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February 11/17 12:25 pm - Challenge du Prince - Trophee de l'Anniversaire results, Walsh 5th

Posted by Editoress on 02/11/17

REsults from Challenge du Prince - Trophee de l'Anniversaire in Morocco

Taroudante to Taroudante, 125km
1 Umberto Marengo (ITA) Delio Gallina Colosio Eurofeed 2:51:01
2 Ahmed Galdoune (MAR) Delio Gallina Colosio Eurofeed at 0:15
3 Charlie Meredith (GBR) VC Toucy 0:20
4 Ahmet Orken (TUR) Torku Sekerspor
5 Edward Walsh (CAN) Canada National/RaceClean both s.t.
6 Bader Iferd (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sud 2:04
7 Derek Gee (CAN) Canada National/RaceClean 2:09
8 Ivan Balykin (RUS) Torku Sekerspor 2:10
9 Filippo Tagliani (ITA) Delio Gallina Colosio Eurofeed
10 Adam Jamieson (CAN) Canada National/RaceClean
11 Siim Kiskonen (EST) VC Toucy
12 Mario Meris (ITA) Delio Gallina Colosio Eurofeed 2:16
13 Ilyass Rabihi (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sud 2:53
14 Mattia De Mori (ITA) Delio Gallina Colosio Eurofeed
15 Matthias Legley (BEL) Naturablue Cycling Team 4:46
16 Vincent Louiche (FRA) VC Toucy 5:01
17 Jake Gray (IRL) VC Toucy
18 Fabian Kruschewski (GER) Team Embrace The World Cycling
19 Gaspar Mas Nicolau (ESP) Nice Cycling Team
20 Jérôme Pulidori (FRA) Nice Cycling Team 5:06
21 Frederik Volmerg (GER) Team Embrace The World Cycling 10:47
DNF Essaid Abelouache (MAR) Maroc National
DNF Mounir Makhchoun (MAR) Maroc National
DNF Lahcen Saber (MAR) Maroc National
DNF Soufiane Sahbaoui (MAR) Maroc National
DNF Cédric Jolidon (Fra) Nice Cycling Team
DNF Ryan Macanally (Fra) Nice Cycling Team
DNF Thomas Vaubourzeix (Fra) Nice Cycling Team
DNF Ahmet Akdilek (Rus) Torku Sekerspor
DNF Muhammet Atalay (TUR) Torku Sekerspor
DNF Feritcan Samli (TUR) Torku Sekerspor
DNF Fatih Keles (TUR) Torku Sekerspor
DNF Alessio Brugna () Delio Gallina Colosio Eurofeed
DNF Isiaka Cisse (CRI) Côte d`Ivoire National
DNF Abou Sanogo (CRI) Côte d`Ivoire National
DNF Karamoko Bamba (CRI) Côte d`Ivoire National
DNF Souleymane Traore (CRI) Côte d`Ivoire National
DNF Adama Yossi (CRI) Côte d`Ivoire National
DNF Kouame Faustin Dje (CRI) Côte d`Ivoire National
DNF Thomas Carter (NZL) Naturablue Cycling Team
DNF Julien Dechesne (BEL) Naturablue Cycling Team
DNF Johan Hemroulle (BEL) Naturablue Cycling Team
DNF Jérôme Kerf (BEL) Naturablue Cycling Team
DNF Rutger Roelandts (BEL) Naturablue Cycling Team
DNF Hicham Benouzza (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sud
DNF Mohsin Annachnach (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sud
DNF El Houcaine Sabbahi (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sud
DNF Zouhair Rahil (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sud
DNF Benjamin Stauder (GER) Team Embrace The World Cyclingng
DNF Peter Schermann (GER) Team Embrace The World Cyclingng
DNF Becaye Traore (CIV) Sénégal National
DNF Malik Thiam (SEN) Sénégal National
DNF Serigne Mbacke Gueye (SEN) Sénégal National
DNF Moustapha Diaw (SEN) Sénégal National
DNF Cheikh Fall (SEN) Sénégal National
DNF Jay Lamoureux (CAN) Canada National/RaceClean
DNF Bayley Simpson (CAN) Canada National/RaceClean
DNF Kurotimi Abaka (NIG) Nigeria National
DNF Afis Bakare (NIG) Nigeria National
DNF Shamsudeen Alhassan (NIG) Nigeria National
DNF Tersugwe Samuel Fasema (NIG) Nigeria National
DNF Nelson Bassey (NIG) Nigeria National
DNF Robert Orr (GBR) Brother NRG DriverPlan Cycling Team
DNF Jacob Tipper (GBR) Brother NRG DriverPlan Cycling Team
DNF Robert Smail (GBR) Brother NRG DriverPlan Cycling Team
DNF Richard Jones (GBR) Brother NRG DriverPlan Cycling Team
DNF Jack Taylor (GBR) Brother NRG DriverPlan Cycling Team
DNF Richard Haughton (GBR) Brother NRG DriverPlan Cycling Team
DNF Eugène Richardot (FRA) VC Toucy
DNF Mathieu Beauchaud (FRA) VC Toucy
DNF CLenne Morvan Moulingui (GAB) Gabon National
DNF Franso Raël Ndzaou (GAB) Gabon National
DNF Cédric Tchouta (GAB) Gabon National
DNF Geoffrois Ngandamba (GAB) Gabon National
DNF Paul Maroga Mouckoda Jr (GAB) Gabon National
DNF Reda Aadel (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sahara
DNF Hassan Amahzoune (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sahara
DNF Taoufik Aghad (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sahara
DNF Othmane El Afi (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sahara
DNF Haitam Gaiz (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sahara
DNF Lahcen Sabbahi (MAR) Equipe Régionale Sahara
DNS Salaheddine Mraouni (MAR) Maroc National
DNS Lucas Carstensen (GER) Team Embrace The World Cyclingng
DNS Micha Glowatzki (GER) Team Embrace The World Cyclingng
DNS Moussa Ndiaye (SEN) Sénégal National
DNS Aidan Caves (CAN) Canada National/RaceClean
DNS Léris Moukagni (GAB) Gabon National


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