the end, Trish was the stronger one, crossing the finish line 13 second ahead of Kiara.

Rocky Mountain's Jaimie Douglas was amazing at today's race. Starting in junior expert, two minutes or so behind senior pro and expert men in the afternoon heat, he cruised to an easy win in 1 hour 40 minutes. By the end of the race, he had passed all the senior expert men in front of him, and half of the pro men field! Way to go Jaimie, another prime example of a talented Canadian cyclist fueled by Timbits! ;-) Anna Sneddon was the winner of the junior expert women.

The organization of this race was first class. Led by Peter Sinclair, Team Puke did an amazing job. Throughout the day, racers and spectators were treated with free food (best race food you can get - pasta, hot dogs, fruits and Timbits) and quality entertainment. Commentators Slash and Crash (Trevor Prest and Justin Mark) displayed their extraordinary musical talent that left the crowd speechless. If you would like to find out what Team Puke is all about, you can check out their website at: For complete race results, go to Ten36 Timing: For more detailed news on the race and photos of the race, please visit my website, Cyber Rod's Homepage - Mountain bike racing coverage based in BC: Photos will not be up until Wednesday.

Athlete Representative, Cycling BC Off-road Racing Committee

Elite Men
1HESTLER, AndreasFord Devinci2:01:08
2HESJEDAL, RyderGary Fisher-Saabat 0:01
3GREEN, RolandGT Bicycles0:12
4MILES, ChadsCorsa Cycles5:54
5KABUSH, GeoffKona / Dragon Optical6:42
6SCHNYDER, RuediNorco Bikes9:17
7FEDERAU, RickyRocky Mtn9:20
8DEY, RyanRocky Mountain11:38
9KYLE, AndrewOGC14:19
10HOVEY, CarterDiamond Back14:37
11HEWITT, MathewCove Bikes16:03
12LARGE, GeofExperience Cycling16:49
13WELLS, SethCove Bikes17:58
14DUTTON, RobinTeam Puke18:20
15BLANCHARD, ChrisMarin19:41
16BERGMAN, AlAirbomb.com19:48
17LEGA, RoddiGreen Mtn Cycle20:10
18SEBEL, DylanOGC / Fisher21:16
19SMITH, Ian23:05
20MACDONALD, DanielBasic, Roach, Fish Salon24:26
21GRASBY, Jeremy24:36
22MACKENZIE, Drew26:20
23INGHAM, RyanSun Country26:58
24LUCENA, Fabiano27:38
25HODGSON, Fred27:44
26BURCH, DaveAirbomb.com29:00
27JONES, PatrickRoach / xslt.com29:17
28SMITH, SteveRidge Bike Shop29:57
29RODLAND, RickBasic / Brodie33:24
30DAVIS, Chad35:02
31NORRIS, SimonAirbomb.com38:26
32STEWART, JamieTantalus39:28
33GRAHAM, Trevor40:52
34DIFIERE, LazAMC, Single Speed42:14
35CLARKE, AndrewNats New York Pizzeria44:39
36KORNELL, JamieRoach48:57
PARKINSON, NigelSobe, HeadshokDNF
Elite Women
1CHORNEY, AmberFord Devinci1:55:08
2SINCLAIR, TrishMarinat 1:25
3BISARO, Kiara1:38
4ROBICHAUD, LindaBriko / Powerbar4:57
5PLATT, ChristineRocky Mountain6:42
6DREW, Erica7:14
7SIMMS, WendySteed Cycles7:23
8ALLEN, SylvieRocky Mtn / Fanatyk8:25
9HAWTHORNE-ALLEN, TanyaBasic / Roach / Gerick13:26
10LAWRIE, SelenaJohn Henry14:21
11WALTER, SandraProworks / Smith18:22
12BUTLER, AmandaRocky Mtn19:42
13DICKSON, Lisagearunlimited.com23:41
14BELCHER, BarbBean Around the World32:50
Junior Men
1DOUGLAS, JamieRocky Mountain1:40:17
2SNEDDON, Krisat 2:16
3MCGUINNESS, FredExperience Cycle4:56
4ROUTLEY, WillRocky Mtn / Basic Sp Nutrition6:07
5CONDRON, IanSchwalbe / Coast Powerline8:29
6GARNETT, TerrySobe, Head Shok9:28
7MOFFATT, BryanGary Fisher, Ridge Bike Shop15:26
8ELLIOT, KyleGericks Cycle15:30
9MARLATT, BrandonCorsa Cycles15:51
10PRACHNAU, RyanKeywich17:36
11FIELD, David19:49
12JORDAN, ChrisGerick Cycle20:12
13KOWALCHUCK, JarymJava Cycle20:15
14SHERSTOBITOFF, JeffFresh Air Experience20:18
15STEELE, DuncanKelowna Cycle23:02
16GUSTAFSON, BrianSummit Cycle, Giant Bikes23:04
17LAING, RyanExperience Cycling29:21
18CASEY, Glen40:40
19LUNN, CraigSanta Cruz Racing Team50:12
DAY, GregBasic / EvolutionDNF
SIGSTON, BenCannondale, SobeDNF
Junior Women
1SNEDDON, Anna1:43:06
2MCGARRIGLE, MeganScared Wearat 0:53
3POTTER-COGAN, JoannaSimons Cycles9:41
4MCGARRIGLE, Jessie33:41

Tour of Pelham, Ontario
(courtesy Michael Pardo)

The Third Annual Tour of Pelham was a great success again this year. Congratulations go to all the participants, including the following:


1st Damien Matthews 67:54
2nd Al Worozbyt 69:02
3rd Marv Srigley 69:27
4th Stuart Green 70:04
5th Eric Stock 71:06
6th Dan Atotte 74:57
7th Craig Charuk 75:36
8th Toine VanderKnaap 76:06
9th Cliff Scott 76:24
10th Rob Hiscock 77:00

Age Groups

18 and under
1st Trevor Craig 90:43
2nd Tyler Holtzman 95:26
3rd Jamie de Prinse 99:45

1st Damien Matthews 67:54
2nd Eric Stock 71:06
3rd Dan Ayotte 74:57

1st Al Worozbyt 69:02
2nd Stuart Green 70:04
3rd Craig Charuk 75:36

40 plus
1st Marv Srigley 69:27
2nd Lee Norton 78:06
3rd Greg Thornton 78:28

1st Vicky Hewitt 86:11
2nd Cindy Kaczmarek 89:30
3rd Samanthaa McLellan 93:03
4th Louise Piper 95:52
5th Emily Rimas 106:51

Full results will be available at

Happy Birthday To...

Mountain bike downhiller Fred Poulin (yesterday).


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