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July 30/00 11:46 am - Expert Saskatchewan CC Results

Posted by Editor on 07/30/00

Canada Cup XC #3 - Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Expert results

Under 13 Male - 1 lap
1Seib, MichaelSkDoug's/NBR0:23:54
2Urton, WilliamSkRock'n Road CCat 0:01:33
3Kapustinksy, RobSkFresh Air Exp0:02:22
4Bensen, PaulMbKids of Mud0:02:23
5Butler, JordanSk0:05:23
6Karnes, PhilipSkNorthern Bush Rastas0:07:53
7Shaw, EthenSk0:10:42
Under 15 Male - 1 lap
1Wiser, BrennenSkRock'n Road CC0:21:23
2Walker, MattSkBruce's Cycleat 0:00:04
3Benson, JonMbKids of Mud0:02:12
4Morka, AdamMbA & L Cycle & Ski0:02:37
5Duggleby, ScottSkRock'n Road CC0:06:07
6Brooks, DaveSk0:06:40
Urton, AndrewSkRock'n Road CCdnf
Under 15 Female - 1 lap
1Bunnin, AndreaSkNorthern Bush Rastas0:25:37
2Case, KylieMbOlympiaat 0:07:00
Under 17 Male Expert - 3 laps
1Coates, AdamSkSoBe/Cannondale1:20:28
2Kerr, BradleySkDutch Cycle/Kona/OffRat 0:05:25
3Boucher, CabrelMb0:06:41
4Wiser, BrodieSkRock'n Road0:11:59
5Hildebrand, ColeMb0:16:29
6Johnston, Evan0:19:22
8Frombach, AaronSkOffRoad Syndicate0:19:28
7Britton, RobSkOffRoad Syndicate0:19:28
Sacher, SeanSkKona/Dougs/NBRdnf
Tkachuk, GrahamSkFresh Air Exp/Trekdns
Wallace, CoryAbFreewheel Cycle/Konadns
Winters, RichardSkindependentdns
Senior Male Expert - 4 laps
1Kaulins, RonMbA & L Cycle2:01:04
2Fitzgerald, DarcySkBruce's Cycleat 0:02:15
3Tomczak, DanielSkOffRoad Syndicate0:09:31
4Zetterstrom, CorySkNorthern Bush Rastas0:09:57
5Lawford, MikeAbPedalheald Bicycleworks0:11:13
6Forrest, CorySkJuggy Gale Racing0:15:46
7Clark, FrancisSkCycledelia0:17:04
8Campbell, BrockSkBruce's Cycle0:18:46
9Hopkin, TrevorSkKona/Dutch/Champ Nutr0:19:30
10McMaster, DerekSkPavers0:27:38
11Shields, BrianAbHeadwinds0:42:49
Boyko, RockySkGene's Cyclednf
Bouwmeester, MichaelAbOGC/Fisherdnf
Brassard, JoeySkRock'n Road CCdns
Gervais, JaredAbdns
Johns, GeoffAbSoma Cycledns
Senior Female Expert - 3 laps
1Morris, SarahSkOuttabounds/OffRd1:39:05
2Boyko, RiaSkGene's Cycleat 0:01:56
Hood, ShannonSkCycledeliadnf
Master 30-39 Male Expert - 4 laps
1Rendall, ReeceOnScary Fast/Mavic2:01:30
2Hedstrom, NewellSkBike Dr/Cycledeliaat 0:02:09
3Achten, GregAbBow Cycle/Cyclemeisters0:06:18
4Miller, Scot0:07:16
5Hawboldt, BobSkCycledelia0:11:24
6St. Denis, LukBCOlympic Cycle & Ski0:14:00
7Hambleton, BrentAbBici Sport0:14:48
8McIntyre, MikeSkOffRoad Syndicate0:14:52
9Charuk, MikeBC0:16:14
10Grundahl, JasonSkTMC/RCC0:23:56
11Shaw, DeanSkBike Dr.0:29:45
12Wessel, ClifAb0:35:51
Curry, ChrisSkOffRoad Syndicate1:07:14
Hoffman, BarrySkOffRoad Syndicatednf
Mateika, StaceyMbA & L Cyclednf
Berd, DanielAbBici Sportdnf
McKee, GregSkBike Doctordnf
Carriere, DeanMbdnf
Master 30-39 Female Expert - 3 laps
1Baldwin, SusanneMbOlympia Cycle & Ski1:48:05
2Bladyko, SusanSkRegina Cycle Clubat 0:10:37
Master 40+ Male Expert - 3 laps
1Routley, TonyBCRocky Mtb/Basic Sports1:21:28
2Duke, EugeneBCAirbomb.comat 0:03:13
3Caron, BrentSkOffRoad Syndicate0:11:41
4Dearing, Gary0:17:01
5Kinash, BillSkKona/OffRoad0:18:11
6Smith, GrahamAbUnlimited bike Club0:21:59
7Bunnin, CarlSkCycledelia/Doug's0:22:08
8Lewis, RandySkOffRoad Syndicate0:23:23
Urton, HerbertSkRock'n Road Cycle Clubdns


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