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August 31/13 6:26 am - Mountain Bike World Championships: Women's XC Updates

Posted by Editoress on 08/31/13

A Beautiful sunny morning in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.  47 women will take the start today.


After rain last night course is in best shape of the week - dust is down, trail feels not as slippery -  at least in the open, but the rain will have made the rocky sections in the dark under the trees a bit slippery.  Beautiful sunny day, around 20C, bit of a breeze.


See our preview from earlier in the week.


The #1 rider Sabine Spitz broke her collarbone in training and will not start.


Crowds are  building well, a lot were here early for the DH timed session to watch Greg Minnaar, but are staying around to watch the XC.

Steve Smith set down the best time for during the timed session earlier today.


Watch Live  HERE


Women will do 6 full laps of the course - no start loop.


The lead moto driver knows the course well:  has driven every race in Masters and these Worlds - except for the one he raced in.  For that one he drove the race before, raced his race and then got back on the moto for the next race.


Canada has a large sqaud:  Emily Batty, Catharine Pendrel (Canada), Andréanne Pichette, Sandra Walter, Mikaela Kofman


Lap 1

 Up the first climb Katrin Leumann (Switzerland) leads Eva Lechner (Italy), Tanja Zakelj (Slovenia), Kathrin Stirnemann (Switzerland), Julie Bresset (France) all just a long long line


Sandra walter and Amdanda sin were involved in a crash at the start.


1/2 way round and it is Lechner and Leumann leading

Catharine Pendrel (Canada) sitting 14th, Emily Batty 18th,

No real seperation yet, still  a long line of riders.


Pendrel has gone down but gets back up quickly


Bressett now in the lead followed by Eva Lechner (Italy), Maja Wloszczowska (Poland) Tanja Zakelj (Slovenia) Katerina Nash (Czech Republic)  Esther Süss (Switzerland) and they have asmall  gap over chasers


Lap 2

6:48 am ET

Heading out:  Bresset, Lechner, Wloszczowska,  Zakelj, Nash and Engen


Next group is at 20s

Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation), Kathrin Stirnemann (Switzerland),

Lea Davison (United States of America), Pendrel 10th at 30s

Batty 17th at 42s

Kofman 26th

Pichette 29th

Sin 32nd

Walter 41st


1/2 way round  655 am ET

Bresset, , Wloszczowska,  Lechner, Engen,Nash, and Zakelj

7 Irina Kalentieva at 6s, 8 Stirnemann 11s

9 Esther Süss (Switzerland) 20s

Pendrel 10th at 27

Batty  16th at 48s


Lechner goes down HARD!  on the logs with just over a km to go to the finishline

She is up but her day is done.....


Lap 3

7:04 am

Bresset, Wloszczowska and Zakelj now have a 6s lap on Irina Kalentieva and Engen


Nash 6th at 13s

Suss 7th at 16s

Stirnemann 8th at 17s

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Norway) 9th at 43

Davison 10th 43s

Pendrel 11th at 46s

Batty 15th at 1:18

Kofman 21st at 1:57

Sin 27th


Walter has had a mechanical

7:14 am ET


1/2 way round the 3rd lap and Bresset leading Wloszczowska by 1 s. Engen at 2s, Zakelj 3s and Suss on her wheel, Kalentieva 6th at 5s

7th and 7th are Nash and Stirnemann at 14s

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Norway) 9th at 25s

Davison 10th at 36s

Pendrel 11th at 48s

Batty 15th at 1:20


7:19 am

Wloszczowska and Zakelj have dropped Bresset



Wloszczowska leading and Zakelj has crashed hard while chasing


Lap 4 start   7:22 am ET

Wloszczowska leading Breset by 4s. Suss 3rd at 16s, 4 Kalentieva 18s

Engen 5th at 26s

Stirnemann 6th at 41s

Pendrel has crashed again in the Treehouse and sitting 15th at 2:04 back


7:31 am - Half way round and Wloszczowska leading Bresset by 1s

Suss 3rd at 29s

Kalentieva 4th at 32s

Engen 5th at 44s

Zakelj 6th at 50s

Davison 10th at 1:35

Batty 16th at 2:45

Pendrel 17th at 2:48


Lap 5 start - 2 to go

7:38 am


Bresset leading Wloszczowska

Suss 3rd at 35s, Kalentieva 4th at 36s

Engen 5th at 1m

Zakelj 6th at 1:01

Dahle Flesja 7th at 1:34

Davison 9th at 2:08

Batty 16th at 3:23

Pendrel 19th at 3:47


1/2 way round 7:47 am ET

Still Bresset and Wloszczowska battling it out in front

Kalentieva 3rd at 23s

Suss 4th at 29s

Zakelj 5th at 59s

Engen 6th at 1m

Dahle Flesja 7th at 1:47


Batty 17th at 3:56

Pendrel 19th at 4:34


7:55 am

Wloszczowska attacks just B4 Treehouse and has a small gap at the bottom


Lap 6 - LAST LAP

Still Bresset and Wloszczowska as they head out for the last lap

Suss back into 3rd at 25s, Kalentieva 4th at 34s

5th  Tanja Zakelj  59s

6 Engen

7 Stirnemann

8  Dahle Flesjaa

9 Davison

10 Lechner


 8:05 am ET - 1/2 way round

Bresset and Wloszczowska still together

Suss 3rd at 27s

Kalentieva 4th at 41s

5th  Tanja Zakelj  1:04


1 Km to go and Bresset at the front


Bresset has opened a gap as they go through TreeHouse rocks


Bresset Wins and repeats as World Champ



1    Julie Bresset (France)    1:42:54
2    Maja Wloszczowska (Poland)    at 0:05
3    Esther Süss (Switzerland)    1:06
4    Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation)    1:29
5    Tanja Zakelj (Slovenia)    2:03





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