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May 15/01 9:22 am - Sudbury, Nova Scotia, B.C., Cycling Slang

Posted by Editor on 05/15/01

Ontario Volunteer Service Awards - Sudbury
Courtesy Sandra Kleppe

It was indeed an honour to attend the Ontario Volunteer Service Awards last evening in Sudbury where Battista Muredda (Head Coach) and Eli Girolametto (Treasurer) received their 25 year pin (and certificate) for Volunteer Service. It was a proud moment for each of them as well as their wives. Shelley Martel, our local MPP, was there to present the pins to the volunteers.

On behalf of the Club, Frank (President) and I (nominating committee) were able to attend, unfortunately David Spears (in Toronto), also part of the nominating committee, was not able to be there.

The club will hopefully meet again soon in order to again celebrate with these two cherished volunteers.

Nova Scotia Race Report
Courtesy Sara Francis

The second round of the Nova Scotia road race series occurred Sunday around the incredibly scenic Aspotogan peninsula. Although a heavy fog reduced the views for the spectators it didn't seem to faze the 100+ rider field which featured racers from all three Maritime provinces.

Senior Women's racer Ruth Coates demonstrated again that she's quickly getting the hang of road racing by rolling across the line 20 seconds clear of her breakaway companions Krista Myles and Sherry Huybers. Another 15 rider pack of women once again provided encouraging proof that participation is on the upswing.

Wentworth's Kate Scallion put together a powerful ride to win the Canada Games Women's race by 10 minutes, while the Jardine sisters once again proved their consistency by filling out the podium positions.

Senior 4 Men's winner Peter Wood, riding on home turf, took the sprint from Cyclesmith's Josh Mayich and Donald Burton. Newcomer Chris Hawkins nipped Annapolis Valley's Wayne Titus and long time racer Peter Campbell for the Masters 30+,40+,50+ race. Interestingly enough, four of the top five riders in this race are Masters 40+ or 50+ racers. Younger Vets beware!

The Canada Games Men's pack continued their learning experience as they had to compete with the senior men in a 60kph+ field sprint. Hub Cycle's Jamie Lamb continues to impress as he took the win from fellow club member Dustin MacBurnie and Bike People's Ryan Dooley.

A cagey Senior Men's field kept close tabs on any breakaways until Bike People's Lorenzo Caterini and former Olympian Rory Gonsalves slipped off the front with 25k to go. As the pack wound itself up, the gap came down until the breakaway duo were swamped 200 metres from the line. Cyclesmith/Trek rider Terry Tomlin continued his winning streak, taking the sprint by a length from Lee Kosloff and Radical Edge rider Nathan Chown.

Many thanks to the organizers, especially Sherry Huybers, the commissars - who had to deal with several pack sprint finishes, the Bike People and Bicycle Barn (prizes), Cyclesmith (wheel vehicle), the many volunteers and marshals. The next round in the NS race series is an ITT Sun. May 20th and the exciting Lunenburg Criterium, Mon, May 21st (see BNS website for details)

Senior Men 1,2,3 - 100km
1. Terry Tomlin, Cyclesmith/Trek, 2:47:05
2. Lee Kosloff, CPEI, st
3. Nathan Chown, Radical Edge, st
4. Rory Gonsalves, Bike People, st
5. Scott Bonnell, st

Senior Women - 50km
1. Ruth Coates, ind, 1:38:35
2. Krista Myles, 1:38: 56
3. Sherry Huybers, Hub Cycle, st
4. Karen Murphy, Bicycles Plus, 1:40:49
5. Gwen Rowlands, Bicycle Barn, 1:42:45

Canada Games Women - 50km
1. Kate Scallion, 1:41:34
2. Dawn Jardine, Bike People, 1:51:56
3. Melanie Jardine, Bike People, 1:52:28
4. Laura Kindervater, 1:52:36
5. Mandy Pike, Cyclesmith, 1:58:30

Canada Games Men - 100km
1. Jamie Lamb, Hub Cycle, 2:47:05
2. Dustin MacBurnie, Hub Cycle, st
3. Ryan Dooley, Bike People, st
4. Mike Lawrence, Cyclesmith/Kona, st
5. Chris Graham, st

Senior 4 Men - 50km
1. Peter Wood, Freewheeling Adventures, 1:26:12
2. Josh Mayich, Cyclesmith, st
3. Donald Burton, Cyclesmith, st

Veteran Men - 50km
1. Chris Hawkins, 1:26:12
2. Wayne Titus, st
3. Peter Campbell, st
4. Brian Scallion, st
5. Al Heubach, Bicycle Barn, st

