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June 23/01 11:20 am - HP Women's Classic: Stage 12 Complete Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/23/01

HP Women's Challenge

Stage 12: Wirestone Statehouse Criterium in Downtown Boise , 34.7 miles/55.5km

1Marielle van ScheppingenNetherlandsDutch National1:22:02
2Catherine MarsalFranceIntersports
3Kimberly SmithThe United
4Roz Reekie-MayNew ZealandBoise Cascade Office Productsall s.t.
5Amber NebenThe United StatesEarthlink0:03
6Lyne BessetteCanadaSaturns.t.
7Petra RossnerGermanySaturn0:41
8Chantal BeltmanNetherlandsDutch National0:43
9Anna MillwardAustraliaSaturn
10Mirella van MelisNetherlandsDutch Nationalboth s.t.
11Katia LonghinItalyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard0:44
12Judith ArndtGermanyGerman National
13Sandrine MarcuzFranceCanadian/French Composite
14Jeannie LongoFranceOffice Depot
15Katrina BergerThe United
16Charmain BreonThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO
17Gail LongeneckerThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products
18Sarah KonradThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products
19Melanie SearsGreat BritainBritish National
20Ceris GilfillanGreat BritainBritish National
21Naomi WilliamsAustraliaOffice Depot
22Rasa PolikeviciuteLithuaniaAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard
23Jen DialThe United StatesOffice Depot
24Vera HohlfeldGermanyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard
25Angela HillengaNetherlandsDutch National
26Pam WolkoffThe United StatesEarthlink
27Pia SundstedtFinlandIntersports
28Cybil DiguistiniCanadaCanadian/French Composite
29Stacey PetersThe United
30Sue CarterGreat BritainBritish National
31Trixi WorrackGermanyGerman National
32Caroline AlexanderGreat BritainIntersports
33Sandy EspesethCanadaIntersports
34Joan WilsonThe United StatesOffice Depot
35Elizabeth EmeryThe United StatesIntersports
36Helen KellyAustraliaOffice Depot
37Brenda BlackThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO
38Jessica PhillipsThe United StatesOffice Depot
39Krystyna KrasThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO
40Mary Ann FleckensteinThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place
41Brooke BlackwelderThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place
42Andrea RatkovicThe United
43Ghita BeltmanNetherlandsDutch National
44Alison SydorCanadaCanadian/French Composite
45Anne SamploniusCanadaIntersports
46Alison BergesonThe United StatesContender Bicycles
47Julie YoungThe United
48Jolanta PolikeviciuteLithuaniaAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard
50Meshy HoltNew ZealandBoise Cascade Office Products
51Emma DaviesGreat BritainBritish National
53Emily ThorneThe United StatesTREK
54Emily WestbrookThe United StatesContender Bicycles
55Tina LiebigGermanyGerman National
56Jennifer StevensThe United StatesEarthlink
57Lysle WilhelmiThe United
58Ina-Yoko TeutenbergGermanySaturn
59Kristy ScrymgeourAustraliaSaturn
60Rachel HealGreat BritainContender Bicycles
61Susy PrydeNew ZealandAutoTrader.comall s.t.
62Jaqueline BrabenetzGermanyGerman National2:02
63Dotsie CowdenThe United StatesEarthlink2:53
64Mary McLaurinThe United StatesContender Bicycles2:55
65Muffy RoyThe United StatesVoler3:54
66Catherine CardwellThe United States800.com4:05
67Tina Skelley-KunstbeckThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO4:18
68Cathy MoncassinFranceCanadian/French Composite4:33
69Letizia GiardinelliItalyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packards.t.
70Laura ShufordThe United StatesTREK5:27
71Angela BrodtkaGermanyGerman Nationals.t.
72Troy WatsonThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO6:49
73Suzanne ThomasGreat BritainContender Bicycles
74Becky BjorkThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Placeboth s.t.
75Ann Marie MillerThe United StatesVoler6:49
76Liza RachettoThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place8:11
77Sima TrappThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place11:41
78Amy WilliamsThe United StatesContender Bicycles13:38
DNFSarah UlmerNew
1Lyne BessetteCanadaSaturn25:41:19
2Judith ArndtGermanyGerman Nationalat 4:55
3Rasa PolikeviciuteLithuaniaAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard9:53
4Petra RossnerGermanySaturn11:53
5Jeannie LongoFranceOffice Depot12:45
