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July 10/01 3:37 am - London (Ontario) O-Cup

Posted by Editor on 07/10/01

London Road Race, O-Cup Road Series #5
Courtesy LCW Merrill Lynch Racing Team

Thorndale, Ontario: July 8, 2001

Cadet (U17) Men- 54km Club
1 Mike Barylski KHS Bicycles

Junior Men- 90km Club
1 Phillipe Marion Team Saeco ( PQ )
2 Ryan DeBoer Mississauga BRC
3 Jordan Standevan N/A
4 Ian Cole LCW Merrill Lynch RT
5 Nathan Infantino St Catharines CC

Senior 3 Men- 90km Club
1 Chris Atkins Mississauga BRC
2 Andrew Doble Team Hardwood CC
3 Tyrone Singh Ziggy's CC
4 Ben Ayson Mississauga BRC
5 Brett McCanneil Halton R&T
6 Matt Pyatt N/A
7 Jason Grover N/A
8 Paul Skafel Gears Racing
9 Jim Shembri N/A
10 Steve Amos Waterlo Flying Dogs
11 Shawn Ito Caledon CC
12 Wayne Tomkins Maple Leaf CC
13 Shawn Marshall N/A
14 Trevor Koker True North
15 Jeff Shiller Ind.
16 Stewart Mckay Gears Racing
17 Tim Carelton Ind.
18 Nathan Infantino St Catharines CC
19 Jared Whitside Ind.
20 N/A N/A

Master A 30-39 Men- 90km Club
1 Chris Wood Waterloo Flying Dogs
2 Ed Makarchuk Halton R&T
3 Brian Pedersen Waterloo Flying Dogs
4 Russell Jones St Catharines CC
5 Keith Peck Ziggy's CC
6 Dave Dermont True North
7 Brad Nicol LCW Merrill Lynch RT
8 Mark Dwyre Multi-Laser RT
9 Chris Kiziak Halton R&T
10 Duncan Salisbury Halton R&T
11 Garnett Abbey Halton R&T
12 Jeff Chow Maple Leaf CC
13 Greg Cushing Multi-Laser RT
14 Stephan Deschales Ind.
15 Roberto Van Maple Leaf CC
16 Christpher Mathias Ind.
17 Cameron Severin St. Catharines CC
18 Bob West St. Catharines CC
19 David Thompson Ind.
20 David Canpbell Ind.
21 Phill Vermette Juventis
22 Jeff Archbold Mississauga BRC
23 Chris Granger Multi-Laser RT
24 Ian Fisher Cyclepath Oakville RT
25 Derek Koops Mississauga CC
26 Stefan Kramer St. Catharines CC
27 Stuart Green St. Catharines CC
28 Fulvio Cubello Racer Sportif Aquila CC
29 Laurence Akot Ind.
30 Lee Fraser Multi-Laser RT

Master B/C/D40+ Men- 90km Club
1 Charlie Squires (B) LCW Merrill Lynch RT
2 Rob Good (B) Waterloo Flying Dogs
3 Fred Campbell (C) Hamilton CC
4 Alex Dametto ( ? ) Ind.
5 Stuart Connell (?) Waterloo Flying Dogs
6 Grant Strahl (B) Newmarket Eagles CC
7 Steve Copeland (?) LCW Merrill Lynch RT
8 Mike Viel (B) Pavan
9 John Parkinson (D) Newmarket Eagles CC
10 Bob Steer (?) LCW Merrill Lynch RT
11 Allan Stolaryk (B) Bicycles Plus
12 Drew Harvie (C) Mississauga BRC
13 Jonathan Murphy (B) Halton R&T
14 Craig Vedova (B) LCW Merrill Lynch RT
15 Chris Ford (B) Waterloo Flying Dogs
16 Mennow Bos (B) LCW Merrill Lynch RT
17 Rob Cheskey (B) Hamilton CC
18 Fred Pepper (B) Hamilton CC
19 David Pierce (B) Newmarket Eagles CC
20 Craig Doucette (B) LCW Merrill Lynch RT

Women- 90km Club
1 Amy Jarvis Equipe Cycliste Rona
2 Julia Farrell Team Asteria-Freewheel
3 Ann Turrin Ind.
4 Merrill Collins Woodbridge Italia
5 Cara Gillis LCW Merrill Lynch RT
6 Suzan Frerova Espoirs De Lavalle (PQ)
7 Diana May (M) LCW Merrill Lynch RT
8 Linda Simonsen Oakville CC
9 Susan Trimble Gears Racing

Senior 1/2 Men- 126km Club
1 Dan Maggiacomo Cycling Team
2 Joe Guiliano Cycling Team
3 Michael Moore Gears Racing
4 Raymond Duggan Toronto CC
5 Pat Shea Atlas C.S. / Ital Pasta
6 Michael Luther Knapps Ready Pack
7 Aaron Fillion Ind.
8 Alian Guimont Espoirs de Laval (PQ)
9 Josh Hall Cycling Team
10 Antoine Varghese Atlas C.S. / Ital Pasta
11 Piers Davidge Mississauga BRC
12 George Neuman Helens Truck VW
13 Darko Ficko Woodbridge Italia
14 Roy Zucchetto Pavan
15 David Fry RNH Racing
16 Hans Ulsrud Ind.
17 Brendan Cameron Cycling Team
18 Greg Cavanagh Cyclepath Oakville RT
19 Jeff Weber Gears Racing
20 Tim Oliver Giant Bicycles
21 Damien Matthews St. Catharines CC
22 Craig Deveer Gears Racing
23 Matthew Bonn Maple Leaf CC
24 Chris Lech St. Catharines CC
25 Greg Boileau Ind.
26 Marc-Wayne Addison Team Saeco
27 Nathan Chown Ind.
28 Rino Lapiccrella Pavan
29 Barry Reid Maple Leaf CC
30 Andrew Hickman Gears Racing
31 Chris Isaac Newmarket Eagles CC
32 Jason Valenti Cyclepath Oakville RT
33 Matthew King Ind.
34 Ryan Roth Mississauga BRC
35 Bruce Krip RNH Racing
36 Chris Paton Gears Racing
37 Dean Peddle Mississauga BRC
38 Stirling McArthur Gears Racing

Organizer: Chris Helwig
Chief Commissaire: Peter McCaffery


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