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August 7/00 6:39 am - Canmore Cactus Cup Final GC

Posted by Editor on 08/7/00

Devonian Properties Cactus Cup/Canada Cup - Canmore, AlbertaFinal GC

Final GC

Junior Expert Male
No Entrants
Master Expert Male
1Bodain, MattBC14:45.30:0014:45.32:15:292:30:14
2De Gagne, LucBC15:39.90:0015:39.92:25:072:40:47
3Walsh, CPAB14:42.40:0014:42.42:27:052:41:47
4Doyle, PatAB16:26.20:0016:26.22:28:122:44:38
5Hajdu, AttilaON18:16.40:0018:16.42:43:413:01:57
Sr. Elite Male
1Ingham, RyanBC14:43.4-1:0013:43.42:36:562:50:39
2Christoffersson, NiclasAB14:45.4-2:0012:45.42:44:342:57:20
3Ward, DanielAB15:39.0-1:1514:24.03:18:573:33:21
4Wallace, WadeAB16:00.10:0016:00.13:17:563:33:56
dnfClifton, ChrisAB15:52.10:0017:52.1DNFDNF
Senior Expert Men
1Webster, MarkAB14:26.60:0014:26.62:15:412:30:08
2Bouwmeester, MichaelAB15:26.20:0015:26.22:23:562:39:23
3Saffold, JoshuaBC16:13.90:0016:13.92:28:062:44:20
4Hayes, ShaneBC15:29.50:0015:29.52:33:192:48:49
DNFFawcett, BobAB14:27.3-0:3013:57.3DNFDNF
DNFFitzgerald, DarcySK16:08.90:0016:08.9DNFDNF
Junior Female
1Tarlton, StephanieON21:28.10:0021:28.11:29:191:50:47
Master Expert Female
1Nelson, MonicaAB18:31.20:0018:31.21:23:351:42:06
Senior Elite Female
1Bisaro, KiaraBC17:21.7-1:3015:51.72:29:542:45:46
2Grain, GinaBC17:33.4-3:0014:33.42:33:302:48:03
3Yew, AnnAB17:50.3-1:0016:50.32:37:322:54:23
4Waldner, CharleneBC19:18.50:0019:18.52:42:223:01:41
5Mueller, MarleyCA18:31.6-0:4517:46.62:44:073:01:54
6Demars, JessicaAB18:31.3-0:3018:01.32:45:213:03:23
DNFHandford, MarthaAB19:26.30:0019:26.3DNFDNF
DNFButler, AmandaBC19:36.20:0019:36.2DNFDNF
Senior Expert Female
1Macht, SuzanneBC19:23.50:0019:23.52:04:302:23:54
2Boyko, RiaSK20:37.10:0020:37.12:14:292:35:06


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