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December 7/00 7:22 am - RONA Team Unveiled, Profile Stem Recall

Posted by Editor on 12/7/00

RONA's Women's Cycling Team

Below is the official announcement of the RONA cycling team that has been built around Geneviève Jeanson. The team will be formally together for 7 major races in North America (listed below) in its first season. We also had the opportunity to talk with Ms Jeanson and new team mates Amy Jarvis and Melanie McQuaid. Quotes from all 3 are below the announcement.

Montreal, December 7, 2000 - A new player has entered the women's road cycling arena in the elite category: Team RONA. The team is made up of six cyclists, including Geneviève Jeanson, double world junior champion for 1999 and the first Canadian in the International Cycling Union (UCI) class.

Team RONA, the only one of its kind in Canada, will begin racing on the North American circuit in the 2001 season. André Aubut, Ms. Jeanson's trainer, has been named athletic director.

"RONA is proud to further its commitment to cycling with this elite category team," announced Robert Dutton, RONA's President and CEO. "We have an extraordinary team here, made up of remarkable athletes who combine excellent results with good sporting ethics. Above all, RONA wants to support the development of cyclists who stand for courage and the true sporting spirit."

Team members

Team RONA will be counting on the following athletes for its launch on the North American cycling circuit:

- Amy Jarvis, from Mississauga, Ontario
- Geneviève Jeanson, from Lachine, Quebec
- Manon Jutras, from Verdun, Quebec
- Raphaële Lemieux, from Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec
- Melanie McQuaid, from Victoria, British Columbia
- Mélanie Nadeau, from Sherbrooke, Quebec

"We're very confident that this team will achieve great heights in the very first year," declared Aubut. "I'm very proud to be coaching a group of such world-class competitors, each one willing to go all out to reach their goals."

Team RONA is also receiving financial support from the Groupe LGS Inc. and ScotiaMcLeod. Honda Canada, Colnago, Cycles Lambert, Michelin, Mavic and the Club Médico Sportif will provide equipment and service sponsorships.

Major events RONA will attend in 2001:

Redlands Bicycle Classic March 13-18
Road World Cup - Montréal June 2
Road World Cup - Philadelphia June 10
Fitchburg-Longsjo Stage Race June 28 to July 1st
Canadian Road Race Championships July 25-29
Grand Prix Féminin International du Québec August 22-26
Killington Stage Race September 1-3

Team Rona - (l-r) André Aubut, Athletic Director, Geneviève Jeanson, Melanie McQuaid, Mélanie Nadeau, Amy Jarvis, Manon Jutras, Raphaële Lemieux and Robert Dutton, RONA's President and CEO

Athlete Quotes:

Geneviève Jeanson

CC - Where will the team race?

GJ - We will race mostly in North America; we will not go to Europe as a team. When I go to Europe (next year) it will be with the National team.

CC - How was the team formed, who decided on the team members?

GJ - I didn't choose the riders for the team, that was RONA and André (Aubut). I know all of the riders, although I have not ridden with them before.

CC - Being part of a team will be different for you. What is the role of the other riders?

GJ - Yes, it will be a good experience for all of us, to be part of a team. Some of the others are in the same boat as well, and it will be good to share a common passion. Even though the team is based around me, I will help them and support them too.

CC - How are you preparing for next year, what are your major goals?

GJ - I am training very hard right now, and my form is going really well. I just hope to stay healthy! There is no change in my program, I am doing the same things as before. My major goals are to do really well at the national championships and the Worlds.

Amy Jarvis

CC - So, what are your impressions about the team, after 2 days together with the other riders.

AJ - I think it is wonderful, an amazing opportunity. I only know the others from racing against them; we haven't been on a team together before. I am very impressed at how well organized everything seems.

CC - What do you see your role as?

AJ - I see myself working for the team, and for team victories. Geneviève is the center of the team, I'm just very happy to be a part of it.

CC - Outside of the 7 events the team will do (listed above), will you race with the rest of the team for events?

AJ - Besides those major event s we will be mainly racing on our own, locally, so for me that means Ontario. I will probably see and ride with some of the Quebec riders at events, too.

Melanie McQuaid

(After talking about how cold it was in Montreal for a self-described 'lotus lander', we got down to the interview...)

CC - How do you fit into this new team?

MM - For me it's a perfect opportunity. I wanted to do more road, but I still have mountain bike commitments, so this is great. My commitment to RONA is for 7 races. I am very impressed with how professional and organized it has been so far.

I think that I bring international experience to the table. A lot of it is mountain bike, and some road, but most of the other girls are at more of a development level, so I can provide the experience.

I think I can help Geneviève (in the field) a lot. I won't be climbing at the front in the breaks, but I can help her until the final break, and then be in the next group for support. Plus, Melanie (Nadeau) and I will be strong in the crits.

CC - How do you think the team is going to do?

MM - I think we may surprise a lot of people. We won't be at the front for a lot of the races, but we will have a solid presence. I think we are a lot like Elita in its first year, but the difference is that we have a heavy hitter in Geneviève, which they didn't have. I am really pleased that RONA is stepping up to the plate for women's cycling, after Elita has mainly left. I think that it will become a big team way faster than people realize.

CC - How will you split your time up next year?

MM - As I said, I'm committed to RONA for 7 races. I will also be doing a lot of mountain biking, some triathlons and XTerras. I have American mountain bike sponsors lined up, but I'm just signing the last deals so I can't tell you anything for a week!

Profile Recalls MTB Stems
(courtesy Bruce Wenting, Wenting Cycle)

Profile Design has issued a recall notice on Stiffy threadless mountain bike handlebar stems sold between March 1997 and April 2000. If you are using one of these stems you should stop using it immediately and return it to a Profile Design dealer for a replacement, or contact Profile Design on (888) 800-5999 ext. 161 or by email to

The recalled stems are identified using the following points of identification:

* the recalled stems say only "Profile" on them and not "Profile-Design"
* the rear portion of the steer tube clamp (the portion that says "Stiffy") is sharply angled (45 degrees) at the top and bottom (later models not subject to the recall were not as sharply angled)
* the front handlebar clamp only has two bolts and not three like later non-recalled versions
* the recalled stems were available in black, red, blue, yellow, and cream.


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