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August 19/13 11:48 am - Tourism London Challenge report and results

Posted by Editoress on 08/19/13

Forty-seven starters came to the line to take the first Tourism London Challenge. From the gun there was attacking off the front.  A total of $300 in preems were distributed to the racers throughout the 75 minute event.

Several escape attempts were made in the first 40 minutes of racing, however nothing was able to stay away.  There was a preem with 30 minutes remaining and this is what formed the nine rider break that lapped the field with five laps remaining.  The break was on their own for the final four laps and in the finale, hometown boy Jeff Schiller took top honours and the first place prize.  The rest of the top five included Mike Aston, Peter Morse, Brent Aquino, and Junior-aged Adam Jamieson.

The Forest City Velodrome (volunteers) would like to thank all the sponsors and contributors for this event.  We hope everyone had a great time at the event and wish to see everyone again next year.

Report courtesy Rob Good


Results from the Tourism London Challenge, Presented by Forest City Velodrome onSunday August 17th in London Ontario


Open Race, 51.25 km (Average Speed 41.3 km/h)
1 Jeff Schiller (Jet Fuel Coffee/Norco Bicycles - RME.1) 1:14:24
2 Peter Morse (OCTTO-Cervelo - RME.1)
3 Brent Aquino (Team TDI Zuck Bikes - RME.2)
4 Michael Aston (Adrenalineracer/ToWheels - RME.2)
5 Adam Jamieson (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RMJ)
6 Sean Mackinnon (Aquila/Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes - RMJ)
7 Carlo Capaldi (Team T1C London Honda-Village - RMMB.1) all s.t.
8 Martin Rupes (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RMJ) 0:08
9 Anthony Walsh (Astellas Oncology Cycling Team - RME.1) 0:27
10 Jordan Broad (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RME.3) 0:52
11 Ed Veal (Realdeal/Gears p/b Fieldgate - RME.1)
12 Will Simonds (OCTTO-Cervelo - RMJ)
13 Bayley Simpson (Invita-FCV - RMJ)
14 Christian Ricci (Invita-FCV - RMJ)
15 Miles Eastwood (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RMJ)
16 Brady Lee (Invita-FCV - RMU17)
17 Connor Byway (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RMJ)
18 Simon Fothergill (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RMJ)
19 Carlos Goncalves (Team London Cycling - RMMC.2)
20 Andrew House ( Velikonja - RME.1)
21 Marten Mann (Team T1C London Honda-Village - RMMA.1)
22 Biran Falk-Dotan (Invita-FCV - RMJ)
23 Jesse Schultz (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RMU17)
24 Aji Dhiller (London Centennial Wheelers Inc - RMMB.3)
25 Joe Narciso (Team London Cycling - RMMC.2)
26 Christopher Rowley ( Velikonja - RMU23.2)
27 Brian Lee (Invita-FCV - RME.3)
28 Steve Grundy (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RMMB.3)
29 Craig Sarri (Forest City Velodrome - RMMA.3) all s.t.
30 Peter Mogg (Team T1C London Honda-Village - RMMA.1) 1:00
31 Chris Vlemmix (Team T1C London Honda-Village - RMMB.1) s.t.
DNF Jeff Moote (Realdeal/Gears p/b Fieldgate - RME.2)
DNF Cameron Mason (Invita-FCV - RMJ)
DNF James Orton (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RMJ)
DNF Antje Thamm (Invita-FCV - RWE.2)
DNF Conrad Mrowiec (Forest City Velodrome - RMMB.3)
DNF Colin Dickey (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RMMB.3)
DNF David Jack (Invita-FCV - RMMB.2)
DNF Tyler Lee (Invita-FCV - RMJ)
DNF Chantal Thompson (Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club - RWE.2)
DNF Michael Nuttall (Cycles London Racing Team - RMMA.2)
DNF Sara Byers (Invita-FCV - RWE.1)
DNS Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Oncology Cycling Team - RMU23.1)
DNS William Elliott (CSAJCC p/b Norco LG - RMJ)
DNS Hillary Lowry (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RWJ)
DNS Will Muller (Team CHCH - National Cycling Centre - RMU17)



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