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June 16/01 4:26 am - Bessette Takes HP Lead!

Posted by Editor on 06/16/01

HP Women's Challenge

Stage 4 - Voler "Head to Head" Time Trial, Sun Valley 5.1 km

1Lyne BessetteCanadaSaturn07:03.4
2Jeannie LongoFranceOffice Depotat 0:13
3Kimberly BrucknerThe United StatesSaturn0:15
4Anna MillwardAustraliaSaturn0:18
5Katrina BergerThe United StatesAutoTrader.com0:19
6Alison DunlapThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products0:20
7Petra RossnerGermanySaturn0:21
8Sarah UlmerNew ZealandAutoTrader.coms.t.
9Judith ArndtGermanyGerman National0:23
10Amber NebenThe United StatesEarthlink0:26
11Leah GoldsteinCanada800.com0:28
12Kimberly SmithThe United StatesAutoTrader.com0:29
13Chantal BeltmanNetherlandsDutch National0:31
14Trixi WorrackGermanyGerman National0:32
15Sandy EspesethCanadaIntersportss.t.
16Susy PrydeNew ZealandAutoTrader.com0:35
17Jolanta PolikeviciuteLithuaniaAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard0:39
18Stacey PetersThe United States800.coms.t.
19Rasa PolikeviciuteLithuaniaAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard0:40
20Ceris GilfillanGreat BritainBritish National0:41
21Meshy HoltNew ZealandBoise Cascade Office Products0:42
22Dotsie CowdenThe United StatesEarthlink0:43
23Andrea RatkovicThe United
24Lysle WilhelmiThe United States800.comboth s.t.
25Pia SundstedtFinlandIntersports0:44
26Julie YoungThe United StatesAutoTrader.com0:45
27Caroline AlexanderGreat BritainIntersports0:46
28Emma DaviesGreat BritainBritish National0:47
29Suzanne ThomasGreat BritainContender Bicycles0:49
30Charmain BreonThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO0:50
31Marielle van ScheppingenNetherlandsDutch National0:51
32Alison SydorCanadaCanadian/French Composite0:52
33Vera HohlfeldGermanyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packards.t.
34Sarah KonradThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products0:53
35Pam SchusterThe United
36Jennifer StevensThe United StatesEarthlink
37Emily ThorneThe United StatesTREKall s.t.
38Catherine CardwellThe United States800.com0:54
39Jessica PhillipsThe United StatesOffice Depot0:55
40Laura ShufordThe United StatesTREK0:56
41Melanie SearsGreat BritainBritish Nationals.t.
42Gail LongeneckerThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products0:57
43Katia LonghinItalyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packards.t.
44Alison BergesonThe United StatesContender Bicycles0:59
45Nicole DemarsCanada800.com1:01
46Ghita BeltmanNetherlandsDutch National
47Roz Reekie-MayNew ZealandBoise Cascade Office Productsboth s.t.
48Krystyna KrasThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO1:02
49Cybil DiGuistiniCanadaCanadian/French Composite1:04
50Mary McLaurinThe United StatesContender Bicycless.t.
51Rachel HealGreat BritainContender Bicycles1:07
52Brooke BlackwelderThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Places.t.
53Elizabeth EmeryThe United StatesIntersports1:10
54Cathy MoncassinFranceCanadian/French Composite1:11
55Katrina DavisThe United StatesTREK
56Mirella van MelisNetherlandsDutch National
57Pam WolkoffThe United StatesEarthlinkall s.t.
58Jen DialThe United StatesOffice Depot1:12
59Joan WilsonThe United StatesOffice Depot1:13
60Sandrine MarcuzFranceCanadian/French Composite
61Tina LiebigGermanyGerman Nationalboth s.t.
62Andrea FosterThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place1:15
63Sara SymingtonGreat BritainBritish National1:16
64Sue CarterGreat BritainBritish National1:17
65Emily WestbrookThe United StatesContender Bicycless.t.
66Brenda BlackThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO1:18
67Tina Skelley-KunstbeckThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO
68Angela HillengaNetherlandsDutch Nationalboth s.t.
69Muffy RoyThe United StatesVoler1:19
70Helen KellyAustraliaOffice Depots.t.
71Sima TrappThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place1:20
72Ann Marie MillerThe United StatesVoler1:23
73Catherine MarsalFranceIntersports1:25
74Mary Ann FleckensteinThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place1:26
75Liza RachettoThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place1:27
76Naomi WilliamsAustraliaOffice Depot1:28
77Troy WatsonThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO1:32
78Letizia GiardinelliItalyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard1:33
79Kristy ScrymgeourAustraliaSaturn1:34
80Jeanne McFallThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products1:36
81Angela BrodtkaGermanyGerman National1:38
82Amy WilliamsThe United StatesContender Bicycless.t.
83Theresa KornThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO1:39
84Nicole FreedmanThe United StatesVolers.t.
85Becky BjorkThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place1:45
86Ina-Yoko TeutenbergGermanySaturn1:48
87Anne SamploniusCanadaIntersportss.t.
88Jaqueline BrabenetzGermanyGerman National2:06
