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November 29/12 18:33 pm - Cross on the Rock - Series Final Report (B.C.)

Posted by Editoress on 11/29/12

Racers enjoyed the best of both worlds on Saturday (November 24th), with a bright, sunny day, and large swaths of muddy pools to slog through. This is also the former site of the 2006 Cyclocross National Championships in Beban Park, Nanaimo. A record 186 cyclocrosser tour de force turned out, shattering the previous record of 140.

The general routing of the course, designed by members of the Mid-Island Velo Association (MIVA), followed past incarnations, but featured less twists and more straightaways for an interesting change. The start was a paved straight into a gentle left-sweeping corner into a grassy field, and a quick rutted, washboard drop, through the woods to the BMX track. About half the track was used, and then back through the woods to one of the most demanding off-camber sections the series has seen - running or riding each brought their own challenges in this section!




After a steep drop, this led back to one of the longer straights, which allowed racers to build up speed to float through a deeper mud pit at the bottom of the stairs. Mush more mud followed (yes, we said ‘mush'), then a giant sand pit (and, unfortunately or thankfully, no whirly-whirl), back to some more more straights and twists around farm buildings to a final trip through a barn leading back to the finish line, all adding up to about three kilometres per lap. A bit more of a ‘classic' CX feeling to wrap up the 2012 season!


Photo gallery by Patrick Burnham



Twenty seven Beginner Men toed the line at 11am to start things off, and CotR veteran James Grant (Trail Bikes-Eatmore Sprouts) just edged out relative newcomer James Ogden (VAC-ProCity) in a sprint finish, with the 14 year old playing his strength over his opponent, a Junior by one year. Given that 17 of our Beginner racers were 16 or under (and as young as 9 - great riding William Powsey, you rock!), we're committed to adding a Youth series classification for 2013.

A minute after the men took off, we let loose the nine Beginner Women, and 14 year old Rachel Carey (Tripleshot) won her second race of the year, well ahead of Theresa O'Brien (Team Naked) and Andrea Schaeppi (Ind), who chased fiercely. Twelve year old Eve Taylor (VAC–ProCity) completed all three laps as well, an impressive accomplishment for this newcomer! We look forward to seeing you all for next year!


Once again it was a sprint finish for Shelby Harlen (OBB Westshore), who's made it three in a row! This time, however, it was Cheryl Morch (MIVA) who had to settle for second place, and Seana Wright (Alberni SingleSpeeders / Ozzies Cycles) finished a bit back, but had the honor of top (and only women's) Single-Speed in a field of 22 racers.

The third place finish was softened with the news that Seana was distinguished as the Cross on the Rock Intermediate Women's Series Champion with 187 points! Only 13 points back was Shelby, and Series newcomer Sylvia Storry (ProCity Racing) had her consistent finishes pay off for 162 points and third place in the series. Erin Copeland (Ind) and Cheryl rounded out the Top 5, which featured 40 racers.

On the Men's side of things, Single-Speeder Parker Bloom (Stuckylife) was up to his old tricks, as he finished the season with a decisive win over Pelle Gustavs (Sooke Mountain Club), and teammate Geoff Robson (Stuckylife) worked his way from mid-pack to the third step, excited to have his first visit to the podium after 18 races! Now all three can watch the experience vanish forever as they move up to the Expert field. *wink*

The Series final tally was toight - toight like a toiger. But after calculations, and 3 points difference, the Ultimate Champion was ... Pelle! Parker, of course, was second, and Joel Taylor(VAC-ProCity) despite DNFing this day, is our Junior phenom at 15. Completing the Top 5 Joel Lutz (Ind) and Geoff. Intermediate Men saw 104 different racers by the series end!

Masters Men

Never off the podium, but also never on the top step was Sean Cruickshank, who changed that in Beban Park, winning the race the counts for the most! Guy Ridler (Simons Cycles) secured second for the second time in a row, and Bill McMillan (MIVA) once again climbed on the podium, and also claimed the distinction of Top 50+ rider as well.

Sean found the top step to his liking that day, as he was also crowned the Masters Series Champion with 193 points. Sam Whittingham (Team Naked) had a rough day on the course, and was in the running for Series Champ, but was pleased to hold onto second overall. Bill also found himself in the same podium spot, with third overall, joined in fourth and fifth by Dylan Reeves (Tripleshot) and Peter Wellsman (ProCity Racing). Bill, Peter and Barry Rempel (Oak Bay Bikes) had the distinction of the top 50+ racers in the series, and Sam, Lee Blais (Alberni SingleSpeeders) and Mark Oldenburg (Van S.S) were our top Single-Speeders in Masters as well. Total number of Masters riders: 102.

