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August 7/13 8:12 am - Mardis cyclistes de Lachine: Season Finale report

Posted by Editoress on 08/7/13

Mardis Cyclistes Finale; Lambert-Lemay breaks record, takes 2013 title

Simon Lambert-Lemay (Garneau-Québécor) raised his arms in victory at the finish line of the Mardis Cyclistes Jean Coutu here this evening, stopping the clock at 58:16 as he pulverized the 36-year speed record of the 50km bicycle race. Lambert-Lemay received $15,000 in additional prize money for breaking the speed record. This meant maintaining an average speed of 51.4kmh for an hour! The previous record was 58:52, set by Guillaume Boivin in 2009.

Lambert-Lemay was followed across the finish line by four team mates: Simon-Pierre Gauthier, Pierrick Naud, and Remi Pelletier-Roy as Garneau-Québécor swept the podium. The win was not surprising as Garneau-Québécor dominated almost the entire 31 laps.



Simon Lambert Lemay finishing - photo Marie Ledoux



Simon Lambert Lemay in front of the clock, stopped at the record time -

photo Pierre-Yves Pelletier


“We took the top four positions,” Naud exclaimed. “Yes, there will be a party tonight!”.

And to make things sweeter for Lambert-Lemay, he ended up taking the 2013 series title with 1142 points, followed by Naud in second with 1125. Stephen Keeping (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) completed the series podium.



David Veilleux is honoured before the race start


There were 115 cyclists on the start line this evening, including David Veilleux (Europcar), who distinguished himself in July as the first Quebecer to complete cycling’s most prestigious event, the Tour de France. Veilleux was seen taking the lead this evening with one lap to go, but eventually finished in teh bunch. The pack also included one woman, Veronique Labonté (CSM Epinay sur Seine) although she apparently did not finish.

Other results

In the women’s 24km race, Elisabeth Albert (Rocky Mountain Lessard) won, just as she has done for six of the seven last stages.  Anne-Marie B Morin (GSD Grestion Kallisto) came in second while Audrey Bernard (Steven’s Racing) followed her in third. Albert also ended up winning the 2013 series with 499 points against 320 for Rosalie Cardin-Houde (IAMGOLD) and 206 for Bernard.

Among the cadets, Michael Storer (Team CHCH) took first place while Antoine Côté (VCL André Cycle) followed in second and Charles Côté (VCL André Cycle) completed the podium. But Thierry Kirouac Marcassa (VCL André Cycle) won the season title with 430 points despite only finishing 4th this evening. His team mate, Antoine Côté was second with 333 points, followed by Laurent Gervais (Espoirs Laval) with 218.

Charles-Etienne Chretien (Amos) won the 16km minime boys’ race followed by Tristan Guillemette (Velo Mauricie) in second and Griffin Schwartz (independent) in third. Schwartz finished the season with a commanding lead of 568 points to take the season title while Guillemette was second with 368 points and Gabriel Drapeau Zgoralski (VCL André Cycle) had 356.

Charlotte Toussignant (Espoirs Laval) won the minime girls’ race, followed by Laurie Jussaume (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur) in second and Emilie Fortin (Espoirs Laval) in third. Toussignant ended up winning the 2013 series title with 599 points followed by Jussaume with 499 and Laurie-Anne Grenon with 278.

The grand finale saw champagne for the cyclists, a corn roast for the public, and fireworks in the sky. The 37th edition of the Mardis Cyclistes will begin in June, 2014.

Press release


Men's Results (brief))
1 Simon Lambert Lemay (Garneau- Québécor)
2 Simon Pierre Gauthier (Garneau- Québécor)
3 Pierrick Naud (Garneau- Québécor)
4 Elliott Doyle (Médique p/b Silber Investments)
5 Jordan Brochu (Ekoï-Devinci)
6 Remi Pelletier Roy (Garneau- Québécor)
7 Jeff Schiller (Jet Fuel Coffee)
8 Anton Varabei (Jet Fuel Coffee)
9 Alexandre Nadeau (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis)
10 Jean Francois  Laroche (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis)


Final standings after 10 races
1 Simon Lambert Lemay (Garneau- Québécor) 1142 pts
2 Pierrick Naud (Garneau- Québécor) 1125
3 Stephen Keeping (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 755
4 Jean Francois Laroche (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis) 717
5 Felix Cote Bouvette (Ekoï-Devinci) 568
6 Simon Pierre Gauthier (Garneau- Québécor) 418
7 Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-Fiera) 380
8 Jordan Brochu (Ekoï-Devinci) 362
9 Elliott Doyle (Médique p/b Silber Investments) 332
10 Martin Gilbert (Indépendant-RP) 280
11 Remi Pelletier Roy (Garneau- Québécor) 279
12 Emmanuel Gagne (Espoirs Quilicot - TRJ Télécom) 256
13 Michel Henri (Archibald / EIC) 202
14 Jean- Michel Lachance (Predator Cycling) 200
15 Jean Sebastien Perron (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 176
16 Anton Varabei (Jet Fuel) 175
17 Olivier Delaney (Sprinter Club Olympique de Dijon) 174
18 Laurent Dallaire (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis) 166
19 William Blackburn (Médique p/b Silber Investments) 164
20 Guillaume Boivin (Cannondale Pro Cycling) 148
21 Olivier Miclette (Apogee/BCF Avocat/Atrium) 136
22 Jean Samuel Deshaies (Ekoï-Devinci) 131
23 Jean Francois Blais (Trek-Fiera) 112
24 Maxime Vives (Trek-Fiera) 110
25 Justin Purificati (Martin Swiss) 110
26 Niicollas Masbbouriian (Mééddiique p//bb SSiillbber Investments) 997
27 Benjamin Chartrand (Médique p/b Silber Investments) 96
28 Christian Deshaies (IAMGOLD - Specialized) 92
29 Robert Ralph (Médique p/b Silber Investments) 90
30 Marc Andre Perrault (Equipe Brunet) 90
31 Jeff Schiller (Jet Fuel Coffee) 85
32 Bruno Langlois (Garneau- Québécor) 82
33 Joshua Carter (Independant) 75
34 Adam J Farabaugh (Garneau-Québécor-Norton Rose) 74
35 Philip Marceau (Guru) 72
36 Hugues Lapointe (Opus/OGC) 72
37 Shawn Turcotte (Véloselect) 72
38 Francois Chabot (Ekoï-Devinci) 71
39 Alexander Cataford (Independant) 67
40 Lambert Gatineau (Iris) 66
41 William Goodfellow (Guru) 65
42 Samuel Gagnon (Ekoï-Devinci) 60
43 Vincent Levesque (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis) 58
44 Alexandre Nadeau (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis) 58
45 Emile Jean (Ekoï-Devinci) 56
46 Charles Andre Bilodeau (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis) 55
47 David Onsow (Médique p/b Silber Investments) 55
48 Juan Miguel Perez Garcia (EKOI/DEVINCI) 54
49 Thierry Laliberte (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Regis) 52
50 Jules Cusson Fradet (Iris) 50

Full results- all categories


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