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August 17/13 16:56 pm - Canada Summer Games: Men and Women Criterium report and FULL results

Posted by Editoress on 08/17/13

Foreman-Mackey & Naud Win Points Crit Gold at Canada Games

The last road cycling races at the Canada Games were held Saturday [August 17th] on a gorgeous sunny day in Sherbrooke, with Annie Foreman-Mackay (Team Ontario) and Pierrick Naud (Team Québec) each winning their second gold medals of the week.

The race, which awarded points at every five laps to the first four riders crossing the line, was different than the typical criterium race where the first crossing the line wins.

The men covered 30 laps of the 1.8 kilometre course, and the pace was fast right from the start of the race. Team Quebec took control of the race from the sound of the whistle, placing both the Canadian Criterium Champion Pierrick Naud and Elliot Doyle in the points. After the first three laps, Naud and Doyle were alone at the top the 14 points, with Kris Dahl of Alberta and Andrew L'Espérance of Team Nova Scotia scoring seven points.

A small break comprised of the two-time Canada Games medallist Matteo Dal-Cin of Ontario, Adam de Vos of British Columbia and Chris Prendergast of Manitoba took off, and managed to get a lead of 17 seconds over five laps. The break forced Team Québec to stay at the front of the peloton and dispense significant energies to keep the gap to a controllable distance. The controlled break was eventually captured after just one sprint, and did not impact the race leaders.

With five laps to go, in the sprint lap, Doyle squeezed in to take the five points and the solid lead in the race. But with double points awarded at the finish line, many scenarios remained possible. After a few break attempts that were easily controlled, Naud initiated the sprint and crossed the finish line with two arms up, taking the 10 points and the victory, with a total of 25 points. Doyle, with his fourth sprint and 19 points already banked, was second. Dahl, with 10 points, finished third for the bronze medal.

"It's a sense of mission accomplished," said Pierrick Naud, of Team Quebec and member of the Garneau-Quebecor professional cycling team. "I had pretty high goals coming here, and I wanted to win two gold medals. My physical condition was very good. The team did a great job today, and we worked very well as a team."

Asked if the points format was different from regular criterium races, Naud said it didn't change the way he raced: "We're a little familiar with sprints for points. The Mardi Cycliste is a bit the same way. We knew we were going to be doing well," said Naud, who will represent his team at the Tour of Alberta in early September.

In the women's race, Annie-Foreman-Mackey (Ontario) won the points race scoring 15 points in the five sprints throughout the 25-lap race, taking her second gold medal of the week.

"When I saw Alizée [Brien (Team Quebec)] go up the road and Tessa joining, I thought there would be a pretty good chance that the break could stay away. Tessa and I were working the break the most, and we know each other, so we were cheering each other on. I think we both know that, should we win some sprints, we would have a chance to be on the podium."

"[The second gold medal] is better than I could ever had imagined. I haven't done too many crits, so this was very unexpected. This was my very first points race, even on the track, so yesterday we did a Points 101 course to learn how everything works. It was actually a lot of fun, just using strategies of the race."

To start the race, Adriane Provost (Team Quebec) managed to win the second sprint, for five points, and the third sprint, worth ten points, to take the early control of the race with 15 laps to go.

But an important three-woman break comprised of Foreman-Mackey, Brien and Tessa Pinkston (British Columbia) immediately changed the outcome of the race, with Foreman-Mackey scoring the some critical big points. This break, which would last until the very end, proved to be a critical mistake for Team Québec, leaving Foreman-MacKey alone in the break. The individual time trial gold medallist and powerful sprinter scored 11 points in the break to win the race with 15 points.

Adriane Provost did not score any points after her two winning sprints, and finished in second place for the silver medal with 15 points, while Tessa Pinkston scored points in the last two sprints to take third place with 10 points.

