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August 31/13 8:59 am - Mountain Bike World Championships: Men's XC Updates

Posted by Editoress on 08/31/13

Men are ready to start

After rain last night course is in best shape of the week - dust is down, trail feels not as slippery -  at least in the open, but the rain will have made the rocky and rooty sections in the dark under the trees a bit slippery.  Beautiful sunny day, around 20C, bit of a breeze.


See our preview from earlier in the week.


75 riders on the startline for today's 7 laps of the 4.7 km course


Specialized doing very brisk business with 'I Ride for Burry' t-shirts, lots of people wearing them.  Proceeds to Burry's foundation.


Julian Absalon had two big crashes - Tuesday in the rock garden, broke his bike.  Thursday a "stupid mistake", over the bars hit ribs pretty hard.  He says been getting lots of physio and much better, but makes Nino look even more unbeatable.


Lap 1

And the Swiss at the front as they head out


Up the climb and it is Nino Schurter (Switzerland) and Fabian Giger (Switzerland) leading


Australia's Daniel Mcconnell (Australia) crashed at the start and has injured his leg - maybe torn on the fence

He's up and  will continue on


1/2 way round


Still a long long line, but at the front are the Swiss riders Schurter (defending World Champ) and Giger.

Max Plaxton (Canada) sitting 21st 31s back

Geoff Kabush (Canada) 23rd at 33s

Cameron Jette (Canada) 47th 1:13


Manuel Fumic (Germany) crashes at TreeHouse rock garden


Lap 2

starting the 2nd lap

Schurter leading with José Antonio Hermida Ramos (Spain) at 10s, Giger on his wheel.

4 Henrique Avancini (Brazil) also

Kabush 19th

Plaxton 36th

Gagne 42nd

Jette  48th



1/2 way round - 9:20 am

Schurter still hammering at teh front

2 Hermida at 7s

3 Giger at 10s

4 Maxime Marotte (France) at 15s

5 Manuel Fumic (Germany) at 16s

9 Julien Absalon at 28s

Kabush 20th at 1:03

Plaxton 36th at 1:41

Gagne 41st at 1:55

Derek Zandstra 46th

Cam Jette 47th


Lap 3/7   9:28 am ET

Schurter heads out with a gap of 7s on Hermida and 10 s on Giger

4 Fumic at 16s

5 Marotte s.t.

6 Ondrej Cink (Czech Republic) 31s

7 Julien Absalon (France) 32s

8 Miguel Martinez (France)  s.t.

9 Florian Vogel (Switzerland)  33s

10 Moritz Milatz (Germany)  34s

22 Kabush 1:31

34 Plaxton  2:05



9:35 am - 1/2 way round

Schurter, Hermeida at 8s, Giger at 10s, Fumic at 15s


Absalon is riding with broken ribs after crashing during training earlier in the week (see above)


Nino trash talking on his site before the start, saying course too easy...

Lap 4/7  start 9:42 am
Schurter w. Hermida at 5s
Fumic at 19s, Marotte 28s, Giger 35s



9:50 am - 1/2 way round


Schurter w. Hermida at 7 s

3 Fumic at 21s, 4 Marotte 35s, 5 Cink 48s, 6 Giger 52s, 7 Absalon 57s

24 Kabush

36 Gagne

37 Plaxton


Lap 5/7 start  9:56 am

Schurter heads out having opened the gap to Hermida to 17s, and Fumic is closing the gap to 2nd now at 22s, 4 Marotte 42s, 5 Milatz 1:14, 6 Cink s.t.

25 Kabush



Fumic has caught Hermida up the climb


1/2 way 10:03 am ET

Schurter continues to open the gap to 2nd.  Fumic and HeErmida together at 24s back

4 Marotte 49s, 5 Milatz 1:24

26 Kabush 3:45


Fumic gaps Hermida at the TreeHouse rock garden


Lap 6/7 start

10:12 am ET

Schurter heads out on the 2nd last lap with a gap of 21s on Fumic and 23s on Hermida

4 Marotte 49s,

5 Milatz 1:33,

6 Absalon 1:34

24 Stephen Ettinger (USA)at 4:14

26 Kabush at 4:15


10:18 am ET


Schurter hits the halfway mark w. a 23s gap on Fumic and 29s on Hermida

4 Marotte 53s

5 Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic) 1:35

6 Ondrej Cink (Czech Republic) 1:38

25 Ettinger

26 Kabush


Last Lap


Schurter starts the last lap with a gap of 22s on Fumic, 3 Hermida at 28s, 4 Marotte 50s

Kulhavy seems to have found his 2nd wind and heads out on the last lap in 5th spot with a deficit of 1:30


1/2 lap to go - Schurter has 23s on Fumic, 3 Hermida at 32s, 4 Marotte 54s, 5 Kulhavy 1:31


Schurter goes down in the dust on a corner, but this will reduce his lead over Fumic



1    Nino Schurter (Switzerland)    1:40:17
2    Manuel Fumic (Germany)    at 0:07
3    José Antonio Hermida Ramos (Spain)    0:21
4    Maxime Marotte (France)    0:53
5    Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic)    1:17






Course Map



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