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March 19/01 10:09 am - Redlands Women's Results for Stage 6 & Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 03/19/01

Redlands Classic, California

Women's Results for stage 6 - Arrowhead Sunset Road Race, 99.5 kilometres

1Genevieve Jeanson*CANRON2:33:02
2Susy Pryde NZLATC7:03
3Jimena Florit ARGSUNs.t.
4Sandy Espeseth CANINT7:17
5Kim Smith USAATC
6Julie Young USAATC
7Alison Dunlap USATGT
8Kimberly Bruckner USASAT
9Alison Sydor CANSUB
10Amber Neben USAHLV
11Caroline Alexander GBRTOTall s.t.
12Katrina Berger USA8008:09
13Catherine Cardwell USAJNC8:44
14Andrea Ratkovic USA800s.t.
15Tina Mayolo-Pic USAATC13:33
16Joanne Kiesanowski*NZLPRG
17Elizabeth Emery USAINT
18Rhonda Quick USAJNC
19Liane Bahler*GERGER
20Karine Dalmais FRASUN
21Dotsie Cowden USAEAR
22Cheryl Binney USAPRG
23Meredith Miller USASCS
24Judith Arndt GERGER
25Pam Schuster USAATC
26Jennifer Stevens USAEAR
27Darnelle Moore CANPRE
28Cynthia Mommsen USASCS
29Joan Wilson USASCS
30Petra Rossner GERSAT
31Clare Hall-Patch*CANSUB
32Joy Shaffer USATTW
33Kelli Emmett USATGT
34Suzanne Sonye USASAT
35Pam Wolkoff USAEAR
36Stacey Peters USA800
37Chrissy Redden CANSUB
38Melanie McQuaid CANRON
39Anne Samplonius CANINT
40Lauren Smith USASCS
41Jessica Phillips*USATTW
42Caren Spore USAJNC
43Lysle Wilhelmi USA800
44Leah Goldstein CAN800
45Jacqueline Brabenetz*GERGER
46Tammara House-Williamson USAHLV
47Barbara Blatter SUITOT
48Nicole Demars CAN800
49Rebecca Cooke USALTV
50Gabriela Gonzalez DeFerrat MEXTOT
51Krystyna Kras USAWEB
52Cathrine Powers USAVER
53Tina Liebig*GERGER
54Sue Palmer-Komar CANJNC
55Kimberly Davidge CANSAT
56Manon Jutras CANRON
57Simone Klewitz*GERGERall s.t.
58Erin Carter*CANINT15:39
59Doreen Weise*GERGER17:02
60Stacy Spencer CANPRG19:04
61Cathrine Marsal FRAINT22:03
62Amy Jarvis CANRON25:00
63Melanie Nadeau CANRON
64Annie Gariepy CANATC
65Sandra Kolb USACSF
66Nicole Freedman USACSF
67Katie Safford USAEAR
68Cindy Bauwens BELVER
69Meredith Mills USAVER
70Amy Williams USALTV
71Mina Pizzini USAPRG
72Martha Meyer USAPRG
73Andrea Hannos CANPRE
74Erin Mirabella*USAJNC
75Susan Shook-Byrnes USAHLV
76Daphne Wilhelm USAWEB
77Victoria Wilkinson*GBRSUNall s.t.
78Desira Utzig USAEAR30:00
79Carolyn Donnelly USALTV
80Chloe Black CANINT
81Crystal Yap USAWEB
82Beth Leasure USATTW
83Stephanie Hannos*CANPRE
84Rosie Coleman USACSF
85Trish McKay USATTW
86Lorraine Manning*IRLTOT
87Lisa Hunt USASCSall s.t.
DNFMegan Elliott*USATGT
DNFJeannie Longo FRASUN
1Genevieve Jeanson*CANRON11:24:34
2Kimberly Bruckner USASAT9:23
3Alison Dunlap USATGT12:38
4Kim Smith USAATC12:57
5Jimena Florit ARGSUN15:38
6Susy Pryde NZLATC15:44
7Katrina Berger USA80016:14
8Caroline Alexander GBRTOT16:29
