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March 24/01 11:00 am - Sea Otter Classic

Posted by Editoress on 03/24/01

Sea Otter Classic, California

Women's Results for stage 3 - Fort Ord Road Race

1Anna Millward(Aus)Saturn-Timex03:05.5
2Julie Young(USA)
3Katrina Berger(USA)
4Sandy Espeseth(Can)Intersports
5Kimberly Smith(USA)
6Anke Erlank(RSA)Saturn-Timex
7Judith Arndt(Ger)German National Team
8Kimberly Bruckner(USA)Saturn-Timexall s.t.
9Jimena Florit(Arg)Autotrader.com0:07
10Stacey Peters(USA)800.coms.t.
11Catherine Marsal(Fra)Intersports2:39
12Petra Rossner(Ger)Saturn-Timex7:47
13Tina Mayolo-Pic(USA)Autotrader.com7:55
14Andrea Ratkovic(USA)800.coms.t.
15Krystyna Kras(USA)Webcor/Alto Velo 7:58
16Gabriella Gonzalez de Ferrat(Mex)Goldys/Grove Street
17Nicole Demars(USA)
18Lysle Wilhelmi(USA)800.comall s.t.
19Charmain Breon(USA)Talgoamerica.com8:35
20Rhonda Quick(USA)jane Cosmetics
21Pam Schuster(USA)Autotrader.comall s.t.
22Jenny Eyerman(USA)jane Cosmetics 9:04
23Liane Bahler(Ger)German National Team9:14
24Cathrine Cardwell(USA)jane Cosmetics 9:26
25Jessica Phillips(USA)Verizon Wireless 10:09
26Ann Samplonious(Can)Intersports11:23
27Suzanne Sonye(USA)Saturn-Timex
28Laura van Gilder(USA)
29Erin Mirabella(USA)jane Cosmetics all s.t.
30Erin Carter(Can)Intersports14:36
31Tina Leibig(Ger)German National Teams.t.
32Joy Shaffer(USA)Verizon Wireless 16:43
33Annelie Chapman(USA)jane Cosmetics 19:44
34Mary Ann Fleckenstein(USA)Goldys Grove Street
35Brooke Blackwelder(USA)Goldys/Grove Street
36Becky Bjork(USA)Goldys/Grove Street
37Elizabeth Emery(USA)Intersports
38Rosie Coleman(USA)Terry Precision/Boise
39Cindy Bauwens(Bel)Verizon Wireless
40Jacqueline Brabenetz(Ger)German National Team
41Simone Klewitz(Ger)German National Teamall s.t.
42Brenda Black(USA)Terry Precision/Boise 20:53
43Jeanne McFall(USA)Terry Precision/Boise 28:19
44Gina Grain(USA)800.com32:03
45Cindy Carroll(USA)800.com38:28
46Liza Rachetto(USA)Goldys/Grove Street 39:58
47Laurel Green(USA)Goldys/Grove Street 1:09:37
DNFAlison Bergeson(USA)Goldys/Grove Street
DNFAnnie Gariepy(Can)
DNFCindy Lacotta(USA)Webcor/Alto Velo
DNFMarjon Marik(Swe)
DNFElizabeth Morse(USA)Webcor/Alto Velo
DNFKristy Scrymgeour(Aus)Saturn-Timex
DNFCaren Spore(USA)jane Cosmetics
DNFIna Teutenberg(Ger)Saturn-Timex
DNFChristine Thorburn(USA)Webcor/Alto Velo
DNFDoreen Weise(Ger)German National Team
DNFDaphne Wihlhelm(USA)Terry Precision/Boise
DNSRebecca Conzelman(USA)
DNSLauren Gilliland(USA)Verizon Wireless
DNSBeth Leasure(USA)Webcor/Alto Velo
DNSSusy Pryde(NZl)


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