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October 10/00 5:31 am - Shep Report, Victoria 'Cross, Birthdays, MS 8 Hours

Posted by Editor on 10/10/00

Shep Report

The season is over and now it's time to get fat! Last weekend I did the Cane Creek finals as a little prep for the Tour de Wolf in Memphis. The two events were not exactly high profile races but in my mind they were a chance to finish the season on high note, get some UCI points and hey the Memphis race gets some damn good coverage.

Both races were extremely fast averaging 15 miles an hour in Asheville and 18 in Memphis! Torn hamstrings were the number of the beast after both races. Led start to finish at the Cane Creek finals. Tour de Wolf was a different story though. Ryder (Hesjedal), Tinker (Juarez), (Steve) Tilford, (Bill) Hurley, Julian (Hine), (David) Irving, etc. would make this no easy walk in the park. The course consisted of climbs no longer than 30 seconds and the surface had actual rubber marks from skidding which showed how hard the ground was. From the gun Tilford attacked but with the speed so high and the winds blowing at 15 miles an hour there were no takers. The front was dominated by Ryder, Hurley, Julian and me with Tinker and 10 others in tow. Dry Ryder's back started to tweak after two laps so he decided to crack the group and taper it down to the players. Job well done as the group became Hurly, Tinker and me while Tilford maintained a 30 sec lead. One lap with these guys and I accelerated after Tilly. Each lap I brought it back by 15 seconds until I passed him with 10 minutes left in the race. No problem I thought as I headed into the single track but I should have known he would try something nasty (I remember being warned in 1995 by canadian mtn bike legend Warren Sallenbach about Tillies elbows). Buddy guy tries to pass me (absolute last second cut-throat style) going into the woods....doesn't get his wheel in front of mine so he leans and aims me for a big ass tree! Forget about that so I figure if I'm going down he's going down! As the tree came closer I jacked my bars towards his bike and threw all my weight into him thereby avoiding the tree that was going to cripple me, getting Tilly off my side and throwing us both into the bushes. He immediately started to swear, etc. and chase after me while I picked my bike up and sprinted for the win. A great show was then put on for the NORBA official but I kept the money, took home the good feelings and UCI points. Jullian cranked it in for fourth capping a good season while Bill ended up in 8th. Willow won both races as well and will head off to do the 24 hrs of Moab this weekend. Should be the last update until things are signed and sealed for next year!


Victoria Cyclo-cross
(courtesy Steve Lund)

The second race in the International Cycling Coaches Victoria Cyclo-Cross 2000 took place October 8 at the Juan de Fuca Velodrome. The course was very fast and very technical, featuring a lap on the wet track and a number of tight twists and turns on either pavement or wet grass every lap. Troy Woodburn took the early lead, but faded at the half way point allowing Dan MacDonald to take the lead which he held to the end. Troy held on to second spot ahead of Peter Odegaard. With a number of the top crossers absent, due to a local cyclist's wedding, Dan MacDonald's win moves into the overall lead for the series. Cross bikes prevailed, with 4 of the top 5 riders in the A Group on Cross Bikes this week.

The next race in the series will be on a newly modified course at the site of race #1, at the Princess Mary Restaurant in Victoria's inner harbor, on Sunday October 15. Full details can be found at

Victoria Cyclo-Cross 2000
Presented by Redline Bikes, The Bike Cellar, Physical Culture, Bicyclitis

A Group, 45 minutes plus 3 laps (Top 5 and top Vet*)
1 Dan MacDonald Basic Nutrition 56:36
2 Troy Woodburn Unattached 58:45
3 Peter Odegaard Kona 59:52
4 Drew MacKenzie Unattached 1:00:36
5 Chris Reid Unattached -1 lap
6 Murray Drew* Wheelers -2 laps

B Group, 30 minutes plus 3 laps(Top 5 and top Woman*)
1 Dan Molgat-Roy The Bike Cellar 41:38
2 Dave Mathews Unattached 42:14
3 Curtis Bowick ICC Devo 42:30
4 Martin Demidow Unattached 43:15
5 Emily Sandwith* ICC Devo 43:52

Happy Birthday To...

B.C. mountain / 'cross rider Carter Hovey (yesterday) and our own Tech. Editor Mike Badyk (today).

