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May 1/00 5:14 am - Skyloft O-Cup XC Results

Posted by Editor on 05/1/00

Ontario Cup #1 Cross-country - Skyloft

Full results can be found

Pro-Elite Men
1Lucas Curranfrom Victoria2:06:41.1
2Josh HallJet Fuel Coffee:KHS Bicycles2:08:43.9
3Greg ReainSultans of Spin CC / Waterloo2:09:56.7
4Nat Faulknerfrom Bracebridge2:10:19.9
5Osmond BakkerGears Racing / Kanata2:11:36.4
6Jeff WeberGears Racing / Ayr2:12:22.8
7Mike HirstRocky Mountain Bicycles/Ottawa2:13:50.1
8Tim Oliverfrom Simcoe2:13:55.2
9Matt PattersonOutdoor Gear Can/Gary Fisher2:14:27.9
10Dave TomsicKHS Bicycles / Ottawa2:15:37.1
11Peter MorseTrek Ontario / Toronto2:16:33.9
12Michael LaRochellefrom Ottawa2:16:34.1
13Zachary WheelerOak Ridges Fat Tire Club2:16:55.8
14Dan Marshallfrom Markham2:17:08.0
15Joe LepineZzoom Velo / Bicycles Plus2:17:17.4
16Kevin F. WallaceGears Racing / Mississauga2:18:33.6
17Jon Barnesfrom Stouffville2:20:11.8
18Michael DennisSpeed River Bicycle Club2:21:13.7
19Drew RobertsonTrek / Volkswagen Canada2:21:21.6
20Enrico TrainiTrail Blazers Cycle Racing2:23:09.8
21Thomas SkinnerBike Depot Racing / Aurora2:23:09.8
22Adam Wadefrom Mount Albert2:25:31.6
23Roderick SmitKHS Bicycles / Newmarket2:25:31.6
24Justin Faulknerfrom Bracebridge2:25:53.3
25Imad El-GhazalNorco / Ottawa2:26:11.1
26Kevin HavilandGears Racing / Mississauga2:29:49.1
27Brook McArthurBike Depot Racing / Waterloo2:32:26.0
28Timothy Carletonfrom Toronto2:33:02.3
29Paul SpadacciniOryx Procycle:Oryx Procycle2:34:28.3
30Lawrence Fosterfrom Sault Ste Marie2:36:01.5
31Jan Roubalfrom Sault Ste Marie2:40:13.5
32Aaron CombdonZzoom Velo / Bicycles Plus2:40:26.0
33William MartinenMad Dog Racing CyclepathBloor2:41:50.9
34Daniel Ayottefrom Niagara Falls2:46:47.7
35Travis BrownSilent Sports/Thin Blue Line2:49:31.8
Craig C. HawkesGears Racing / OttawaDNF
Chris HansenKHS Bicycles / King CityDNF
Jeff MacInnisGears Racing / TorontoDNF
Matthew MartindillOutdoor GearDNF
Adam TrimbleGears Racing / OshawaDNF
Pro-Elite Women
1Lisa HolmgrenSchwinn Toyota / Oro Station1:59:57.8
2Leslie GreeneGT Canada / Toronto2:02:44.2
3Amanda KellettOutdoor Gear Can/Gary Fisher2:13:47.4
4Trisha Westmanfrom Sault Ste. Marie2:14:08.1
5Melissa LunsteadTrek Ontario / Orillia2:15:22.8
6Maria Di Lellofrom Hamilton2:16:32.7
7Lisa HoskinsHigh County/Epic Ride2:17:15.7
8Jennifer BrownGiant Bicycles2:18:42.6
9Tara MulderTeam Kiro / Toronto2:19:24.1
10M. Collinsfrom Toronto2:20:27.9
11Heather Kingfrom Kleinburg2:20:59.7
12Susan TrimbleGears Racing / Oakville2:22:25.8
13Diana JonessTrail Hogs PMBRT / Pickering2:27:21.9
14Kimberly Sudermanfrom Toronto2:30:41.0
15Lori PolLondon Centennial Wheelers2:32:19.0
16Joanne UhlmannGears Racing / Mississauga2:33:11.4
17Wendy Simmsfrom Barrie2:43:23.3
Tracy Holmgrenfrom GeorgetownDNF
Junior Expert Men
1Ryan RothWoodstock Cycling Club/Bright1:49:49.2
2Ryan Savoyfrom Iron Bridge1:51:53.0
3Eric BattyBay Cycle+Sport / Brooklin1:53:16.6
4Matt DouglasBay Cycle+Sport / Ashburn1:53:42.2
5Buck MillerSt. Catharines CC INC.1:55:53.6
6Andrew Elgarfrom Oakville1:57:35.6
7Greg Edgarfrom Parry Sound1:58:06.6
8Philip EdamuraTrail Blazers Cycle Racing2:03:50.9
9Kyle ConnelyBike Depot Racing2:04:49.2
10Matthew Simsfrom Lynden2:08:09.7
11Steve AmosWaterloo CC/The Flying Dogs2:09:33.1
12Adam GlebaSultans of Spin CC/Heidelberg2:10:07.5
13David Freemanfrom Toronto2:10:22.2
14Chris Crawfordfrom Kitchener2:12:38.2
15Brennan Cummingfrom Sault Ste Marie2:13:35.2
16James KrieckWaterloo CC/The Flying Dogs2:16:18.8
17Thomas SulatyckySt. Catharines CC INC.2:16:19.7
18Kyle RothwellZiggy`s Cycling Club Inc.2:17:28.2
19Nicholas Vipondfrom Oshawa2:19:57.6
