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August 7/00 6:32 am - Canmore Canada Cup XC Expert Results

Posted by Editor on 08/7/00

Devonian Properties Cactus Cup/Canada Cup - Canmore, Alberta

Expert Results

Master Expert Male (40+)
1Routley, TonyRocky Mtn/Basic Sports Nutrition01:43:00.91
2Duke, EugeneAirbomb.com01:47:06.09
3Magee, StanBecisport01:47:44.16
4Boorman, BobYukon Cycling Team01:52:27.74
5Froehler, GarryCutline Cruisers01:59:21.32
6Patitucci, Dave02:00:04.21
7Lemon, Pete02:00:05.84
8Smith, GrahamUnlimited/Devonian02:02:53.55
9Breau, ClaudeBicisport02:13:40.31
10Skinner, PaulGT02:15:28.83
Burland, DougDN:F : .
Master Expert Female (30-39)
1Nelson, MonicaHardcore MTB Club01:33:34.98
2Lambert, Sue01:34:37.51
3Licis, LisaSports Shack Croakers01:37:18.23
4Mattson, ShelleySoma Cycle01:42:38.06
5Pickering, RobinCove Bike Shop01:45:05.72
6Hansen, Treena01:50:15.71
Senior Expert Female
1Pollard, NancyCafé Racers02:10:43.29
2Macht, SuzanneBarton Insurance/Olympia Cycle & Ski02:18:29.52
3Hood, ShannonCycledelia02:26:18.95
4Boyko, RiaGene's Cycle02:28:28.48
5Austin, Nancy02:29:08.17
Master Expert Male (30-39)
1Hajdu, AttilaBoler Mtn-Missing Link01:48: .
2Wade, GaryKelowna Cycle/ OGC - Fish02:21:31.30
3Smith, RodCalgary Cycle02:25:38.62
4Bodkin, MatthewGiant/Schwalbe02:26:27.61
5Hedstrom, NewellBike Doctor02:28:28.48
6Rendall, ReeceScary Fast/Sportable02:28:58.92
7Williams, KevinBike Doktor Marin02:29:13.22
8Achten, Greg02:32:45.27
9Greenaway, ShaunRocky Mountain Bikes02:34:38.66
10De Gagne, LucWhistler Bike Co/Giant02:36:05.57
11McDonald, PhilERTC/River Valley Cycle02:37:07.75
12Walsh, CPEurotech02:38:03.51
13Bollard, Marc02:38:39.76
14Doyle, PatDeadgoat Racing02:39:10.74
15Bilous, Ken02:39:35.51
16Nelson, DavidHardcore MTB Racing02:39:45.18
17Tykwinski, Rik02:39:48.22
18Hambleton, BrentBicisport02:41:22.79
19Charuk, Mike02:41:37.94
20Rowlandson, TravisFreewheel Cycle02:42:10.67
21Irving, JohnTantavus Bike Shop02:43:08.72
22St-Denis, LucOlympia Cycle & Ski02:46:03.63
23Gasienica, Robert02:48:54.87
24Bierd, DanielBicisport02:50:27.27
25Voelker, Bruce02:54:12.29
26Dorey, GlennSteed Cycles02:57:13.34
27Dawe, MattBicisport02:57:22.58
28Moreau, CarlHeadwins03:10:09.33
Foley, DavidUnlimitedDN:F : .
Paradis, ClaytonPedalhead Racing TeamDN:F : .
Wessel, OliffTerrascafe RacingDN:F : .
Ewanchook, DaleTeam BrutusDN:S : .
Senior Expert Male
1Webster, MarkDeadgoat Racing02:28:39.68
2Lewis, JamieRocky Mountain02:31:43.14
3Kaulins, RonA&L Cycle02:32:42.27
4Williams, SeanOlympia Cycle & Ski02:34:02.00
5Shmiedge, KirkOGC Gary Fisher / Soma02:34:09.25
6Zagozewski, BrettOlympia Cycle02:34:11.01
7Ontkean, TravisCafé Racers02:34:41.01
8Bouwmeester, MichaelSoma Cycle02:36:55.22
9Lawford, Mike02:38:50.67
10Keats, JonathanPedalhead02:40:48.09
11Saffold, JoshuaStreet to Peak02:41:04.93
12Frisch, DaveRebound Cycle/Devonian02:41:39.89
13Sutton, Andre02:42:19.98
14Zayac, MarvinPedalhead Racing Club02:44:08.69
15Roberts, DaveSoma Cycle02:45:26.59
16Hayes, ShaneSimon's Bike Shop02:46:17.85
17Bjorge, AnthonyERTC/River Valley Cycle02:48:18.69
18Check, ChrisPedalhead02:49:37.41
19Taylor, ShawnHeadwinds02:52:17.52
20Ledrew, RandyUnlimited Bike Shop02:55:09.00
21Ginter, BrendanNorco02:57:05.08
Fawcett, BobRebound Cycle/DevonianDN:F : .
Fitzgerald, DarcyDN:F : .
Gervais, JaredThe Bike Shop/Rocky Mountain/Team Bike ShopDN:F : .
Williams, RandyDN:F : .
Duane, MyersTerras Café RacingDN:S : .
Froehler, NathanCutline CruisersDN:S : .
Under 17 Expert Male
1Coates, AdamSobe/Headshok01:40:10.17
2Wallace, Cory01:43:10.33
3Sieben, RyanUnited Cycle01:44:27.55
4Edgar, BrendanRocky Mountain/ Roach01:45:23.96
5West, TylerWild Willies01:45:50.20
6Kerr, ColinJohn Henry/De DBRF01:48:27.47
7Rupke, Brian01:48:39.82
8Wiser, BrodyRick01:49:58.07
9Lazarski, MarinSobe Headshock01:50:58.36
10Little, TaylorUnited Cycle01:55:39.49
11Kerr, BradleyDutch ORS01:59:19.53
12Eastmead, KeeganSports Shack Croakers02:00:52.47
Davidson, AndrewRickDN:F : .
Holland, EricRickDN:F : .
Kelly, ScottIonic BikesDN:F : .


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