The 8 Hours Multiple Sclerosis Mountain Bike Team Relay - Paris, Ontario

September 10, 2000

Solo Men
PlaceTeam NameMember NameLapsTimeDNF
1Jason VinceJason Vince178:05
2Larry PollockLaurence Pollock168:07
3Brian PiebeBrian Piebe158:00
4Lone WolfRon Stadnik158:03
5Out On A Day PassWess Elliott158:21
6OutthereMike Taylor148:00*
7Larry DubeckiJeff Klunder148:00*
8Martin BurdettMarten Burdett128:05
9PetteShawn Pette128:35
10Special "K"Jeff Klunder118:00*
11Team Goat Cheese PizzaAdam Bradowka108:00
12The Screaming Carrots (2kpu)Murry Yazer108:10
13Tom NorrisTom Norris108:00*
14Blair EvansBlair Evans88:43
15Colin BaileyColin Bailey88:00*
16Paul StanburyPaul Stanbury78:00*
17The Screaming Carrots (Skippy)Trow Forstel78:00*
Solo Women
PlaceTeam NameMember NameLapsTimeDNF
1Sandra Macdonald Sandra Macdonald118:34
2 Person
PlaceTeam NameMember NameLapsTimeDNF
1Hardtail HoldoutsClif Vanclief
John Van Arragon
2Team Hardwood HillsJim Duffy
Jason Duffy
3Unrealistic AmbitionsDarren Murphy
Scott Hamilton
4Speed JunkiesSteve Stayner
David Parry
5Team StevensBob Stevens
Terry Stevens
6Marck2Marc Levesque
Mark Harvey
7YasurewhynotIan Maclean
Sarah Salvis
8Screamin Carrots (Smokin NuNu)Julig Kristo
Jay McWilliam
9One Hill To GoJason Parr
Glen Lambard
10Banana Bread PieAndrew Kieran
Chris Miller
11Two HazardousStephen Cole
Bruce Decker
4 Person
PlaceTeam NameMember NameLapsTimeDNF
1KHS Team #2Less Stater
Tim Jenkinson
Rob Mann
Chris Hanson
2Team ShockerTom Anderson
Paul Allan
Mike Sumsion
Phil Barnett
3Team Q DataKent Lem
Jamie Layfield
Freddy Carlberg
4KHS Team #1Stuart James
Craig Bongard
Darryl Aldworth
Shorri Downing
5Dupont WarriersDarryl Simpson
Mike Ferris
Kalvin Berack
Mike Bayless
6The SprocketsJennifer Lansdown
Jenny Thompson
David Vanderzone
Ludovic Boure
7Endo Mtb ClubKevin Haggith
Nigel Black
Scott Hmiel
Dave Zimmer
8Endo And The Face PlantsBrian Wickson
John Hasselbacher
Simon Heisch
Marcos Kroeker
9Martin's Bike ShopBrett Martin
Joe Virdiramo
Scott Hamilton
Troy Brown
10Kab BicyclingEric Robertson
Jay Teleford
Daniel Christie
Geordie Collins
11Slow PokesEric Lippert
Maggie Lippert
Jim Tsorlinis
Tom Goodbody
12No NameAndrew Feder
Doug Titsing
Carmina Alcantara
Richard Murray
13Rick And The GuysRick Chavkowski
Brian Boettcher
Brad Parker
Jim Wilson
14Mid Life CrisiesRoss Getsinger
Gary Turnbull
Gordon Ofield
Dan Viestin
15Pain SeekersAshleigh Dugard
Jennifer Maneatette
Paul Bassler
Dave Palladini
5-6 Person
PlaceTeam NameMember NameLapsTimeDNF
1Delhi Dirt Devels 1&2Kevin Hanselman
Chris Loftus
Greg Smith
Jason Brown
Jeff Brown
2Whit Pine Trail DogsTim Brown
Pat Houlahan
Derek Hamilton
Cheryl McDougall
Graham Edgar
3Wilts WarriorsCarla Pavao
Terry Wilson
Dennis Miskie
Greg Cullen
Shawn Willson
4888-CYCLE PSYCHOBlair Miskie
Otto Young
Thomas Lo
Gary Lee
Di Ming Nip
Brian Peebles

NOTE: A "*" in the DNF column means that the team did not complete a last lap after 05:00PM.


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