6Vera HohlfeldGermanyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard13:44
7Anna MillwardAustraliaSaturn14:56
8Chantal BeltmanNetherlandsDutch National15:01
9Ceris GilfillanGreat BritainBritish National18:17
10Caroline AlexanderGreat BritainIntersports20:08
11Jolanta PolikeviciuteLithuaniaAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard20:56
12Pia SundstedtFinlandIntersports22:49
13Katrina BergerThe United StatesAutoTrader.com23:51
14Sandy EspesethCanadaIntersports24:06
15Amber NebenThe United StatesEarthlink24:23
16Roz Reekie-MayNew ZealandBoise Cascade Office Products24:44
17Trixi WorrackGermanyGerman National25:55
18Rachel HealGreat BritainContender Bicycles28:36
19Katia LonghinItalyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard30:38
20Jessica PhillipsThe United StatesOffice Depot31:08
21Emma DaviesGreat BritainBritish National31:47
22Nicole DemarsCanada800.com33:13
23Joan WilsonThe United StatesOffice Depot34:30
24Sandrine MarcuzFranceCanadian/French Composite34:36
25Kimberly SmithThe United StatesAutoTrader.com34:52
26Leah GoldsteinCanada800.com34:53
27Cybil DiguistiniCanadaCanadian/French Composite35:32
28Susy PrydeNew ZealandAutoTrader.com35:50
29Alison SydorCanadaCanadian/French Composite36:34
30Tina LiebigGermanyGerman National38:11
31Sarah KonradThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products39:12
32Julie YoungThe United StatesAutoTrader.com39:22
33Lysle WilhelmiThe United States800.com40:05
34Dotsie CowdenThe United StatesEarthlink40:57
35Andrea RatkovicThe United States800.com42:59
36Meshy HoltNew ZealandBoise Cascade Office Products45:01
37Ghita BeltmanNetherlandsDutch National45:22
38Melanie SearsGreat BritainBritish National45:30
39Jen DialThe United StatesOffice Depot47:55
40Suzanne ThomasGreat BritainContender Bicycles49:23
41Catherine CardwellThe United States800.com51:41
42Krystyna KrasThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO55:49
43Brooke BlackwelderThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place57:27
44Stacey PetersThe United States800.com58:13
45Gail LongeneckerThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products1:01:40
46Emily ThorneThe United StatesTREK1:02:06
47Kristy ScrymgeourAustraliaSaturn1:02:19
48Ina-Yoko TeutenbergGermanySaturn1:02:21
49Marielle van ScheppingenNetherlandsDutch National1:02:32
50Brenda BlackThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO1:02:44
51Pam WolkoffThe United StatesEarthlink1:02:59
52Alison BergesonThe United StatesContender Bicycles1:03:20
53Catherine MarsalFranceIntersports1:06:01
54Elizabeth EmeryThe United StatesIntersports1:07:02
55Anne SamploniusCanadaIntersports1:07:02
56Becky BjorkThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place1:10:49
57Helen KellyAustraliaOffice Depot1:13:38
58Charmain BreonThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO1:18:39
59Letizia GiardinelliItalyAcca Due O Hewlett - Packard1:21:42
60Angela HillengaNetherlandsDutch National1:21:42
61Naomi WilliamsAustraliaOffice Depot1:24:16
62Jennifer StevensThe United StatesEarthlink1:28:14
63Mary Ann FleckensteinThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place1:29:00
64Jaqueline BrabenetzGermanyGerman National1:29:04
65Mary McLaurinThe United StatesContender Bicycles1:31:54
66Muffy RoyThe United StatesVoler1:32:45
67Sue CarterGreat BritainBritish National1:36:43
68Laura ShufordThe United StatesTREK1:39:15
69Sima TrappThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place1:40:46
70Angela BrodtkaGermanyGerman National1:43:34
71Tina Skelley-KunstbeckThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO1:45:42
72Cathy MoncassinFranceCanadian/French Composite1:48:49
73Mirella van MelisNetherlandsDutch National1:56:17
74Liza RachettoThe United StatesGoldy's/Grove Street Place1:59:15
75Ann Marie MillerThe United StatesVoler2:00:45
76Amy WilliamsThe United StatesContender Bicycles2:20:10
77Emily WestbrookThe United StatesContender Bicycles2:27:50
78Troy WatsonThe United StatesWebcor-AV/TALGO2:53:15
Team GC
2Acca Due O Hewlett - Packard24:25
5German National49:13
6Office Depot54:19
7Boise Cascade Office Products1:09:52
8British National1:10:25
10Canadian/French Composite1:26:14
11Dutch National1:30:12
13Contender Bicycles1:50:17
15Goldy's/Grove Street Place2:56:50


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