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August 12/13 12:25 pm - Canada Summer Games: Women and Men ITT results UPDATED

Posted by Editoress on 08/12/13

Team Ontario dominates Time Trials at Canada Games
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Annie Foreman-Mackey wins women Time Trials; Matteo Dal-Cin takes men's race

The first day of competition for road cycling at the Canada Games started today with the presentation of the individual time trials, and Annie Foreman-Mackay and Matteo Dal-Cin, both of Ontario came out victorious for their province. At the end of the competition, Team Ontario captured four of the six medals awarded for the time trial event.

In the women's race, Annie Foreman-Mackay came out of the group victorious, posting a time of 21:46.42 on the 15.6 kilometre course in Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, just outside Sherbrooke.

"I can't really believe it yet. I sort of feel sick to my stomach right now. I am really excited and it was a great race. I am really happy," said Foreman-Mackey, from Kingston, ON who rides for Stevens p/b The Cyclery.

"This course was very different from our Canadian Championships course. Today was not as quite hilly and shorter. I was a little bit nervous because I didn't do a lot of short-distance time trials. I needed to get used to get into a faster rhythm," said Foreman-MacKey. "Heading out, I was a little worried that I would fade out, but with a little tailwind I went super fast. When I turned around, I started to fade a little bit. I tried to dig deep and hold on for the finish. I am super happy with how everything turned out," continued Foreman-MacKey.

Alizée Brien of Team Québec won the silver medal with a time of 21:47.81, while Saskia Kowalchuk of Team Ontario took the bronze stopping the clock at 22:10.59.

Jenny Trew, a coach for the Ontario delegation, was pleased to place two Ontario riders on the women's podium. "I am very pleased. We thought we could place two on the podium today… It's pretty awesome to deliver especially against a killer team from Québec. On paper they are fantastic. Our girls were firing on all cylinders. We are very proud of the girls, but we now have to regroup and get ready for the road race [on Wednesday]. We'll take a day to refocus. The road race course is very tough, but I also believe the girls can have a great day Wednesday as well."

In the men's race, the men travelled a slightly longer distance facing a 20.4km course. Matteo Dal-Cin of Ontario took the victory after with the fastest time at 24:58.86.

"I am pretty happy. It was a pretty nice ride and it was fun to have my family here. I couldn't have asked for a course more tailored for me. There was just a little climb at the end, and other than that it was pretty flat, and that's perfect for a bigger rider," said Dal-Cin, just before the podium. "I was pretty lucky that Team Ontario put me in the last wave, because I got some course intelligence from Jordan and my other teammates. They helped me to better pace my ride."

Matteo, who also races for Stevens p/b The Cyclery, credits the success of Team Ontario to the team cohesion and the long-time work that has been put in the program. "It's been a long time in the works, I think everybody here have been going to the Team Ontario camps for the last five-six years. It's a nice strong group we have."

James Piccoli of Team Québec came second (25:03.16), while Jordan Cheyne of Team Ontario completed the podium in third. (25:05.60).

Mike Garrigan, coach with Team Ontario, was obviously pleased with the team's performance. "We have an unbelievable team dynamics. We knew we would have a good day… Two medals, that's beyond fantastic. These results certainly gives us a lot of confident [heading into the road race], but there are lots of really strong guys here. We'll definitely be on our A-game on Wednesday."

"I tried to facilitate them staying in touch with each other coming into the Games. With Ontario Cycling this year, we have been trying to makes sure that they are striving to meet their own personal goals, and we just nurtured them to get to the Games."

Courtesy Cycling Canada


Results from the Women's and Men's ITT in Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, Quebec