20Andrew Watsonfrom Bradford2:20:33.3
21Zach Ferrerofrom Guelph2:23:34.3
22Jeff SeguinWoodstock Cycling Club2:31:13.0
Rory DickNorco / ActonDNF
Daniel SkinnerBike Depot Racing / AuroraDNF
Simon Lazarskifrom TorontoDNF
Junior Women
1Angela Mawdsleyfrom London1:06:31.3
2Stephanie TarltonSudbury CC / Lively1:09:00.6
3Cydney Galbraithfrom Campbellville1:10:21.2
4Helena ConeyHigh County/Epic Ride1:13:13.5
5Dana Waglerfrom Woodstock1:13:18.0
Kate ColmerDNF
Cadet Expert Men
1Derek ZandstraBay Cycle+Sport / Trenton1:24:59.2
2Martin Lazarskifrom Toronto1:25:56.0
3Brandon Crichtonfrom Burlington1:27:20.2
4Doug Shanklandfrom Waterloo1:29:22.2
5Brendan Bucklerfrom Etobicoke1:32:55.8
6Brian Rupkefrom Coldwater1:33:37.7
7Michael LewisZiggy`s Cycling Club Inc.1:33:49.7
8Paul BrownCyclepath Oakville / Oakville1:34:09.8
9Patrick Kavanaughfrom Burlington1:35:19.0
10Justin Tsangfrom Gloucester1:35:41.5
11Byron DawsonSt. Catharines CC INC.1:36:15.6
12Lance Rowbothamfrom Creemore1:37:17.8
13Mark PozniakUxbridge CC:Uxbridge CC1:39:41.9
14Daniel VetereRe-My Sport / Mississauga1:43:33.7
15Jonathan Lavalleefrom Kitchener1:44:37.0
16Jordan MorraRe-My Sport / Mississauga1:44:46.0
17Denis LosierUxbridge CC / Oshawa2:08:14.3
Veteran Expert Men
1Howard Knappfrom Oshawa1:52:24.1
2Curtis GloadeWaterloo CC/The Flying Dogs1:53:48.3
3Stephen HeckTrek Ontario / Whitevale1:54:14.9
4Eric OrschelUxbridge CC / Uxbridge1:54:44.9
5David Dermontfrom Toronto1:55:07.3
6Robert Mannfrom Pottaeille1:56:19.6
7Egidio CaroneHalton Road And Trail1:57:46.5
8Les Suterfrom Newmarket1:58:27.3
9Derek Dixonfrom Scarborough1:59:19.7
10Chris WoodWaterloo CC/The Flying Dogs1:59:57.2
11Robert Sulefrom Toronto2:00:13.8
12Vernon ChantSpeed River Bicycle Club2:00:19.1
13Mike (The Captain) Clarksonfrom Toronto2:00:36.8
14Rodney Merchantfrom Toronto2:01:59.5
15Brent Thomlisonfrom Kitchener2:03:02.7
16Terry VandenHeuvelfrom Courtice2:03:11.6
17Stephen Riby2:03:29.8
18Mike Coccinsfrom Burlington2:03:47.9
19Brent LowesUxbridge CC / Toronto2:03:48.3
20Dan Dolanfrom Whitby2:04:26.9
21Gord Ruderfrom Bolton2:05:09.6
22Brian HeathTrail Blazers Cycle Racing2:06:40.1
23Steve NealHigh County/Epic Ride/Orillia2:06:44.7
24Glenn MeeuwisseTeam Hardwood Hills / Orillia2:07:59.8
25Gary HaywardZzoom Velo / Bicycles Plus2:08:02.2
26Marty Adamsfrom Burlington2:08:05.5
27Kris TobiasSpeed River Bicycle Club2:08:19.4
28Kent Lemfrom Toronto2:08:59.5
29Glenn Cameronfrom Toronto2:10:13.8
30Jan Hofericafrom Toronto2:10:51.1
31Christopher ReddenSchwinn Toyota/Campbellville2:11:22.7
32Gregory T. CushingCobourg CC / Cobourg2:12:57.4
33Attila HajduBoler MTB Center / London2:13:08.4
34Keith Musgravefrom Willowdale2:14:23.1
35Neil Ostromfrom Mississauga2:15:09.6
36Ken Waringfrom Toronto2:15:13.2
37Nigel Moo_Choyfrom Markham2:15:33.9
38Richard Rossfrom Oakville2:15:52.2
39Laurence PollockBicycle Shop/Brantford CC2:16:08.4
40Jochen Beznerfrom Toronto2:16:51.4
41Joe Lindseyfrom Toronto2:17:40.0
42Conor MorrisonSilent Sports/Thin Blue Line2:19:12.2
43Mark Westawayfrom Toronto2:19:44.8
44Grant SinclairFreewheel Cycle / Toronto2:20:23.0
45Michael Scott OrrFreewheel Cycle / Toronto2:26:58.8
46Paul Bottosfrom Burlington2:40:36.7
47Hugh Hamiltonfrom Toronto2:45:47.0
Robert LeenaarsGears Racing / MississaugaDNF
Lubo Hofericafrom TorontoDNF
Tim Jenkinsonfrom RosemontDNF
Ross Watsonfrom BurlingtonDNF
Brian PriebeWaterloo CC/The Flying DogsDNF
Veteran Expert Women
1Tracey Buckleyfrom Guelph1:49:11.1
2Anita Waymannfrom Espanola1:49:15.7
3Sigrid Hynschtfrom London1:58:08.0
4Tanya Flemmingfrom Toronto1:59:28.6
5Kathy Watkinsfrom Richmond Hill2:04:08.3
6Linda Dufourfrom Toronto2:08:48.3


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