Open Women

There must be something to chasing down and passing Master's Men, as there are probably none on earth who've caught and passed as many as Dawn Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes)!! Claiming her fifth win of the year, and career 19th win, our most winning-est racer ever (and visitor to the podium, a record 32 out of 34 starts), wins again! Kelly Jones (Steed Cycles) won the fight for the second step again this year; no stranger to the podium for third was Joele Guynup(Condo Group).

The Series finale, as expected, was a similar sight. Dawn took top honors, making her Series Champ for the 90th straight year with 94,026 points. Joele's consistent finishes and perseverance earned her second, and Canada's Masters CX Champ, Janna Gillick (MIVA), finished third in the series, after a challenging day on the course. Rounding out the Series Top 5 were Kristenn Magnusson (Arrowsmith MTB Club) and Jennie Aitken (OrganicAthlete Victoria). By the end of the season, the Open Women's field had 19 strong competitors.


When he's on, he's on, and on Saturday, Drew Mackenzie (Condo Group/Shimano/Marin) clearly had an On button, with an On button on it as well! Drew claimed his third Top finish of the season, followed by the mighty Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck) and tofu dinner, Thomas Skinner (Oak Bay Bikes) also made the podium for the second time this year. This wouldn't be a proper report without mentioning that we had two women racing in the Expert feature, and both Wendy Simms (Kona) and Mical Dyck (Pro City Racing – Stans No Tubes) had excellent races, finishing 12th and 14th respectively in the 24-person event.

We knew it'd be a tight finish between Season Series Leader Tom, and Drew, but the three extra points made all the difference for Drew, who clearly wanted the Overall win, and matched his 2010 performance. Third in the series was Raphael Lalumiere (Russ Hays), pretty impressive for his first full season of 'Cross. Fourth went to Jamie Cameron (ProCity Racing), matching his placing from last year, although with many less technical difficulties. And demonstrating how consistent his finishes were, despite being away from the final race with double points was Kelly Guest (Marin). The Expert Men welcomed 61 racers by series end.





Photo gallery by Patrick Burnham


More Highlights

We also awarded a few special awards for the year, although none were easy decisions. Congratulations to:

Top Rookie: Parker Bloom
Top Junior Male: Jordan Duncan (Russ Hays)
Top Junior Female: Tarryn Cote (VAC-ProCity)
Most Improved: Janna Gillick (MIVA)

Photo contest winner: Patrick Burnham's photo of “rubbing is racing” featuring HALLDOR

A great collection of race footage from Russell Berg:

CotR #7 from Pelle:

CTV interview with Cross on the Rocker Janna Gillick:


Many thanks to all volunteers, Arrowsmith Bikes, Island Cycle (prizes), ViEX for forgiving the rental fee, Nanaimo BMX Assn. (washrooms, use of track), Vancouver Island Equestrian Association, Nanaimo Parks and Recreation and the City of Nanaimo.

And thank you to everybody who came out and raced.

Final Words

That's a wrap for Cross on the Rock, it's been an amazing season, and we welcomed 438 individuals to our seven events, and an incredible 1345 ‘races' (number of people who toed the line, total) - it's been a blast, and we'll see you in September, 2013!

