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July 30/00 11:47 am - Sport/Citizen Saskatchewan CC Results

Posted by Editor on 07/30/00

Canada Cup XC #3 - Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Sport and Citizen results

Under 17 Male Sport - 2 laps
1Stadnyk, JustinMbKids of Mud1:07:27
2Connolly, CaileanSkat 0:08:26
3Halstead, KyleSkNorthern Bush Rastas0:09:48
Under 17 Female Sport - 1 lap
1Menard, EliseMb0:38:24
Junior Male Sport - 3 laps
1Sokalofsky, JaredSkOffRoad Syndicate1:29:41
2Leibel, RyanSkOffRoad Syndicateat 0:02:58
3Dolinka, PeterMbOlympia Cycle & Ski0:03:00
4Stachura, DamianAbSports Shack Croakers0:09:32
5Butler, ChristopherSk0:14:38
6Van Ginneken, JaySkOffRoad Syndicate0:22:20
7Terhost, RobertMbTread the Thunder0:37:53
Osiowy, MichaelSkOffRoad SyndicateDNF
Froehlich, MattskDNF
Ashcroft, KevinMbA & LDNF
McEwen, BlairSkOffRoad SyndicateDNF
Kindrat, BrianMbTread the ThunderDNF
Blanchard, EdmondMbDNF
Senior Male Sport - 3 laps
1Neff, PeterAb1:23:31
2Humenny, PatrickMbAlter Ego Sportsat 0:06:15
3Hubbard, StephenAbPedalHead racing0:07:28
4Sigurdur, DallasMbAlter Ego Sports0:07:50
5Dyck, DavidSkEstevan CC0:08:54
6Wirtz, RobSkOffRoad Syndicate0:10:35
7Hoffman, ClaytonAbSoma Cycle0:12:13
8Clarke, NeilSkBruce's Cycle Works0:14:50
9Nolan, EarlAb0:16:36
10Castle, RyanAbHeadwinds0:20:50
11Peters, JonMbOlympia0:26:50
12Ewanuk, RobertAb0:28:37
13Bitschy, DaveSkOffRoad Syndicate0:29:50
14Borne, RobSkPavers0:30:44
15Cornish, SteveSk0:42:57
Yeo, ChrisSkNorthern Bush Rastasdnf
Ziegler, ScottSkNorth West Mtb Clubdnf
Archbutt, PaulMbdnf
Kuntz, ColinSkRocky Mtbdns
Undseth, CodyAbWestern Cycle/Vertigodns
Senior Female Sport - 2 laps
1McSherry, KarinMbAlter Ego Sports1:07:21
2Humenny, NaomiMbAlter Ego Sports1:09:02
3Musyj, EricaSkBruce's Cycle1:19:28
4Tournier, DawnSkCycledelia1:19:37
5Luu, CarmenAb1:21:19
Master 30-39 Male Sport - 3 laps
1Harich, AndrewAbEurotech1:27:16
2Livingston, MichaelBoliviaCumbreat 0:03:22
3Taylor, ScottSk0:05:19
4Mcivor, RussSkOffRoad Syndicate0:08:48
5Reid, JimSkBruce's Cycle0:11:39
6Baalim, GaltSkOffRoad Syndicate0:13:12
7Korpan, JamesSkOffRoad Syndicate0:17:51
8Dickin, ScottSk0:20:54
9Ricci, EdSkOffRoad/Yellow Pages0:22:27
10Larson, EricSkNorthern Bush Rastas0:24:05
11Treidler, CraigMbOlympia Cycle & Ski0:24:05
12Couillard, PaulSk0:24:49
13Nichollls, MikeSkOffRoad Syndicate0:27:14
14Tilitzky, GarrySkMoose Jaw Pavers0:31:13
15Anderson, PhilipSkOffRoad Syndicate0:37:25
16Kirchberger, PeterSk0:45:17
17Hamilton, ThomasSkOffRoad Syndicate0:50:59
18Rutledge, ToddSk0:55:27
19Harasen, PaulSkOffRoad Syndicate1:05:59
Kullman, BrianSkEurotech Cyclednf
Wells, ShawnAbdns
Rose, StuartSkOffRoad Syndicatedns
Master 30-39 Female Sport - 2 laps
1Reid, BrendaSk1:27:08
2Curry, CherylSkOffRoad Syndicateat 0:08:23
Master 40+ Male Sport - 2 laps
1Seward, RickBC1:06:01
2Favreau, RonSkRock'n Road CCat 0:06:21
3MacDonald, MicSk0:20:20
4Stadnyk, TomMbKids of Mud0:21:14
5Milligan, WardSk0:28:07
Keats, SamuelSkdns
Under 17 Male Citizen - 1 lap
1Schaefer, JeffSkindependent0:31:11
2Cloutre, BrennenSkat 0:08:48
Under 17 Female Citizen - 1 lap
1Kulhavy, JennaMbTread the Thunder0:51:56
Junior Male Citizen - 2 laps
1Hetherington, ChrisSk1:23:48
2Acton, MattSkat 0:20:00
Roy, DaneSkdnf
Senior Female Citizen - 1 lap
1Plante, AmandaSk0:52:34
2Fatteicher, CrystalSkat 0:03:32
Carleton, AbbySkdnf
Master Male Citizen - 2 laps
1Reece, MichaelSk1:13:39
2Hawboldt, TomSkNorth West Mtb Clubat 0:04:43
Master Female Citizen - 1 lap
1Stronge, JenBC0:37:01
2Guy, MarthaSkat 0:25:53


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