Report courtesy Cycling Canada


Results from the final cycling event in Arrondissement Jacques-Cartier -Sherbrooke

1 Annie Foreman-Mackey (Ontario) 15 pts
2 Adriane Provost (Quebec) 15
3 Tessa Pinckston (British Columbia) 12
4 Elisabeth Albert (Quebec) 10
5 Emily Flynn (Ontario) 10
6 Anne-Marie B. Morin (Quebec) 8
7 Alizée Brien (Quebec) 7
8 Stephanie Bester (Ontario) 0
9 Clara Jane MacKenzie (British Columbia) 0
10 Lindsay Aspen (Saskatchewan) 0
11 Sara Poidevin (Alberta) 0
12 Anna Schappert (Manitoba) 0
13 Gillian Ellsay (British Columbia) 0
14 Sarah Anne Rasmussen (Ontario) 0
15 Gabrielle Pilote Fortin (Quebec) 0
16 Saskia Kowalchuk (Ontario) -1 lap
17 Kia Van der Vliet (British Columbia) -1 lap
18 Natalie Cormier (New Brunswick) -1 lap
19 Liah Harvie (Alberta) -1 lap
20 Melanie Tait (Yukon) -1 lap
21 Brenna Keeley Pauly (British Columbia) -1 lap
22 Heather Lauren Savard (Alberta) -1 lap
23 Kelsey Reilly (Manitoba) -1 lap
24 Julia Diane Cormier (New Brunswick) -1 lap
25 Evie Fletcher (Alberta) -1 lap
26 Marina Aspen (Saskatchewan) -1 lap
27 Nicole Cripps (Saskatchewan) -1 lap
28 Kilya MacNeil (Nova Scotia) -1 lap
29 Juliette Wheler (Saskatchewan) -1 lap
30 Alex Bairos-Novak (Manitoba) -1 lap
31 Myriska Caulier (Nova Scotia) -1 lap
DNF Karlee Gendron (Manitoba)
DNS Rachael Edwards (Saskatchewan)
1 Pierrick Naud (Quebec) 25 pts
2 Elliott Doyle (Quebec) 19
3 Kris Dahl (Alberta) 10
4 Matteo Dal-Cin (Ontario) 7
5 Andrew L'Esperance (Nova Scotia) 7
6 Julien Roussel (New Brunswick) 6
7 Etienne Moreau (Ontario) 5
8 Jordan Brochu (Quebec) 4
9 Adam deVos (British Columbia) 3
10 Chris Prendergast (Manitoba) 2
11 Colter Young (Alberta) 0
12 Dennis Cottreau (Nova Scotia) 0
13 Ari Robinson (Manitoba) 0
14 Tyler D'Arcy (Nova Scotia) 0
15 Ryan Aitcheson (Ontario) 0
16 Jordan Duncan (British Columbia) 0
17 James Piccoli (Quebec) 0
18 Kyle Buckosky (British Columbia) 0
19 Michael van den Ham (Manitoba) 0
20 Lucas Morin (Saskatchewan) 0
21 Joel Taylor (British Columbia) 0
22 Emile Jean (Quebec) 0
23 Willem Boersma (Manitoba) 0
24 Neil Symington (New Brunswick) 0
25 Stuart Wight (New Brunswick) 0
26 Kevin Massicotte (Ontario) 0
27 Jordan Cheyne (Ontario) 0
28 Ryan MacDonald (Nova Scotia) 0
29 Connor Wilson (Alberta) -1 lap
30 Devin Doiron (New Brunswick) -1 lap
31 Blake MacKay (Manitoba) -1 lap
32 Trevor John Pearson (British Columbia) -1 lap
33 Marc Evers (New Brunswick) -1 lap
34 Mitchell MacDonald (Nova Scotia) -1 lap
35 Jordan Baird (Newfoundland and Labrador) -1 lap
36 Ty Andrews (Alberta) -1 lap
37 Lukas Conly (Saskatchewan) -1 lap
38 Luke Turanich (Saskatchewan) -1 lap
39 Dylan Thomas (Newfoundland and Labrador) -1 lap
40 Colin Aspen (Saskatchewan) -1 lap
41 Shea Hoffman (Yukon) -1 lap
42 Matthew Barry (Newfoundland and Labrador) -1 lap
43 Kurt Hauser (Saskatchewan) -1 lap
44 Mackenzie Garvin (Alberta) -1 lap


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