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July 8/13 18:07 pm - Garneau Begins Construction of $8 Million Vermont Facility

Posted by Editoress on 07/8/13

Louis Garneau is proud to announce the construction of its new facility in Derby, Vermont, which will house its production, distribution, marketing, commercialization and administration activities. Located on Route 5 close to I-91, the new building, totaling 60,000 sq. ft., represents an 8 million dollar investment. Construction should be starting within the next few weeks. Louis Garneau USA currently employs 90 people, of which 40 work in production.

The Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA) approved $1.5 million in financing to help support the Louis Garneau USA, Inc. expansion project in Derby. "The Authority is very pleased to help Louis Garneau USA, Inc. finance the growth of the company's manufacturing and product distribution presence in the Northeast Kingdom," said VEDA Chief Executive Officer Jo Bradley. "New jobs will be created as a result of this exciting expansion project, and that is good news for Vermont."

"We have decided to relocate in order to support the continued growth in American business. We have been solidly established in Vermont since 1987, i.e., for over 26 years. Our customer base numbers approximately 2,000 clients throughout the United States and we have been experiencing an important increase in sales over the last 5 years," declares Louis Garneau, President and CEO, and founder of the company.

Garneau, age 54, competed with the Stowe Bicycle Club in the last part of his cycling career (1981 - 1984) and started to sell in the USA as early as 1987 from a small space located in Montpelier, Vermont. Louis Garneau USA was officially incorporated on October 16, 1987.

In 1989, the young company established its first manufacturing facility in Newport, Vermont. Since its inception, Louis Garneau has been involved in the American sports community through sponsorships to the American national cycling teams (1993) and cross-country teams (1994).

In addition, Louis' two sons, William and Edouard, both studied at St. Michael's College in Burlington, Vermont, where William recently obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, while Edouard will finish his degree next year, also in Business Administration.

"I have always liked doing business in the United States, which represents the largest world market," continues Garneau. "If we are able to achieve such success today, it is thanks to my family, and to my employees, they are dedicated and competent. I would like to express my gratitude to them, whether they are part of Louis Garneau Sports in Canada (260), Louis Garneau USA (90), Louis Garneau Mexico (86) or Louis Garneau China (6). They ceaselessly demonstrate their constant involvement in our success."

In 1983, Louis Garneau Sports' founder and President starts sewing his first cycling garments in his father's garage, supported in his project by his wife, Monique Arsenault. His 13 years of cycling, as well as his Bachelor's Degree from the Visual Arts school of Laval University's Fine Arts Faculty, enabled him to perceive the cyclists' needs and adapt to those needs. The budding company could therefore produce a range of technical cycle wear with an original design offered at affordable prices. Following his participation at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, Louis decides to quit active competition and dedicate himself to the business world full time. It was at that time that the adventure really started and the company took flight.

Today, the Louis Garneau Group employs close to 450 people and its sales are constantly increasing. Louis Garneau Sports Inc. has become a world-class company thanks to its innovative products, its international sponsorships and the sale of its products in approximately 40 countries. The company has been constantly growing and more than ever concentrates its efforts on R&D and innovation. Louis Garneau is a flourishing group which provides cycle wear for a multitude of world-renowned cyclists. In the current Tour de France, Team Europcar professional cycling team is proudly wearing Garneau clothes and accessories.

After 30 years in business, Louis Garneau is still going strong and enjoys great success, year after year. Louis Garneau was passionate about what he was doing in his beginning in business, and he is still as passionate today. His motto, "Condemned to innovate", forces him to constantly push his limits. As he says: "We have to create our own niche, do things differently than others. We have put innovation forward from the beginning. We were the first in the world to offer "the cycling solution", a unique concept that offers everything you need for cycling. When we are young and passionate, everything is possible." Louis Garneau hopes today to be able to inspire his children, William, Edouard and Victoria, to take over the family company one day.Our goal: Become a world-class company through "The Cycling Solution"


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