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December 16/13 18:31 pm - Canadian Cyclist Christmas Gift Guide - Day 9

Posted by Editoress on 12/16/13

Today is the ninth and penultimate day of the Canadian Cyclist Christmas Gift Guide.  Each day we have tried to offer you specific gift ideas for the cyclist(s) on your list, and today we are going with pumps.PHOTO

Every cyclist needs a pump, and it pays to get a good one that will provide reliable service and accurately reach the pressure required.  Live to Play Sports, through their house brand Axiom, introduces the Axiom Annihilateair G200LE floor pump (right).  With an aluminum base and barrel, this unit will not wear out, unlike cheaper plastic units.  The dual valve head works for both Schraeder and Presta fittings, and includes a precision bleed valve for tubleless tires.  Good to 200 psi.  MSRP $120.


Another higher end pump is the Lezyne Alloy Digital Drive floor pump (left), distributed by Cycles Lambert, and with a MSRP of $129.99.  This hi-tech unit comes with a digital gauge and a varnished wooden handle.  It is compatible with both Schraeder and Presta valves and includes an air bleed system.  Good to 220 psi.
















A less expensive option is the Blackburn Air Tower 3 (left), distributed by Outdoor Gear Canada, and with a MSRP of $65.  The all steel construction ensures durability, and it works with both Schraeder and Presta valves.  Good to 165 psi.





















Leaving floor pumps, there are many, many options of hand pumps for carrying on a ride.  Despite their small size, these pumps offer truly impressive performance.  They are usually differentiated between Road (high pressure) and Mountain (high volume).

Specialized offers a very nice kit for on-the-road use.  The Starter Kit includes the EMT Pro Road tire levers, and Air Toll Flex road pump, a Mini Wedgie seat bag to hold the levers and an alloy Zee bottle cage.  Add a spare tube and a water bottle and you are all set.  The MSRP (without the spare tube or water bottle) is $80.


The Specialized Air Tool pumps are also available individually, and are small enough to fit in a back pocket or be clipped to a frame.  The top of the line mountain bike model is the Double Barrel (below), which is all metal and, because it pumps on both portions of the stroke, can fill large volume tires quickly.  MSRP $40, including a mountain bracket.  There are lots of other models available, both for Road and Mountain.


From Axiom (Norco) there are is the Blastair line, all CNC'd aluminum for durability and available in four models of varying sizes.  They have locking levers to ensure a good connection to the valve and work with either Schraeder or Presta mounts.  MSRPs between $45 and $50, including a mountain bracket.



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