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August 26/13 9:59 am - Canada Wins Two More Medals on Final Day of Para World Cup

Posted by Editoress on 08/26/13

The 2013 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cup season came to an end on Sunday with the last set of road races at the Finals in Matane, Quebec, and Canada concluded the weekend in sixth place of the nation rankings with a total of nine medals.

Canada won four medals in the first two days of competition with four medals in the time trial races, and continued its medal-winning ways in the road races, adding five more medals.

On Sunday, Canada added the final two medals to its tally with the men's tandem of Daniel Chalifour (Mont-Laurier, Quebec) and pilot Alexandre Cloutier (Ste-Antoine-De-Tilly, Quebec) taking the silver medal after a breakaway that didn't get brought back, and Nicole Clermont (Sherbrooke, Quebec) sprinting for the silver medal in the C5 race.

"It's a little surprising, because that wasn't the team strategy before the race started," said Chalifour after the race to Sportcom. "We thought it would end in a sprint, and we wanted to help Alexandre and Aroussen for the finish, since Alexandre is from Matane."

"We wanted to be part of the initial breakaway, but when we realized that we had a considerable lead, our coach told us to go for the podium. This proves that we are in the game, after our fourth place from Friday's time trial where we finished just one second from the podium."

Nicole Clermont took the silver medal in her second World Cup race, after winning the bronze medal on Friday in the time trial. The women's C5 race also ended in a sprint, with three riders coming together at the finish line. Clermont finished between two Americans in first and third places.

In the C1 road race, Jaye Milley (Calgary) finished just off the podium in an exciting finish featuring a six-rider sprint after one hour and 43 minutes of racing over the 66.4 kilometre course. Brayden McDougall (Calgary) did not finish the race.

In the women's C4 race, Marie-Claude Molnar (Ste-Adèle, Quebec) was unlucky in the finish of the race. Molnar did not finish, despite being a contender throughout the race. Molnar was well positioned for the final sprint, but fell with one kilometre to go. The young tandem of Melissa Boivert and Katy St-Laurent did not finish their road race.

Paralympic Hall of Famer Arnold Boldt (Saskatoon) finished 11th in the men's C2 race, just under a minute behind the winning time, while development cyclist Sebastien Bouchard (Québec City) finished 13th of the men's C4 race.

The Canadian Relay team, composed of Charles Moreau (Trois-Rivières, Quebec), Mark Ledo (Maple, Ontario) and Robert Labbé (Québec City) took sixth place.

