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August 10/13 11:22 am - Mont-Sainte-Anne: Elite Women XC Updates

Posted by Editoress on 08/10/13

The sun is shining but the wind has risen in Mont-Ste-Anne as the small field of 37 Elite women prepare to start.


They will do 6 laps, with the first lap being a slightly shortened version of the other 5 full laps.


See out preview for course descriptions and more


11 Canadians are taking hte start: Emily Batty (Trek Factory Racing), Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team), Andréanne Pichette (Opus / OGC), Sandra Walter (Liv / giant), Amanda Sin (Scott-3RoxRacing), Mikaela Kofman (Scott-3RoxRacing), Annick Chretien (ADF Ultime Vélo), Mandy Dreyer (TUF RACK Racing), Cindy Montambault (CVM 2 VALS), Erica Tingey, Rebecca Beaumont (Cyclone d’Alma : Ekoï Devinci)


Lap 1

Julie Bresset (BH - SR Suntour - KMC) leading up the climb for the first time with Eva Lechner (Team Colnago Sudtirol), Jolanda Neff  (Giant Pro XC Team) and Alexandra Engen (Ghost Factory Racing Team), Tanja Zakelj (Unior Tools Team), Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team)


The swtchbacks on the climb are causing problems further back in the field as they bunch up and some riders come off their bikes.


The problems for the others further back have allowed Bresset to open up a sizeable gap early on and heading into the woods, Bresset has 3 +s on Lechner and Zakelj



1/2 way round and Bresset has 13s on Lechner with Maja Wloszczowska (Giant Pro XC Team) 3rd at 16s, Zakelj 4that 21s


The wind is starting to change the weather conditions and the rain, in the forcast for later in the day, may be arriving early.

Emily Batty (Trek Factory Racing) 11th at 49s, Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) 12 at s.t.


Lap 2

Bresset heads out onto the 2nd lap with a 22s lead on Wloszczowska, Lechner 3rd at s.t., Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team) 4th at 25s, Zakelj 5th at 30s, Alexandra Engen (Ghost Factory Racing Team) 6th at 36s

9 Lea Davison (Specialized Racing Xc)

10 Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team)

11 Emily Batty (Trek Factory Racing) at 1:06
12 Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) 1:07


Pendrel is coming back from a shoilder injury in late June, so this will be a test of her fitness


11:53 am, 1/2 way round 2nd lap

Nash now into 2nd with Wloszczowska on her wheel and Lechner on hers znd they are at 39 s back.

Pendrel up to 10th at 1:24

Batty 11th at 1:31


Lap 3

Bresset, Nash and Wloszczowska at 36s

Lechner, Zakelj and Neff battling for 4th at 46s

Pendrel 9th at 1:22

Batty 11th at 1:35



1/2 way round

Nash and Wloszczowska have closed the gap to resset to just 17s

Zakelj 4th at 30s

Lechner and Neff 5th at  51s

Davison 6th at 52s



Lap 4 (12:15pm ET)


Heading out onto the 4th lap and Bresset has opened up the gap to 21s to the 2 chasers Wloszczowska and Nash.  Zakelj 4th at 30s

Lechner 5th at 53s


1/2 way round (12:24pm ET)

Bresset is about to be caught.  Wloszczowska and Nash are at 7s, Zakelj 4th at 27s

Lechner 5th at 49s

Pendrel 9th at 1:55

Batty 10th at 2:27


Lap 5 start  12:30 pm ET

Bresset has opened the gap up again and has 12s on Wloszczowska and Nash

Zakelj 4th at 20s

Lechner 5th at 51s


12:34 pm

Bresset again on the climb and Wloszczowska is just 1 s back and with Nash another second and she has Zakelj on her wheel



12:38 pm - through the tech zone

Bresset and Wloszczowska together

Nash  and Zakelj chasing at 2s



1/2 way round (12:39pm ET)

Bresset and Wloszczowska together with Wloszczowska at the front being agressive

Nash at 4s has dropped Zakelj who is at 13s

Davison now 5th at 55s, Lechner 6th at  1:01, Neff 7th at 1:19, Pendrel 8th at 2:13

Batty 10th at 3:02


Last lap (12:46 pm)

Bresset and Wloszczowska together with Wloszczowska at the front

Nash at 6s

Zakelj at 7s

Davison  at 50s


12:49 pm

Wloszczowska, Zakelj and Nash have caught & passed Bresset at the bottom of the climb


Wloszczowska struggling a bit in the rocks and Nash opens up a gap


Nash has opened up a 10s gap on  Wloszczowska


12:54 pm

1/2 way round

1 Nash, 2 Wloszczowska at 9s, 3 Zakelj at 19s, 4 Bresset at 28s

5 Davison 1:11

6 Lechner 1:39

7 Neff 1:47

8 Pendrel 2:57

9 Annika Langvad (Team Davinci - Specialized) 3:22

10 Batty 4:05




1    Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team)    1:30:27
2    Maja Wloszczowska (Giant Pro XC Team)    at 0:17
3    Tanja Zakelj (Unior Tools Team)    0:24
4    Julie Bresset (BH - SR Suntour - KMC)    0:48





Course Map (large version)




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