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August 6/12 11:31 am - Tom Jehlicka Crit results

Posted by Editoress on 08/6/12

Results from the Cobourg Cycling Club's 2012 Tom Jehlicka Crit on Sunday Augsut 5th












1 Emile Carbados (Cobourg CC)
2 Arlen Penalagan (Peterborough CC)
3 Marek Krzton (Kurzawinski Coach)
4 Luke Corry (Newmarket  Eagles )
5 Wieslaw Eremmberg (Kurzawinski Coach)
6 Gord Plue (Cobourg CC)
7 Alex Corry (Newmarket  Eagles )
8 Jeff Clark (Cobourg CC)
10 Jamie Barnes (Cobourg CC)
11 Ryas Penalagan (Peterborough CC)
12 Adrie Heney (Peterborough CC)
13 Tim Dalliday (Independent)
DNF Tim Dorris (Cobourg CC)
DNF Marty Gallas (Oshawa CC)

1 Noel Savage (Peterborough CC)
2 Zac Wheeler (Peterborough CC)
3 Phill Vermette (Euro-Sports)
4 Chris Herten (Cobourg CC)
5 Kieran Andrews (Peterborough CC)
6 Bruce Camacho (Dornellas)
7 Pierre Perrin (Shut up Legs)
8 Scott Wood (Peterborough CC)
9 Richard Westwood (Kurazwinski Coach)
10 Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
11 Bayley Simpson (Peterborough CC)
12 Clint Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
13 David Blundel (Peterborough CC)
14 Greg Elmhirst (Peterborough CC)
15 Brett Anderson (Independent)
16 Rhys Penalagan (Peterborough CC)
17 Arlen Penalagan (Peterborough CC)
18 Mark Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
19 Tanya Mcneil (Flirtees)
DNF Brian Simpson (Peterborough CC)
DNF Ron Ferreira

1 Brent Aquino (Team Zuck)
2 Aaron Fillion (Ride With Rendall)
3 Chris Firek (Wheels of Bloor)
4 Tim Burton (Redded)
5 Derek Harnden (Independent)
6 Mark Polsnelli (Team Zuck)
7 Mark Walters (Kallislow Wheels)
8 Stanislav Blazek (Kurzawinski)
9 Bruce Krip (Team Zuck)
10 Eduardo Maset (Team Zack)
Pulled Bruno Grossi (Team Zuck)
Pulled David Elondel (Peterborough CC)
Pulled Dave Zorko (Team CHCH)
Pulled Chloe Black (Tri Sports Cycling)
Pulled David Fry (Team Zuck)
Pulled Rick Froner (Lap Dogs)
Pulled Michael Bondurchin (Lap Dogs)
Pulled Bob Tomsic (Macsworld)
Pulled David Brown (Independent)
Pulled Zach Wheeler (Peterborough CC)
Pulled Michael Cowan (Eudulian Cycles)
Pulled Stacy Wall (Independent)
DNF Scott Wood (Peterborough CC)
DNF Kieran Andrews (Peterborough CC)
DNF Jacob Wazshaw (Independent)
DNF Noel Savage (Peterborough CC)


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