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October 29/00 11:05 am - Borden & Hay Creek 'Cross Results

Posted by Editor on 10/29/00

Borden and Hay Creek 'Cross - Ontario
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

Camp BordenOctober 22/00
SENIOR MEN6 laps of 4 km circuit
1Josh HallTrue North1:05:52
2Peter MorseKiro/TREK1:07:32
3Jeff WeberGears1:08:24
4Christian HansenKHS1:08:30
5Ryan Roth (Junior)Woodstock1:10:18
6John BarnesIndependent1:10:19
7Tom SkinnerBike Depot1:11:15
8Alex VaughanBikes on Wheels1:12:10
9Brook McArthurBike Depot1:13:10
10Robert MannKHS1:13:55
11Colin CampbellInd.1:14:31
12Andrew CroutchTrike1:15:53
13Matt KingsInd.1:17:25
14Brad EadesRocky Mountainat 1 lap
15Matt ChaterNewmarket Eaglesat 1 lap
16Enrico TrainiMBRCat 1 lap
17Ben AysonMBRCat 1 lap
18Reed RussellUxbridgeat 1 lap
19Jackson 1 lap
20Dave CurrieCobourgat 1 lap
21Dieter LaskeSpokesat 1 lap
MASTER A6 laps of 4 km circuit
1Scott BuschlenBrampton C.C.1:10:38
2Gregor KosiackiPolonus1:15:00
3Brian PedersonWaterloo Flying Dogs1:15:59
4Ian StarkeIndependent1:16:20
5Chris PatonMBRC1:16:49
6Stephan LatourWaterloo F. 1 lap
7Scott DoelKHSat 1 lap
8Stuart GreenSt. Catharines 1 lap
9Dave DanylewichIndependentat 1 lap
10Martin KeopsCycle Paluich ?at 1 lap
11Dean 1 lap
12Nigerl Moo 1 lap
WOMEN5 laps of 4 km circuit
1Leigh HobsonIndependent56-37
2Larissa PelletterioInd. (Alberta)1-00-06
3Tara MulderKiro1-06-29
4Helena Coney (Junior)Newmarket Eagles1-07-20
5Diana JonesTrail Hogsat 1 lap
6Kim SudermanFly Gurlzat 1 lap
7Cydney GilbraithKonaat 1 lap
8Barb BrzezickiFly Gurlzat 1 lap
JUNIOR5 laps of 4 km circuit
1Andrew WatsonIndependent53:08
2James KrieckWaterloo Flying Dogs53:29
3Steve AmosInd.57:54
4Kyle Rothwell Ziggy’s C.C.1:02:16
CADET5 laps of 4 km circuit
1Ryan De BoerMBRC1:06:18
MASTER B/C/D5 laps of 4 km circuit
1BRandy BrownHamilton C.C.53:48
2B Rob CheskeyHamilton C.C.55:10
3BGlen LaycockIndependent55:29
4BGordon ClarkeNewmarket Eagles59:50
5B ?Paul SkinnerBike Depots.t.
6CBrenton ElmoreNewmarket Eagles1:02:16
7CRobert GilbraithInd.1:04:50
8BJohn EastonNewmarket Eagles1:06:00*
9BPeter 1 lap
10CFrank MorrowHamilton 1 lap
11CJohn VandervelzenNewmarket Eaglesat 1 lap
12DHarold OsborneHamilton 1 lap
13CEd 1 lap
Hay CreekOctober 29/00
1 Lap Handicap TTTimeHandicapFinal Time
1Paul SkinnerBike Depot5:430:405:03
2Dan SkinnerBike Depot5:115:11
3Randy BrownHamilton C.C.6:040:335:31
4Andrew WatsonBike Depot5:365.36
5Tom SkinnerBike Skinner5:375:37
6Martin LazaiskiSobey’s/Headshox5.535.53
7Harold OsborneHamilton C.C.7:371:236:14
8Ryan De BoerMBRC6:386:38
9Frank MorrowHamilton C.C.7:240:376:47
10Gerry HubersInd.7:070:077:00
11Peter SchoutenInd.8:058:05
12Brad McarthurMBRC8:078:07
13Phil RenaudBrantford Cyclepath8:160:055:11
SENIOR MEN11 laps of 2.5 km circuit
1Josh HallJet Fuel / True North1:00:34
2Jeff WeberGears1:01:09
3Peter MorseTrek / Kiro1:02:05
4Michael DenisIndependent1:04:02
5Brook McArthurBike Depot1:06:49
6Matt PattersonOGC / Gary Fisher1:06:30
7Robert MannKHS1:06:44
8Chris PatonMBRCat 1 lap
9Piers DavidgeMBRCat 1 lap
10Andrew HickmanMBRCat 1 lap
11Colin CampbellIndependentat 1 lap
12Greg Cavanagh (Master A)MBRCSee MA result
13Craig GoodWaterloo Flying Dogsat 2 laps
14Nigel 2 laps
15Michael MooreMBRC
1Leigh HobsonIndependent59:41
2Leslie GreeneGT1:01:41
3Larissa PelletterioInd (Alberta)1:02:20
4Prisca NatterorInd1:06:43
5Kim DavidgeElita1:07:56
6Barb BrzezickiFly Gurlz1:08:05
1Andrew WatsonBike Depot59:52
2Ryan RothWoodstock C.C.1:01:18
3James KrieckWaterloo Flying Dogs1:01:31
4Daniel SkinnerBike Depot1:03:00
5Mike GarriganInd.1:03:07
6Martin LazaiskiSobeys / Headshox1:04:45
7Steve AmosWaterloo Flying Dogs1:05:41
8Kyle RothwellZiggy’s C.C.1:05:52
9Todd ForestIndat 1 lap
10Ryan De BoerMBRCat 1 lap
11David 1 lap
12Robyn DuwynIndat 1 lap
1Cydney GalbraithKona1:04:43
MASTER A10 laps
1Brian PedersenWaterloo Flying Dogs1:01:31
2Ian StarkeInd.1:02:35
3Greg CavanaghMBRC1:03:04
4Rodney MerchantDukes1:03:20
5Stephan LatourWaterloo Flying Dogs1:07:00
6Dean PeddleNARCat 1 lap
7David 1 lap
8Peter SchoutenHamilton 2 laps
MASTER B/C/D10 laps
1BGlen LaycockInd.1:02:16
2BRandy BrownHamilton C.C.1:03:05
3BRob CheskeyHamilton C.C.1:03:46
4CMartin SowdenInd.1:06:33
5BDarrel SudermanUxbridge C.C.1:07:01
6BPhil RenaudBrantford Cyclepath1:07:42
7BRobert NeumanBrampton C.C.1:08:33
8CPaul SkinnerBike Depotat 1 lap
9BMartin 1 lap
10CRobert GalbraithBicycleworksat 1 lap
11BGery 1 lap
12C Frank MorrowHamilton 1 lap
13DHarold OsborneHamilton 1 lap
YOUTH EVENT5 laps of shorter circuit
1Steven SavageInd.32:44
2Jarrod ForrestInd.33:12
3Brad MattashedInd. at 1 lap
4Owen 1 lap
5Steven Tessaro (8 yrs old) 2 laps

* calculated from postion with 1km to go - stopped to help injured rider

** Due to an ambiguity in race publicity, some women rode in the first event and some in the second. Placings were determined on fastest time in either event.


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