Report courtesy Dave Shishkoff


Series Final standings

Final race Results

Beginner Women: 3 Laps
1 Rachel Carey (Tripleshot) 0:33:12
2 Theresa O’Brien (Team Naked) at 0:48
3 Andrea Schaeppi (Ind) 1:39
4 Sarah Neil (Ind) 3:48
5 Nadia P Camondon (Ind) 4:09
6 Margaret Ovenell (Ind) 5:58
7 Kelsi Duncan (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 9:41
8 Joanna Duncan (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 9:42
9 Eve Taylor (VAC – Pro City) 15:22
Beginner Men: 3 Laps
1 James Grant (Trail Bikes-Eatmore Sprouts) 0:30:10
2 Sam Ogden (VAC – Pro City) at 0:01
3 Dean Vinden (Ind) 0:34
4 Colin Rennie (Ind) 0:36
5 Steven Olson (Ind) 1:19
6 Mark Grant (Trail Bikes / Eatmore Spouts) 1:45
7 Ethan Glenwright (Ind) 1:48
8 Ethan Pauly (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 2:11
9 Alexander Daether (Cycle Therapy) 2:38
10 Brodie Hay (Mid Island Velo Association) 2:53
11 Cameron Paul (Tripleshot) 3:12
12 Kristofer Kaehler (Ind) 3:13
13 Brian Simmons (Team Naked) 3:21
14 Andrew Barnes (Wheelers-Oak Bay Bikes) 3:44
15 Alvin Tye (Team Naked) 4:11
16 Lachlan Fraser (Tripleshot) 4:14
17 Doug Carey (Tripleshot) 4:20
18 Mark Jensen (Ind) 5:57
19 Isaac Vander Vliet (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 7:54
20 Gabriel Gledhill (UROC) 8:45
21 Thomas Hill (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 9:10
22 Rurik Hubnerk (Ind) 10:00
23 Sage Parikh (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 10:44
24 Luke Hubner (Ind) -1 lap
25 Joah Faria (Ind) -1 lap
26 Atom Van Der Merwe (Ind) -1 lap
27 William Powsey (UROC) -1 lap
Intermediate Men: 5 Laps
1 Parker Bloom SS (StuckyLife) 0:44:08
2 Pelle Gustavs (Sooke Mountain Club) at 0:42
3 Geoff Robson (StuckyLife) 1:07
4 Derek Kidd (Oak Bay Bikes) 1:24
5 Joel Lutz (Ind) 1:40
6 Clayton Webb SS (StuckyLife / Broadstreet Cycles) 1:41
7 Roland Rabien (Pro City Racing) 1:52
8 Andy Achuff SS (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) 1:58
9 Justin Wolfe (Frontrunners) 1:59
10 Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling) 2:20
11 Alex Hui (Pro City Racing) 2:48
12 Mike Pollock (Cowichan Cycles Cartel) 2:49
13 Chris Dickinson (Oak Bay Bikes Westshore) 3:04
14 David Huntley (Cycle Therapy) 3:12
15 Jeff Beeston (Trail Bikes-Eatmore Sprouts) 3:32
16 Ashley Stotts (Mighty Riders/On the Rivet) 3:37
17 David Pechter SS (RCCC) 3:46
18 John Lam (MIVA) 4:10
19 Eamon Simmons SS (Team Naked) 4:27
20 Eric Findlay (Frontrunners Westshore) 4:42
21 Mark Wieler SS (Arrowsmith Bikes) 4:52
22 Damian Parlee (cycleu) 5:18
23 Will Maartman (Ind) 5:49
24 Brett Whitehead (Ind) 5:50
25 Paul Autun (Cycle Therapy) 6:11
26 Evan Carey (Russ Hays/Pacific Cycling Centre) 6:18
27 Robert Airey SS (VAN S.S) 6:36
28 Justin Bailey SS (Performance Bicycles) 7:06
29 Rob Wasylyshyn (Ind) 7:16
30 Matt Edwards (Riders Cycles) 7:18
31 David Lounsbury (Naked) 7:56
32 Renny McClure (StuckyLife) 8:17
33 Mike Wilson (Ind) 8:26
34 Jeff Coleman (Condo Group) 8:55
35 Colin Rennie (Ind) 9:05
36 Ryan Simpson (Pacific Rim Bicycle/Norco) 9:41
37 Fraser Crichton (Ind) 9:44
38 Matt Wilkie (Ind) 11:13
39 Patrick Burnham (MiVA) -1 lap
40 Brent Dame SS (Ozzies) -1 lap
41 Christopher Magee (Riders Cycles) -1 lap
42 Jay Lamoureux (Oak Bay High) -1 lap
DNF Joel Taylor (VAC – Pro City)
Intermediate Women: 4 Laps
1 Shelby Harlen (OBB Westshore) 0:41:28
2 Cheryl Morch (MIVA) at 0:01
3 Seana Wright SS (Alberni SingleSpeeders / Ozzies Cycles) 1:05
4 Sylvia Storry (Pro City Racing) 1:30
5 Erin Copeland (Ind) 1:59
6 Deb Epps (Mid Island Velo Association) 2:00
7 Charlene Stewart (Mid Island Velo Association) 2:17
8 Sarah Olson (St Mathiew 34) 2:55
9 Jenny Skinner (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) 3:33
10 Tarryn Cote (Pro City Racing) 3:49
11 Sarah Clarke (Trek Red Truck) 3:55
12 Alexandra Grant (Tripleshot) 4:47
13 Brenna Pauly (Tripleshot) 5:32
14 Jessie Ogden (VAC – Pro City) 6:06
15 Elietha Bolskezi (Fierce) 6:07
16 Glenda Harling (Everti Bikes) 6:32