9Sandy Espeseth CANINT16:32
10Amber Neben USAHLV17:26
11Julie Young USAATC17:50
12Catherine Cardwell USAJNC18:08
13Alison Sydor CANSUB20:01
14Jessica Phillips*USATTW23:11
15Tina Mayolo-Pic USAATC23:15
16Andrea Ratkovic USA80023:37
17Elizabeth Emery USAINT24:16
18Kelli Emmett USATGT24:38
19Rhonda Quick USAJNC24:41
20Sue Palmer-Komar CANJNC25:00
21Pam Schuster USAATC25:17
22Judith Arndt GERGER25:59
23Dotsie Cowden USAEAR26:06
24Joan Wilson USASCS26:24
25Barbara Blatter SUITOT26:29
26Liane Bahler*GERGER26:31
27Karine Dalmais FRASUN26:33
28Chrissy Redden CANSUB28:14
29Meredith Miller USASCS28:18
30Krystyna Kras USAWEB28:44
31Melanie McQuaid CANRON29:18
32Lysle Wilhelmi USA80029:28
33Clare Hall-Patch*CANSUB29:42
34Cheryl Binney USAPRG29:57
35Rebecca Cooke USALTV30:06
36Lauren Smith USASCS30:07
37Leah Goldstein CAN80030:27
38Nicole Demars CAN80030:31
39Gabriela Gonzalez DeFerrat MEXTOT30:55
40Stacey Peters USA80031:03
41Cathrine Powers USAVER31:48
42Cynthia Mommsen USASCS32:42
43Tina Liebig*GERGER33:19
44Anne Samplonius CANINT34:05
45Darnelle Moore CANPRE34:38
46Simone Klewitz*GERGER35:27
47Manon Jutras CANRON35:40
48Suzanne Sonye USASAT37:10
49Jacqueline Brabenetz*GERGER37:20
50Andrea Hannos CANPRE39:08
51Annie Gariepy CANATC39:58
52Erin Carter*CANINT40:00
53Petra Rossner GERSAT41:00
54Kimberly Davidge CANSAT41:05
55Joanne Kiesanowski*NZLPRG41:09
56Cindy Bauwens BELVER42:37
57Victoria Wilkinson*GBRSUN43:37
58Doreen Weise*GERGER45:40
59Jennifer Stevens USAEAR46:24
60Tammara House-Williamson USAHLV47:05
61Cathrine Marsal FRAINT47:53
62Joy Shaffer USATTW48:37
63Pam Wolkoff USAEAR49:07
64Nicole Freedman USACSF53:31
65Erin Mirabella*USAJNC54:28
66Katie Safford USAEAR56:57
67Mina Pizzini USAPRG58:30
68Daphne Wilhelm USAWEB58:47
69Amy Jarvis CANRON58:57
70Sandra Kolb USACSF59:26
71Melanie Nadeau CANRON59:57
72Meredith Mills USAVER1:00:26
73Carolyn Donnelly USALTV1:02:20
74Amy Williams USALTV1:04:27
75Stacy Spencer CANPRG1:06:42
76Chloe Black CANINT1:07:32
77Stephanie Hannos*CANPRE1:07:46
78Lisa Hunt USASCS1:09:36
79Crystal Yap USAWEB1:11:20
80Susan Shook-Byrnes USAHLV1:14:35
81Caren Spore USAJNC1:17:28
82Martha Meyer USAPRG1:17:55
83Desira Utzig USAEAR1:20:12
84Trish McKay USATTW1:20:54
85Beth Leasure USATTW1:22:32
86Rosie Coleman USACSF1:31:58
87Lorraine Manning*IRLTOT1:34:26
Team GC
2Rona Cycling Team0:20:56
4Jane Cosmetics0:24:26
5Total Trainer (Comp)0:30:30
7Subaru-Gary Fisher0:34:34
8Sun Int'l. (Comp)0:35:42
9Santa Cruz Spokesman0:40:03
10German National Team0:41:42
13Proctor and Gamble1:17:34
15Harbor Lights/Velo Motion1:35:43
16Press Enterprise1:36:35
17Team Tailwinds (Comp)1:48:14
20Credit Suisse First Boston2:18:06


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