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May 27/01 5:13 am - Race of Future Champions (Men's Results & Photos)

Posted by Editor on 05/27/01

Race of Future Champions - Ontario
Courtesy Cobourg CC

Ontario Canada Summer Games final selection event


Stage 1 - 100km RR
PlaceRiderTeamCategoryPointsBonus Total
1Buck MillerSt CatherinesEspoir50555
2Peter SanowarRocky MountainEspoir46551
3Charlie GormanSympatico.caEspoir4444
4Noel SavagePeterboroughEspoir4343
5Andrew WatsonIndJunior4242
6Andrew ElgarOakville CCEspoir41546
7Justin FaulknerWaterloo CCEspoir4040
8Thomas SkinnerIndEspoir3939
9Alan ReainOttawa CCEspoir3838
10Roderick SmitToronto CCEspoir37542
11Chris IsaacNewmarket EaglesEspoir3535
12Warren TilbrookSt CatherinesJunior3535
13Ryan RothMississaugaJunior35843
14Derek ZandstraBay CycleJunior3535
15Chris ReidToronto CCEspoir2525
16Ryan DeboerMississaugaJunior2525
17Greg EdgarIndJunior2525
18Alexey IvanovOttawa CCJunior2525
19Daniel ClarkeNewmarket EaglesJunior2525
20Greg RothWoodstock CCEspoir2525
21Larry OptisIndEspoir2525
22Bryan MantleIndJunior1515
23Daniel SkinnerIndJunior1515
DNFMatt PattersonBay CycleEspoir22
DNFEnrico TrainiToronto CCEspoir0
DNFSean KellyToronto CCEspoir0
DNFMartin LazarskiZiggy's CCJunior0
DNFBrenden HurleyD'ornellasJunior0
DNFAndrew BurkeOttawa CCEspoir0
DNFAdam WadeIndEspoir0
DNFBerek CoxCobourg CCJunior0
DNFSteve AmosWaterloo CCEspoir0
DNFPhilip EdamuraToronto CCEspoir0
DNFBrook McArthurBay CycleEspoir0
Stage 2- 19.8 km TT
PlaceRider TeamCategoryTimePoints
1Enrico TrainiToronto CCEspoir28.1750
2Noel SavagePeterboroughEspoir28.446
3Peter SanowarRocky MountainEspoir28.544
4Sean KellyToronto CCEspoir28.5143
5Chris ReidToronto CCEspoir29.142
6Andrew ElgarOakville CCEspoir29.2341
7Ryan RothMississaugaJunior29.2640
8Chris IsaacNewmarket EaglesEspoir29.4839
9Charlie GormanSympatico.caEspoir29.4938
10Buck MillerSt CatherinesEspoir29.5537
11Derek ZandstraBay CycleJunior30.0136
12Justin FaulknerWaterloo CCEspoir30.0835
13Warren TilbrookSt CatherinesJunior30.0934
14Alan ReainOttawa CCEspoir30.1133
15Greg RothWoodstock CCEspoir31.1732
16Roderick SmitToronto CCEspoir31.431
17Alexey IvanovOttawa CCJunior31.4430
18Thomas SkinnerIndEspoir31.4629
19Andrew WatsonIndJunior31.5428
20Martin LazarskiZiggy's CCJunior32.1227
21Daniel SkinnerIndJunior32.1227
22Brenden HurleyD'ornellasJunior32.325
23Andrew BurkeOttawa CCEspoir32.3924
24Ryan DeboerMississaugaJunior32.4223
25Adam WadeIndEspoir33.3522
26Daniel ClarkeNewmarket EaglesJunior34.4121
27Berek CoxCobourg CCJunior34.5520
28Greg EdgarIndJunior35.1419
Stage 3 - MTB Race
PlaceRider TeamCategoryPoints
1Roderick SmitToronto CCEspoir50
2Chris IsaacNewmarket EaglesEspoir46
3Andrew ElgarOakville CCEspoir44
4Justin FaulknerWaterloo CCEspoir43
5Derek ZandstraBay CycleJunior42
6Alan ReainOttawa CCEspoir41
7Greg RothWoodstock CCEspoir40
8Greg EdgarIndJunior39
9Chris ReidToronto CCEspoir38
10Peter SanowarRocky MountainEspoir37
11Thomas SkinnerIndEspoir36
12Enrico TrainiToronto CCEspoir35
13Andrew WatsonIndJunior34
14Charlie GormanSympatico.caEspoir33
15Ryan DeboerMississaugaJunior32
16Berek CoxCobourg CCJunior31
Final Overall
PlaceRider TeamCatStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Overall
1Peter SanowarRocky MountainEspoir514437132
2Andrew ElgarOakville CCEspoir464144131
3Roderick SmitToronto CCEspoir423150123
4Chris IsaacNewmarket EaglesEspoir353946120
5Justin FaulknerWaterloo CCEspoir403543118
6Charlie GormanSympatico.caEspoir443833115
7Derek ZandstraBay CycleJunior353642113
8Alan ReainOttawa CCEspoir383341112
9Chris ReidToronto CCEspoir254238105
10Thomas SkinnerIndEspoir392936104
11Andrew WatsonIndJunior422834104
12Greg RothWoodstock CCEspoir25324097
13Buck MillerSt CatherinesEspoir553792
14Noel SavagePeterboroughEspoir434689
15Enrico TrainiToronto CCEspoir503585
16Ryan RothMississaugaJunior434083
17Greg EdgarIndJunior25193983
18Ryan DeboerMississaugaJunior25233280
19Warren TilbrookSt CatherinesJunior353469
20Alexey IvanovOttawa CCJunior253055
21Berek CoxCobourg CCJunior203151
22Daniel ClarkeNewmarket EaglesJunior252146
23Sean KellyToronto CCEspoir4343
24Daniel SkinnerIndJunior152742
25Martin LazarskiZiggy's CCJunior2727
26Brenden HurleyD'ornellasJunior2525
27Larry OptisIndEspoir2525
28Andrew BurkeOttawa CCEspoir2424
29Adam WadeIndEspoir2222
30Bryan MantleIndJunior1515
31Matt PattersonBay CycleEspoir22
32Steve AmosWaterloo CCEspoir
33Philip EdamuraToronto CCEspoir
34Brook McArthurBay CycleEspoir


Peter Sanowar
Top Women Angela Mawdsley and Sue Trimble
Men's TT Winner Enrico Traini


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