89Kate Farrell GrayThe United StatesTREK2:23
1Lyne BessetteCanadaSaturn7:47:38
2Jeannie LongoFranceOffice Depotat 0:12
3Judith ArndtGermanyGerman National1:43
4Kimberly BrucknerThe United StatesSaturn1:49
5Rasa PolikeviciuteLithuaniaAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard2:12
6Katrina BergerThe United StatesAutoTrader.com3:24
7Anna MillwardAustraliaSaturn3:32
8Petra RossnerGermanySaturns.t.
9Sarah UlmerNew ZealandAutoTrader.com3:36
10Chantal BeltmanNetherlandsDutch National3:46
11Sandy EspesethCanadaIntersports3:52
12Ceris GilfillanGreat BritainBritish National3:56
13Jolanta PolikeviciuteLithuaniaAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard3:59
14Caroline AlexanderGreat BritainIntersports4:01
15Pia SundstedtFinlandIntersports4:04
16Suzanne ThomasGreat BritainContender Bicycles4:09
17Vera HohlfeldGermanyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard4:12
18Jessica PhillipsThe United StatesOffice Depot4:15
19Roz Reekie-MayNew ZealandBoise Cascade Office Products4:21
20Rachel HealGreat BritainContender Bicycles4:27
21Katia LonghinItalyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard5:20
22Susy PrydeNew ZealandAutoTrader.com6:51
23Sara SymingtonGreat BritainBritish National7:37
24Emma DaviesGreat BritainBritish National8:55
25Alison DunlapThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products11:25
26Joan WilsonThe United StatesOffice Depot11:26
27Amber NebenThe United StatesEarthlink11:50
28Trixi WorrackGermanyGerman National11:52
29Melanie SearsGreat BritainBritish National12:00
30Kimberly SmithThe United StatesAutoTrader.com12:16
31Leah GoldsteinCanada800.com12:25
32Dotsie CowdenThe United StatesEarthlink12:40
33Julie YoungThe United StatesAutoTrader.com12:42
34Lysle WilhelmiThe United States800.com12:45
35Sarah KonradThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products12:50
36Alison SydorCanadaCanadian/French Composite12:54
37Cybil DiGuistiniCanadaCanadian/French Composite13:01
38Nicole DemarsCanada800.com13:03
39Elizabeth EmeryThe United StatesIntersports13:08
40Sandrine MarcuzFranceCanadian/French Composite13:15
41Tina LiebigGermanyGerman Nationals.t.
42Kristy ScrymgeourAustraliaSaturn15:18
43Andrea RatkovicThe United States800.com15:31
44Brooke BlackwelderThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place16:00
45Ina-Yoko TeutenbergGermanySaturn17:35
46Brenda BlackThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO18:25
47Anne SamploniusCanadaIntersports18:38
48Becky BjorkThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place18:57
49Meshy HoltNew ZealandBoise Cascade Office Products19:10
50Catherine CardwellThe United States800.com19:25
51Jen DialThe United StatesOffice Depot19:40
52Muffy RoyThe United StatesVoler19:52
53Catherine MarsalFranceIntersports20:08
54Stacey PetersThe United States800.com20:25
55Pam SchusterThe United StatesAutoTrader.com22:22
56Pam WolkoffThe United StatesEarthlink22:45
57Ghita BeltmanNetherlandsDutch National23:45
58Emily ThorneThe United StatesTREK25:09
59Laura ShufordThe United StatesTREK25:12
60Alison BergesonThe United StatesContender Bicycles25:15
61Krystyna KrasThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO25:18
62Letizia GiardinelliItalyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard26:08
63Gail LongeneckerThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products27:19
64Mary Ann FleckensteinThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place29:03
65Charmain BreonThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO29:32
66Marielle van ScheppingenNetherlandsDutch National29:43
67Andrea FosterThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place30:07
68Katrina DavisThe United StatesTREK30:15
69Sima TrappThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place30:17
70Liza RachettoThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place30:19
71Naomi WilliamsAustraliaOffice Depot30:25
72Helen KellyAustraliaOffice Depot30:53
73Jaqueline BrabenetzGermanyGerman National34:05
74Sue CarterGreat BritainBritish National34:17
75Mary McLaurinThe United StatesContender Bicycles37:33
76Angela HillengaNetherlandsDutch National37:52
77Nicole FreedmanThe United StatesVoler38:13
78Tina Skelley-KunstbeckThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO40:34
79Jennifer StevensThe United StatesEarthlink42:10
80Ann Marie MillerThe United StatesVoler43:42
81Angela BrodtkaGermanyGerman National43:56
82Cathy MoncassinFranceCanadian/French Composite45:25
83Amy WilliamsThe United StatesContender Bicycles49:21
84Jeanne McFallThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products52:32
85Theresa KornThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO57:46
86Emily WestbrookThe United StatesContender Bicycles58:05
87Kate Farrell GrayThe United StatesTREK59:58
88Mirella van MelisNetherlandsDutch National1:02:50
89Troy WatsonThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO1:13:59


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