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August 24/13 18:17 pm - Para World Cup Matane: Day 3 results, 3 medals for Canada

Posted by Editoress on 08/24/13

Canada Wins 3 More Medals at Para World Cup Final

Canada added three medals to its tally on Saturday during the first day of road races at the 2013 UCI World Cup Finals in Matane, Quebec, with Shelley Gautier, Marie-Eve Croteau and Mark Ledo all winning medals.

Shelley Gautier (Toronto) continued on her winning ways in the T1 road race, winning the 24.9 kilometre race by a large margin of 10:43. Gautier is continuing to show a remarkable progression with her racing speed, and she is looking good in the final week before the World Championships.

In winning this race, Gautier successfully defended her World Cup Title in the class, keeping the coveted White Jersey.

Racing in the T2 class, Marie-Eve Croteau (Québec City) is continuing her progression on her return to the competition, after missing 10 months due to a concussion, and today proved to be a great motivator for the defending World Champion. Croteau took second place in a photo-finish, by only a few centimetres, the width of a tire, after 47:20 of racing.

In the H3 road race, Mark Ledo (Maple, Ontario) ended the gruelling 66.4-kilometre race in third place, a race that ended in a four-man sprint to the finish line. Joel Jeannot of France was the fastest in the sprint, taking the victory, followed in second by Arkadiusz Skrzypinski of Poland.

"I am very satisfied with this podium today. I am feeling in great form and can't wait for the World Championships race next week in Baie-Comeau," said Mark Ledo after his race.

Three Canadians competed in the H2 race, with a satisfied Charles Moreau (Trois-Rivières, Quebec) posting the best Canadian result in sixth place. Moreau crossed the finish line 4:46 after the winning time of 1:32:44 posted by Walter Ablinger (Austria). Jimmy Pelletier (Québec City) ended his day on the roads of Matane in 12th place, while Mark Beggs (Montreal) did not finish the race after crashing in a fast and technical area. Beggs did not suffer injuries.

Louis-Albert Corriveau-Jolin (Ste-Claire, Quebec) finished seventh in the T2 race with a time of 51.01. In the women’s H2 race, Myrian Adam (St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu, Quebec) did not finish her race, while Robert Labbé (Quebec City) finished seventh in the Men H1 race.

The event continues on Sunday with the last day of competition in this inaugural Para-cycling Road World Cup event in Matane. The teams from all across the world will then take a ferry to Baie-Comeau, where they will continue their final preparations for the 2013 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championships.

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Results from the third day of the Para World Cup in Matane, Quebec


