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August 5/13 13:45 pm - Tom Jehlicka Memorial Criterium, report and results

Posted by Editoress on 08/5/13

Every year the open men's race gets better and better. This year Travis Samuel (Jet Fuel Coffee/Norco) won the event hands down! Along with one other racer, he bridged to a 4 man break. Then, with two laps to go Travis Samuel attacked the break taking one more rider with him. In the end, he won solo, attacking his breakaway mate and winning with a strong solo effort.

The flat course proved its worthiness. When the wind picked up many racers first found themselves in the gutter chasing, then they found themselves out of the race altogether. The break stuck from early on. However it was not without efforts of resistance from likes of Chris Firek, Ian Scott and Arron Fillion. The break was defended well by TDI-Zuck Bike's Eduardo Maset and Brent Aquino. The end was a spectacular show and some old school hard racing.

Well done to all that raced. Thanks must go to The Town of Cobourg for use of the streets. As well, the race would not have been held if not for the help of all the volunteers and officials that made the race happen.

Each year The Cobourg Cycling Club welcomes new participants. Each year, more and more people love to do this race. The best praise we can receive is the sounds of happy bike racers.

If there were any disappointments at all, it was that we were not able to hold a women's event again. This was a let down for the CCC. Mostly because a golden opportunity for the women racers of Ontario slipped by again. This is a low key event, but that Jennifer Stevenson, Julia Bradley and Summer Sandford pre-registered for the event leaves us with an air of optimism for next season. Altogether, 6 women took part in the open categories. We just need 4 more to have a race for women only. Maybe next year!

Thanks again to all of you that took part in every small way, parents included, because it makes the effort worth while. I hope to see you all and more in 2014.

Courtesy Greg Cushing


1 Luke Corry (Newmarket Eagles)
2 Gord Plue (Cobourg CC)
3 Kevin Wheeler (Independant)
4 Alex Corry (Newmarket Eagles)
5 Jordan Clements (Independant)
6 Jeff Clark (Cobourg CC)
7 Janet Hozleiter (Team TDI Zuck Bikes)
8 Tanya Macneil (Flirtees)
9 Peter Rhines (Cobourg CC)
10 Jared Button (Independant)
11 Rhys Penalagan (Flirtees)
12 Terry Mulholland (Independant)
13 Jakob Meloche (Madonna Wheelers CC)
14 Darrell Vickers (Independant)
15 Summer Sandford (Madonna Wheelers CC)
16 Brandon Neto (Madonna Wheelers CC)
17 Cameron Browne (Newmarket Eagles)
1 Rhys Penalagan (Peterborough CC)
2 Greg Bishop (Peterborough CC)
3 Kieran Andrews (Peterborough CC)
4 Marc Booth (Midweek CC)
5 Chris Herten (Tower Cipollini)
6 Matt Thomas (Novofit C360R)
7 David Blondell (Peterborough CC)
8 Karim Marrouch (Wheels Of Bloor)
9 Dan Thompson (Midweek CC)
10 Patrick Seniuk (Croix De Fer)
11 Michael Longfield (Midweek CC)
12 Noel Savage (Peterborough CC)
13 Robert Bemrose (Ride with Rendell)
14 Greg Elmhirst (Peterborough CC)
15 Christopher Lamont (Hummingbirds Int CC)
16 Jamie Barnes (Cobourg CC)
DNF Casey Humphrey (Flirtees)
DNF David Lee Shee (Independant)
DNF Joe Tran (Midweek CC)
1 Travis Samuel (Jet Fuel Coffee/Norco)
2 Anthony Walsh (Astellas Oncology Cycling)
3 Graham Rivers (Dark Horse Flyers)
4 Bruno Grossi (Team TDI Zuck Bikes)
5 Jeff Douglas (Midweek CC)
6 Don Zuck (Team TDI Zuck Bikes)
7 Chris Firek (Wheels of Bloor/Greywood)
8 Ian Scott (Wheels of Bloor/Greywood)
9 Bayden Pritchard (OCTTO-Cervelo)
10 Aaron Fillion (Ride with Rendell)
11 James Keezer (Midweek CC)
12 Stanislav Blazek (Kurzawinski Coach)
13 Ed Maset (Team TDI Zuck Bikes)
14 Brent Aquino (Team TDI Zuck Bikes)
15 Travis Joyce (CyclePath Race Team)
16 Niles Vaivars (Independant)
17 Christopher Bozek (Dark Horse Flyers)
DNF Mark Buckaway (Morning Glory CC)
DNF Scott Elliot (Midweek CC)
DNF Elgar Vaivars (Independant)
DNF Christian Ricci (Invita-FCV)
DNF Jennifer Stephenson (IFG pb Cyclelogic/Endurosport)
DNF Julia Bradley (MVP Health Care)
DNF Carmine Caravaggio (Team TDI Zuck Bikes)
DNF Mark Walters (Impala Bicycles)
DNF Marc Polsinelli (Team TDI Zuck Bikes)
DNF Roger Waithe (Madonna Wheelers CC)
DNF Marc Booth (Midweek CC)
DNF Darren Johnston (Speed River CC)
DNF Kieran Andrews (Peterborough CC)
DNF Noel Savage (Peterborough CC)
DNF Greg Bishop (Peterborough CC)
DNF Karim Marrouch (Wheels of Bloor/Greywood)
DNF Chris Helton (Tower Cipollini)
DNF Anthony Simpson (
DNF Massimo Pascazi (Team TDI Zuck Bikes)


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