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April 9/01 12:09 pm - Ontario News: Ronde Van Wind-Del

Posted by Editoress on 04/9/01

Ronde Van Wind-Del - Ontario

Individual Time Trial - Stage Two

PositionName Time
1Michael Luther12.35
2Carl Dessureault12.46
3Mike Moore12.55
4Paul Rego12.59
5Ray Duggan13.00
6Ryan Roth13.16
7Kevin Speacht13.29
8Aaron Fillion13.35
9Josh Hall13.39
10Andrew Elgar13.43

Overall after Stage Two
1Josh Hall19 points
2=Ray Duggan13 points
Mike Moore
Carl Dessurault
5=Pat Shea12 points
Kevin Speacht
7Michael Luther10 points
8Aaron Fillion9 points
9Chris Paton8 points
10Paul Rego7 points
11Ryan Roth6 points
12Barry Reid3 points
13Andrew Elgar1 point

Road Race - Stage Three
1Dan Maggiacomo
2Kevin Speachtplus 5 sprint points
3Michael Moore
4Carl Dessurault
5Josh Hallplus 4 sprint points
6Paul Regoplus 2 sprint points
7Ryan Roth
8Barry Reid
9Simon Small
10Pat Shea

Final G.C
1Josh Hall
2Kevin Speacht
3Mike Moore
4Craig Dessurault
5Paul Rego
6Ray Duggan
7Pat Shea
8Dan Maggiacomo
9Ryan Roth
10Martin Luther
1Amy Jarvis
2Julia Farrell
3Julia Bradley
4Magoasher Pyjer


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