Cadet men - 50km
1. Stephen Rush, CPEI, 1:32:42
2. Jason Lee, 1:38:54
3. Bobby Hennessy, 1:49:41

Novice Men - 50km
1. Amish Morrell, 1:40:31
2. Gus van Helvoort, 1:54:52
3. Jacob Banfield, Cyclesmith, st

Novice Women - 50km
1. Linda Hunt, 2:13:23

Moores Meadow Cross Country Mountain Bike Race - Prince George Cycling Club
Courtesy John Tolkamp

Prince George, BC - Sunday May 13, 2001

Near perfect weather conditions greeted the 40 cross mountain bike riders for the annual Moores Meadow race. This year the Prince George Cycling Club sanctioned the race through Cycling BC which allowed local racers the opportunity to earn "points" for provincial upgrading. The sanctioning also attracted out of town riders including several Pro/Elite riders - and so the locals found the competition raised a notch. The riders raced any where from 2 - 7 laps depending on age and ability.

Many thanks to the volunteers, PG Cycling Club and to the City of Prince George for their efforts in making the event a success.

Next week the PG Cycling Club will be holding a Women's Biking Clinic on Saturday and Sunday and the Olympia Mountain Bike Madness Cross Country and Down Hill run on Sunday. For more information on these events please contact Cam Grose at Olympia Cycle and Ski: 564-7479


7 Lap Men
1. John Tolkamp Prince George Veteran Men Expert 01:47:39.47
2. Motion Maciver Vancouver Senior Men Pro 01:55:43.25
3. Phil Evanson Prince George Veteran Men Expert 01:55:53.10
4. Oystein Fladmark Prince George Veteran Men Expert 02:06:15.48
5. Randy Kashmark Prince George Veteran Men Expert 02:20:00.00
Merle Tutte Prince George Veteran Men Expert DNF
Kris Yip Prince George Senior Men Pro DNF
Jordan Rasmussen Prince George Senior Men Expert DNF
Jordan Giesbrecht Prince George Senior Men Expert DNF

7 Lap - Women
1. Martina Feldmann Quesnel Senior Women Elite 02:16:08.36
Michelle Scheiber Vancouver Senior Women Elite DNF

4 Lap - Women
1. Lori Mclean Prince George Senior Women Sport 01:20:46.55

4 Lap Men
1. Dave Miller Prince George Veteran Men Sport 01:09:46.12
2. Greg Doerksen Prince George Senior Men Sport 01:11:49.95
3. Chris Wiebe Prince George Cadet Men Expert 01:16:58.91
4. Ray Hebert Prince George Senior Men Sport 01:19:16.67
5. Robert Freitas Prince George Senior Men Sport 01:24:13.98
6. Chris Ross Prince George Senior Men Sport 01:29:05.59
7. Erich Zwick Prince George Senior Men Sport 01:34:58.68
8. Ken Thompson Prince George Veteran Men Sport 01:41:24.04
9. Fred Burnett Prince George Veteran Men Sport 01:47:58.55
10. Bill Livingstone Prince George Veteran Men Sport 01:55:34.09

2 Lap - Men
1. Jesse Cinnamon Prince George Minime Men 00:33:32.83
3. Trevor Beeson Prince George Minime Men 00:34:14.51
4. Blair Dryden Prince George Minime Men 00:35:16.17
5. Curtis Spencer Prince George Minime Men 00:35:18.34
6. Jeff Gamble Prince George Minime Men 00:35:42.95
7. Craig Hyslop Prince George Cadet Men Sport 00:37:34.73
8. Daniel Pousette Prince George Minime Men 00:37:34.73
9. Kyle Teschke Prince George Cadet Men Sport 00:41:06.22
10. Trevor Aspinall Prince George Minime Men 00:43:04.44
11. Alexander Burkinshaw Prince George Minime Men 00:50:32.09
Matthew Mcconaghy Prince George Cadet Men Sport DNF

2 Lap - Women
1. Kyla Giesbrecht Prince George Minime Women 00:50:55.55
2. Rebecca Pousette Prince George Cadet Women 00:52:49.22
3. Dana Hangle Prince George Senior Women Beginner 00:54:14.61

1 Lap - Men
1. Jared Anderson Prince George Peewee Men 00:20:48.62
2. Ian Fleetwood Prince George Peewee Men 00:23:32.44

Evolving Cycling Slang

We note with amusement the introduction of a new term for pack fodder - Forum fodder!


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