Results from the fourth and final day of the Para World Cup in Matane, Quebec

Men Tandem, 107.9 km
1 Australia (Matthew Formston/Michael Curran) 2:25:25
2 Canada (Daniel Chalifour/Alexandre Cloutier) at 0:19
3 Netherlands (Alfred Stelleman/Timo Fransen) 0:27
4 Colombia (Nelson Serna/Sebastian Durango) 0:33
5 Ireland (James Brown/Mark Bleakley) 1:12
6 Poland (Marcin Polak/Michal Ladosz) 2:24
7 Canada (Alexandre Carrier/Aroussen Laflamme) 3:03
8 Spain (Ignacio Avila Rodriguez/Joan Font Bertoli) 3:03
9 Italy (Emanuele Bersini/Riccardo Panizza) 3:03
10 Colombia (Edgar Carrillo/Javier Anaya) 3:07
11 Spain (Christian Venge Balboa/David Llaurado Caldero) 3:16
12 Finland (Arttu Makinen/Aki Turunen) 6:03
13 France (Stephane Boussard/Mickael Dhinnin) 00:10:01
14 Ireland (Peter Ryan/Damien Shaw) 00:10:03
15 Italy (Ivano Pizzi/lucca Pizzi) 00:10:04
16 South Korea (Jong-Giu Kim/Daehong Chun) - 2 laps
17 Russia (Aleksandr Russkikh/Aleksei Vasiliev) - 2 laps
18 Russia (Petr Matkov/Vladimir Dvoryanchikov) - 6 laps
19 Russia (Sergei Churilov/Andrei Mikhalev) - 6 laps
DNF Independant (Mathieu Croteau-Daigle/Luc Dionne)
DNF Slovakia (Vladislav Janovjak/Robert Mitosinka)
DNF Finland (Jarmo Ollanketo/Marko Tormanen)
DNF United States (Clark Rachfal/David Swanson)
Women Tandem
1 Spain (Josefa Benitez Guzman/Judit Masdeu Cort) 2:07:40
2 New Zealand (Emma Foy/Gabrielle Vermunt) at 0:03
3 Poland (Iwona Podkoscielna/Aleksandra Wnuczek) 1:59
4 Great Britain (Lora Turnham/Corrine Hall) 2:03
5 United States (Rachael Scdoris/Lisa Turnbull) 2:05
6 United States (Shawn Cheshire/Jennifer Triplett) 2:10
7 Ireland (Katie-George Dunlevy/Fiona Guihen) 2:10
8 New Zealand (Phillipa Gray/Laura Fairweather) 2:36
9 Great Britain (Nia Knight/Katie Curtis) 3:23
10 Russia (Emma Polushkina/Natalia Eliferova) 00:14:19
11 Russia (Olga Kombarova/Nataliia Tretiakova) -1 lap
12 Brazil (Maria Socorro Pinheiro/Ana Luisa Kork Panini) -3 laps
DNF Independant (Melissa Boivert/Katy St-Laurent)
DNS Ireland (Catherine Walsh/Francine Meehan)
DNS United States (Karissa Whitsell/Mackenzie Woodring)
Women C5, 66.4 km
1 Samantha Heinrich (United States) 1:43:01
2 Nicole Clermont (Canada)
3 Greta Neimanas (United States) both s.t.
4 Claire McLean (Australia) 0:21
5 Fiona Southorn (New Zealand) 9:25
DNF Kerstin Brachtendorf (Germany)
Men C1, 66.4 km
1 Pierre Senska (Germany) 1:43:01
2 Arnoud Nijhuis (Netherlands)
3 Erich Winkler (Germany)
4 Jaye Milley (Canada)
5 Michael Teuber (Germany)
6 Juan Jose Mendez (Spain) all s.t.
7 Matthew Bigos (United States) 0:08
8 Georg Schwab (Austria) 2:18
9 Rodrigo Fernando Lopez (Argentina) 9:00
DNF Brayden Mcdougall (Independant)
Men C2, 66.4 km
1 Maurice Eckhard Tio (Spain) 1:42:09
2 Victor Hugo Garrido Marquez (Venezuela) at 0:52
3 Alvaro Galvis Becerra (Colombia)
4 Stephane Bahier (France)
5 Tobias Graf (Germany)
6 Flaviano Carvalho (Brazil)
7 Ivo Koblasa (Czech Republic)
8 Colin Lynch (Ireland)
9 Roger Bolliger (Switzerland) all s.t.
10 Cristian Romero (Colombia) 0:58
11 Arnold Boldt (Canada) s.t.
12 Gijs Van Butselaar (Netherlands) 1:05
13 Jaroslav Svestka (Slovakia) s.t.
14 Fabrizio Macchi (Italy) 1:07
15 Cirio de Jesus Molina (Venezuela) 1:13
16 Arslan Gilmutdinov (Russia) 8:52
17 William Reynolds (Independant) - 4 laps
DNF Aaron Keith (United States)
DNS Ouchenne Abderraouf (Independant)
Men C3, 83 km
1 Steffen Warias (Germany) 2:02:34
2 Fabio Anobile (Italy) at s.t.
3 Roberto Bargna (Italy) 0:03
4 Damien Brou (France) 0:10
5 Esneider Munoz Marin (Colombia) s.t.
6 Eduardo Santas Asensio (Spain) 0:26
7 Sergey Batukov (Russia) 5:37
8 Sergey Ustinov (Russia).
9 Glenn Johansen (Norway)
10 Diederick Schelfhout (Belgium) all s.t
11 Alexey Obydennov (Russia) 8:50
12 Kris Bosmans (Belgium) -1 lap
13 Jefferson Spimpolo (Brazil) -3 laps
14 Darren Kenny (Great Britain) -4 laps
15 David Rose (Independant) - 4 laps
DNF Joseph Berenyi (United States)
DNF David Nicholas (Australia)
DNF Paolo Vigano (Italy)
Men C4, 83 km
1 Roberto Alcaide Garcia (Spain) 1:57:36
2 Diego German Duenas Gomez (Colombia) at 2:47
3 Morten Jahr (Norway) 4:29
4 Jonathan Copsey (United States) 4:58
5 Cesar Neira Perez (Spain)
6 Jiri Jezek (Czech Republic)
7 Jiri Bouska (Czech Republic)
8 David Calmon (France) all s.t.
9 Gianluca Fantoni (Italy) 5:01
10 Jeffrey Scott Martin (United States) s.t.
11 Oliver Kempel (Germany) 5:04
12 Leonel Solis (Costa Rica) 00:10:39
13 Sebastien Bouchard (Canada) -2 laps
14 Nikita Nagnibedov (Russia) -2 laps
DNF Sergey Pudov (Russia)
Men C5, 83 km
1 Michael Gallagher (Australia) 1:57:19
2 Elia Botosso (Italy) at 2:25
3 Yehor Dementyev (Ukraine) 2:34
4 Alistair Donohoe (Australia) s.t.
5 Damien Severi (France) 2:45
6 Johan Ballatore (France) 4:09
7 Rafael Silman (Brazil) 4:35
8 Cedric Ramassamy (France) 4:44
9 Bastiaan Gruppen (Netherlands) 4:45
10 Soelito Gohr (Brazil) 5:15
11 Jose Diego Jara Vidal (Spain)
12 Edwin Fabian Matiz Ruiz (Colombia) both s.t.
13 Wolfgang Eibeck (Austria) 5:18
14 Pierpaolo Addesi (Italy) 5:25
15 Carlos Mario Aricila (Colombia) 5:27
16 Pavel Komotskiy (Russia) 6:20
Women C4, 66.4 km
1 Susan Powell (Australia) 1:43:01
2 Alexandra Green (Australia)
3 Megan Fisher (United States) both s.t.
4 Tetyana Stiajkina (Ukraine) 11:28
5 Roxanne Burns (South Africa) - 4 laps
DNF Marie-Claude Molnar (Canada)
Women C1, 49.8 km
1 Jayme Richardson (Australia) 1:50:40
Women C2, 49.8 km
1 Allison Jones (United States) 1:31:15
2 Raquel Acinas Poncelas (Spain) at 2:59
Women C3, 49.8 km
1 Jamie Whitmore Cardenas (United States) 1:31:15
2 Simone Kennedy (Australia) at 6:20


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