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December 16/12 14:06 pm - Canadian Cyclist Gift Guide - Day 6

Posted by Editoress on 12/16/12

For Day 6 of the Canadian Cyclist Christmas Gift Guide we suggest you give the gift of a Professional Massage. There is a reason that pro riders get a massage after a race or hard training session: it helps in recovery from muscle strain, reduces the possibility of muscle or tendon injury, stimulates blood circulation to flush out lactic acid, and just plain feels really, really good. Whether your recipient is a serious racer or just serious about being fit, a massage by a trained massage therapist is a gift they will appreciate. Many offer a package deal for multiple sessions.

The key word in the above statement is trained. There are registered massage therapists (RMTs) in almost every town; what you are looking for, if possible, is one that is used to working with athletes. Check with other cyclists for recommendations, or visit the website of the Canadian Sports Massage Therapists Association (CSMTA) for a list of RMTs that specialize in sports massage. A list of members of the CSMTA can be found on their website.

We are going to leave you with a few cycling-specific names to get you started: - Craig deVeer is an RMT (and fomer national team Para tandem rider) based in Ottawa who often works with Canada's national team.

Emilie Roy - Emilie is a former national road champion, Para tandem cycling world championship medalist and Paralympian. She is also an RMT that works extensively with the national team and pro teams. Divides her time between Quebec, Montreal and Aurora (north of Toronto).

Dr Jenn Turner - Jenn Turner is actually a chiropractor who has worked with both pro cycling teams and the Canadian national team for the past two Olympics. However, Jenn owns two Clinics - in North Vancouver (Movéo) and Chilliwack (Optimum Sport Performance), that offer a whole range of services, including massage.   (See:  Behind the Scenes w. Jenn Turner)



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