17 Kayla Vandermolen (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) 7:22
18 Holly Simonson (VAC – Pro City) 8:09
19 Joanna Fox (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 8:39
20 Kia Vander Vliet (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 14:17
21 Katie Duncan Rabien (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) -1 lap
DNF Mykelti Berg (MIVA)
Masters Men: 6 Laps
1 Sean Cruickshank (Pro City Racing)
2 Guy Ridler (Simons Cycles)
3 Bill McMillan 50+ (Mid Island Velo Association)
4 Mark Oldenburg SS (Van S.S)
5 Peter Wellsman 50+ (Pro City Racing)
6 Dylan Reeves (Tripleshot)
7 John Vander Vliet (Comox Valley Cycling Club)
8 Sam Whittingham SS (Team Naked)
9 Paul Thompson (MiVA)
10 Lee Blais SS (Alberni SingleSpeeders)
11 Curtis Schlossberger (IRC)
12 Steve MacKenzie (Ind)
13 Barry Rempel 50+ (Oak Bay Bikes Victoria)
14 Shawn Boyd (Mid Island Velo Association)
15 Shayne Alexander (Broad Street Cycles)
16 Menno Jongsma (MIVA)
17 Guy Gensey (Russ Hays)
18 Real Laberge (Fierce)
19 Martin Machacek (Organic Athlete)
20 Dylan Taylor (Gas Intrinsik)
21 Paul Darby (Russ Hays)
22 Jason Rhodes (Todds Racing)
23 Tony Webster (Camosun)
24 Kent Duncan (Comox Valley Cycling Club)
25 Laz Difiore (Arrowsmith Bike Club)
26 Ken Olson (Nanaimo MTB Club)
27 Shepherd Stewart (Mid Island Velo Association)
28 James Tarrant 50+ (Oak Bay Bikes)
29 Tobin Copley (Escape Velocity)
30 Paul Brend (IRC/Cameron Law)
31 Morgan Harker (Ind)
32 Doug Doyle 50+ (IRC)
33 Ron Hewitson (Mid Island Velo Association)
34 Dave Pfaffenberger (Pro City Racing)
35 Derek Steel 60+ (Arrowsmith Bikes)
36 Ron Grant (Ind)
37 Robert Grant (Triple Shot)
38 Andy Achuff (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers)
39 Steve Lund (VAC – Pro City)
40 Dave Morris (Arrowsmith Bikes) -1 lap
41 Jeroen Dikkentman (Team Naked) -1 lap
42 Lister Farrar 50+ (Tripleshot Cycling Club) -1 lap
43 Paul Kane 50+ (Ind) -1 lap
44 James Pauly 50+ (Tripleshot Cycling Club) -1 lap
45 Keith Kendal 50+ (O2) -1 lap
46 Dean Vinden 50+ (AMBC) -1 lap
47 Derrill Shuttleworth 50+ (Ind) -1 lap
48 Richard Cook (Pro City Racing) -1 lap
49 Wayne Shtybel 50+ (Ind) -1 lap
50 Tom Wojcik 50+ (Ind) -1 lap
51 Russell Berg (MiVA) -1 lap
52 David Ormerd 60+ (BCMCA) -1 lap
53 Bill Lane 60+ (Ind) -1 lap
DNF John Forstrom 50+ (Ind)
DNF Jon Watkin (Russ Hays)
DNF Brent Hooper (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers)
DNS Jamie Emery 50+ (Pro City Racing)
Open Women: 6 Laps
1 Dawn Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes) 0:55:50
2 Kelly Jones (Steed Cycles) at 1:49
3 Joele Guynup (Condo Group) 2:39
4 Carey Mark (Steed Cycles) 4:04
5 Kristenn Magnusson (Arrowsmith MTB Club) 4:31
6 Janna Gillick (Mid Island Velo Association) 7:43
7 Jennie Aitken (Organic Athlete) 7:54
8 Tara Pollock (Cowichan Cycles) 9:13
Expert: 7 Laps
1 Drew MacKenzie (Condo Group/Shimano/Marin) 0:56:39
2 Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck) at 1:02
3 Thomas Skinner (Oak Bay Bikes) 1:38
4 Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck) 2:13
5 Raphael Lalumiere (Russ Hays) 2:17
6 Andre Sutton (Hardcore Cycling Club) 2:52
7 James Cameron (Pro City Racing) 3:22
8 Normon Thibault (Frontrunners) 4:10
9 Jordan Duncan (Russ Hays pb Accent Inns) 4:24
10 Ian Smith (Mid Island Velo Association) 4:59
11 Jason Binab (Pro City Racing) 5:06
12 Wendy Simms (Kona) 5:10
13 Louis Dillon (Sunshine Coast Cycling) 5:33
14 Mical Dyck (Pro City Racing – Stans No Tubes) 5:50
15 Halldor Gunnarsson (StuckyLife / Broadstreet Cycles) 7:02
16 Parker Bloom SS (StuckyLife) 7:44
17 Justin Mark (Steed Cycles) 7:45
18 Eric Pagel (Uber Ruweeet) 8:51
19 Adam de Vos (Trek Red Truck p/b Zed Wheels) 9:19
20 Dave Shishkoff (Organic Athlete) -1 lap
21 David Lounsbury (Naked) -2 laps
DNF Rob Parkin (Trek-Dirt)
DNF Russell Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers)
DNF Dan Gronross (Steed Cycles)


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