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December 14/13 18:50 pm - Canadian Cyclist Gift Guide - Day 7

Posted by Editoress on 12/14/13

Who hasn't thought of getting a jump on the season by going somewhere warm(er) during the winter? Heading south with your bike, getting some of those base miles in... it would make a great Christmas gift, so that is why we are suggesting it for Day 7 of the Canadian Cyclist Christmas Guide.

There are many options, starting with just taking your bike with you for spring break. However, the biggest problems with that approach are that you don't know the terrain where you are going - the best quiet roads or coolest trails - and there is no one to ride with.

Another option is a cycling camp. These can run the whole gamut from basic accommodation with ride routes provided, to all-exclusive VIP packages, often with pro riders in attendance. You can go to places like Italy or Mallorca, but if your goal is to get the miles in, then a camp in the southern U.S. can work just as well. Plus, your flight will be a lot shorter, or you could even drive.

Arizona is a popular choice; many Canadian pros head down there as well. Tucson in particular is almost a southern cycling outpost for Canadians. One option is the Cycling House - they offer fully supported base mile camps on an almost weekly basis from January through April. They also offer camps in Mallorca and Italy.  see Destinations

Another possibility is the Alabama Cycling Camp run by Canada's Aldo Sfalcin, which run from February to early April. July to September, they offer altitude camps in Colorado as well.

Of course, you can also stay in Canada, by heading to the west coast. Pacific Cycling Centre in Victoria runs a camp each month in January, February and March, led by former national and Olympic coach Houshang Amiri. They often include pros such as Erinne Willock and Max Plaxton. You can get more information Here.

As we settle into the winter, it is wonderful to think about the options for a break from the cold and slush...


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