Women T1, 24.9 km
1 Shelley Gautier (Canada) 1:03:02
2 Bianca Woolford (Australia) at 10:43
Women T2, 24.9 km
1 Carol Cooke (Australia) 0:47:20
2 Marie-Eve Croteau (Canada) at s.t.
3 Jana Majunke (Germany) 8:17
4 Lisette De Heide (Netherlands) 12:59
Men T1, 24.9 km
1 Jiri Hindr (Czech Republic) 0:58:43
2 Aitor Oroza Flores (Spain) at 0:35
3 Gerald George Rex (South Africa) 0:46
Men T2, 24.9 km
1 David Stone (Great Britain) 0:48:23
2 Nestor Ayala Ayala (Colombia) at 0:03
3 Giorgio Farroni (Italy) s.t.
4 David Vondracek (Czech Republic) 0:16
5 Louis-Albert Corriveau Jolin (Canada) s.t.
6 Steven Peace (United States) 0:18
7 Yusthin Lintnaar (South Africa) 2:38
DNF Hans-Peter Durst (Germany)
DNF Jarrad Langmead (Australia)
Men H3, 66.4 km
1 Joel Jeannot (France) 1:51:48
2 Arkadiusz Skrzypinski (Poland)
3 Mark Ledo (Canada)
4 Rafal Wilk (Poland) all s.t.
5 Mathieu Bosredon (France) 0:03
6 Nigel Barley (Australia) s.t.
7 Mauro Cratassa (Italy) 1:33
8 Herber Burggraaf (Netherlands) 2:14
9 Kim Kluver Christiansen (Denmark) 4:12
10 Brendon Stratton (New Zealand) 11:54
11 Athos Libanore (Switzerland) - 1 lap
12 Sebastien Fortier (Independant) - 3 laps
13 Jonathan Nelson (New Zealand) - 3 laps
14 Jonathan Blais-Boilard (Independant) - 5 laps
DNF Vico Merklein (Germany)
DNF Zbigniew Wandachowicz (Poland)
Men H2, 58.1 km
1 Walter Ablinger (Austria) 1:32:44
2 Vittorio Podesta (Italy) at s.t.
3 David Franek (France) 2:17
4 Heinz Frei (Switzerland) s.t.
5 Stuart McCreadie (South Africa) 2:39
6 Charles Moreau (Canada) 4:46
7 Jean-François Deberg (Belgium) 4:49
8 Matthew Updike (United States) 4:51
9 William Lachenauer (United States) 8:43
10 Stefan Baumann (Germany) 16:46
11 Jan Tomanek (Czech Republic) 17:32
12 Jimmy Pelletier (Canada) 17:33
13 Alfonso Ruiz Moreno (Independant) 17:37
14 Michael Taylor (Australia) 19:30
DNF Mark Beggs (Canada)
DNF Edward Maalouf (Lebanon)
DNS Jani Peltopuro (Finland)
Women H4, 49.8 km
1 Andrea Eskau (Germany) 1:40:02
2 Laura De Vaan (Netherlands)
3 Jenette Jansen (Netherlands)
4 Dorothee Vieth (Germany) all s.t.
5 Jessica Hedlund (Sweden) 5:21
Women H1, 24.9 km
1 Cassie Mitchell (United States) 1:09:28
2 Justine Asher (South Africa) 12:01
Men H1, 49.8 km
1 Luca Mazzone (Italy) 1:32:48
2 William Groulx (United States) at 0:04
3 Tobias Fankhauser (Switzerland) 5:15
4 Christophe Hindricq (Belgium) s.t.
5 Mark Rohan (Ireland) 5:52
6 Wolfgang Schattauer (Austria) 13:26
7 Robert Labbe (Canada) 14:59
8 Rodolph Cecillon (France) 18:15
9 Craig Parsons (Australia) 18:25
10 Kobi Lion (Israel) - 2 laps
11 Timothy Williams (New Zealand) - 4 laps
12 Delmon Dunston (Independant) - 4 laps
Women H3, 49.8 km
1 Monica Bascio (United States) 1:33:01
2 Sandra Graf (Switzerland) at 6:47
3 Svetlana Moshkovich (Russia) 7:29
4 Jung-Im Kim (South Korea) - 1 lap
5 Sara Mailhot (Independant) - 3 laps
Women H2, 49.8 km
1 Renata Kaluza (Poland) 1:35:01
2 Francesca Fenocchio (Italy) at 4:05
3 Alicia Brelsford Dana (United States) 5:43
4 Anna Oroszova (Slovakia) 9:46
5 Natalia Yanuto (Russia) 17:50
6 Tiffiney Perry (New Zealand) - 1 lap
7 Jady Martins Malavazzi (Brazil) -3 laps
8 Seung-Mi Lee (South Korea) -3 laps
9 Myriam Adam (Independant) -3 laps
DNF Claudia Schuler (Italy)
DNS Marianna Davis (United States)
Men H4, 66.4 km
1 Ernst Van Dyk (South Africa) 1:56:51
2 Alessandro Zanardi (Italy)
3 Jetze Plat (Netherlands) both s.t.
4 Johan Reekers (Netherlands) 0:03
5 Tim De Vries (Netherlands) 0:04
6 Nati Gruberg (Israel) 0:29
7 Stuart Tripp (Australia) 3:41
8 Alfredo De Los Santos (Independant) 10:49
DNS Oscar Sanchez (United States)



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