Women, 15.6 km
1 Annie Foreman-Mackey (Ontario) 21:46.42
2 Alizée Brien (Quebec) 21:47.81
3 Saskia Kowalchuk (Ontario) 22:10.59
4 Adriane Provost (Quebec) 22:24.19
5 Karlee Gendron (Manitoba) 22:55.84
6 Gabrielle Pilote Fortin (Quebec) 23:01.76
7 Emily Flynn (Ontario) 23:29.75
8 Gillian Ellsay (British Columbia) 23:31.18
9 Stephanie Bester (Ontario) 23:37.35
10 Anne-Marie B. Morin (Quebec) 23:43.68
11 Tessa Pinckston (British Columbia) 23:44.80
12 Sarah Anne Rasmussen (Ontario) 23:47.19
13 Natalie Cormier (New Brunswick) 24:15.78
14 Rachael Edwards (Saskatchewan) 24:18.64
15 Juliette Wheler (Saskatchewan) 24:30.71
16 Brenna Keeley Pauly (British Columbia) 24:30.84
17 Liah Harvie (Alberta) 24:31.22
18 Melanie Tait (Yukon) 24:43.70
19 Lindsay Aspen (Saskatchewan) 24:52.53
20 Elisabeth Albert (Quebec) 24:59.14
21 Sara Poidevin (Alberta) 25:06.37
22 Kia Van der Vliet (British Columbia) 25:19.30
23 Marina Aspen (Saskatchewan) 25:19.98
24 Clara Jane MacKenzie (British Columbia) 25:23.33
25 Nicole Cripps (Saskatchewan) 26:17.44
26 Kilya MacNeil (Nova Scotia) 26:29.92
27 Anna Schappert (Manitoba) 26:30.76
28 Myriska Caulier (Nova Scotia) 26:56.24
29 Heather Lauren Savard (Alberta) 26:56.69
30 Julia Diane Cormier (New Brunswick) 26:59.23
31 Kelsey Reilly (Manitoba) 26:59.97
32 Evie Fletcher (Alberta) 28:13.57
33 Alex Bairos-Novak (Manitoba) 28:15.52
Men, 20.4 km
1 Matteo Dal-Cin (Ontario) 24:58.86
2 James Piccoli (Quebec) 25:03.16
3 Jordan Cheyne (Ontario) 25:05.60
4 Stuart Wight (New Brunswick) 25:30.68
5 Kris Dahl (Alberta) 25:32.27
6 Chris Prendergast (Manitoba) 25:52.60
7 Pierrick Naud (Quebec) 25:54.82
8 Emile Jean (Quebec) 25:56.76
9 Kevin Massicotte (Ontario) 26:00.68
10 Adam deVos (British Columbia) 26:10.89
11 Jordan Brochu (Quebec) 26:31.54
12 Dennis Cottreau (Nova Scotia) 26:36.60
13 Michael van den Ham (Manitoba) 26:37.41
14 Ryan Aitcheson (Ontario) 26:47.67
15 Elliott Doyle (Quebec) 26:58.20
16 Kyle Buckosky (British Columbia) 27:05.51
17 Joel Taylor (British Columbia) 27:24.47
18 Tyler D'Arcy (Nova Scotia) 27:27.14
19 Connor Wilson (Alberta) 27:33.51
20 Etienne Moreau (Ontario) 27:35.01
21 Marc Evers (New Brunswick) 27:35.93
22 Ty Andrews (Alberta) 27:47.98
23 Ryan MacDonald (Nova Scotia) 27:52.88
24 Colter Young (Alberta) 27:54.65
25 Kurt Hauser (Saskatchewan) 27:56.75
26 Jordan Baird (Newfoundland and Labrador) 28:02.10
27 Jordan Duncan (British Columbia) 28:05.47
28 Devin Doiron (New Brunswick) 28:10.02
29 Mackenzie Garvin (Alberta) 28:16.21
30 Willem Boersma (Manitoba) 28:28.84
31 Mitchell MacDonald (Nova Scotia) 28:30.55
32 Blake MacKay (Manitoba) 28:44.46
33 Lukas Conly (Saskatchewan) 28:50.48
34 Julien Roussel (New Brunswick) 28:58.22
35 Trevor John Pearson (British Columbia) 29:08.67
36 Dylan Thomas (Newfoundland and Labrador) 29:12.20
37 Neil Symington (New Brunswick) 29:14.13
38 Lucas Morin (Saskatchewan) 29:37.65
39 Luke Turanich (Saskatchewan) 31:08.03
40 Ari Robinson (Manitoba) 31:11.53
41 Matthew Barry (Newfoundland and Labrador) 31:32.54
42 Shea Hoffman (Yukon) 32:19.77
43 Colin Aspen (Saskatchewan) 34:21.65


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