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July 15/01 11:13 am - Canada Cup XC #3

Posted by Editor on 07/15/01

Canada Cup XC #3

Results from the Canada Cup cross-country held in Fernie, B.C.

Senior Elite Women
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/Sponsor
1Premont, Marie-HelenePQOryx2:06:33
2Sinclair, TrishBCFord / Devinciat 1:14
3Bisaro, KiaraBCTrek Canada3:34
4Townsend, ClaireBCOryx6:47
5Yew, AnnABTrek8:41
6Dickson, LisaBCCorsa Cycles12:11
7Simms, WendyBCSteed Cycles12:50
8Hall-Patch, ClaireBCNorco12:53
9Walter, SandraBC13:12
10Robichaud, LindaBCFord / Devinci13:51
11Trimble, SueONGears Racing14:11
12Starko, NikolaABRebound Cycle14:57
13Mawdsley, AngelaONBay Cycle Racing17:58
14Fedyna, MargABBow Cycle / CMC18:11
15Drew, EricaBCSpeed Queens20:36
16Piccone, CristinaBCBike Cellar21:18
17Hawthorne, TanyaBC22:13
18Schroeder, AnnieABPedalhead22:24
19Demars, JessicaABBike Shop25:10
20Tuck, CarrieABBow Cycle27:36
21Scheiber, MichelleBCFact Canada30:02
22Hood, ShannonSKCycledelia/Bike Doctor33:13
23Reimer, JenniferABEurotech45:27
24Bouz, MadelaineABUnlimited46:03
DNFVan Ierssel, JacquieON
DNFTrueman, KarenAB
DNSMacht, SuzanneBCDevo/Powerbar
Senior Elite Men
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/Sponsor
1Toulouse, MathieuPQFord / Devinci2:11:19
2Tourville, EricPQOryx / Procycleat 2:35
3Miles, ChadBCRoach3:58
4Hine, JulianONGears Racing4:08
5Federau, RickyBCRocky Mtn Bicycles6:54
6Hovey, CarterBCBolla-Bianchi7:24
7Hurley, BillPQOryx / Procycle8:26
8Bakker, OsmondONGears Racing8:57
9Schnyder, RuedyBCNorco9:36
10Curran, LucasONRocky Mtn Bicycles10:53
11Reain, GregONGears Racing11:12
12Hubregtse, MennoBCCycledelia12:20
13Savoy, RyanONGears Racing12:23
14Lega, RoddiABGreen Mtn Cycle14:31
15Ingham, RyanBCOlympia14:59
16Laroche, Jean-FrancoisPQFord / Devinci15:38
17Decore, MattABFreewheel16:35
18Sneddon, KrisBCKona17:26
19George, GregoryABUnlimited18:13
20Weber, JeffONGears Racing19:08
21Sebel, DylanBCFact Canada22:10
22Lynem, NickABOGC/Bike Pedlars24:46
23Boehm, MichaelBCGiant24:54
24Mark, JustinBCTeam Puke/Airbomb.com25:48
25Myers, DuaneABTerrascape Racing26:13
26Bolstad, JeffABEurotech26:39
27Anastasiadis, SeanABOlympia-Ragazzi27:27
28Garrigan, MikeONHardwood Hills27:59
29Patterson, MattONBay Cycle Racing29:24
30Collins, PatABDead Goat33:04
31Jetz, DaveABEurotech Cycle33:49
32Skinner, ThomasON35:13
DNFBoyko, GordisSKRock 'n Road
DNFDouglas, JamieBCRocky Mtn Bikes
DNFVunic, DaveBCOGC/Fisher
DNFLafontaine, MartinPQNestea
DNFMoffatt, BryanBCRocky Mtn Bikes
DNFMacKenzie, DrewBCBrodie/Ezup
DNFClifton, ChrisABSki Stop
DNFGrover, NeilMBNorco
DNFCooke, BrianABCafe Racers
DNFFarthing, RobABRiver Valley Cycle
DNFCrewe, DavidABEurotech Cycle
DNFHaviland, Kevin
DNFMarshall, DanONGears Racing
DNFDaniel, PaulABPayte Cycle
DNFWebster, MarkABDead Goat
Junior Expert Women
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/Sponsor
1McKirdy, Jean AnnBCOlympia1:48:20
2Jobin, Anne-MariePQat 4:48
3Feldmann, Martina BCMcBike4:54
4Vaillancourt, AudreePQSubaru / Specialized6:01
5Hupin, MathildePQSportif Bromont9:15
6Henry, KatarinaBCGreen Mtn Cycle10:51
7Coney, HelenaONHardwood Hills12:24
8Baker, BrookBCStorm BC/Evolution15:43
9Gosnell, LindsayAB31:33
Junior Expert Men
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/Sponsor
1Coates, AdamSKThe Bike Doctor1:53:52
2Routley, WillBCRocky MTN Bicyclesat 3:21
3Bussieres, FredericPQDurand Sport3:30
4Batty, EricONBay Cycle Racing5:47
5Watson, AndrewONBike Depot Racing6:53
6Bunnin, ShawnSKCycledelia/Trek7:59
7Fillion, JulienPQIntersport9:11
8Frudel, JeremyQCLa Vie Sportive12:37
9Bell, JustinABBike Pedlars13:51
10Widmer, StephanBC14:09
11Britton, RobSKRegina Cycle Club14:38
12Lazarski, MartinONZiggy's14:59
13Deane, K.C.USA18:03
14Little, TaylorABUnited Cycle21:06
15Morrison, CarlABSport Shack21:55
16Holloway, IsaacYKTeam Yukon23:45
17Gemmel, MattMBWoodcock Cycleworks26:11
18Acheson, JayABSport Shack28:09
19Lundgren, RylanMB30:04
20Redston, GilesBCKelowna Cycle30:13
21Kowalchuk, JarymBC35:35
22Strom, PerABSpokes & Attire40:09
23Holland, EricABOlympic Oval42:51
24Andersen, PhillipABRMB / NB Racing45:25
25Onka, AdamON56:17
26Kerr, BradSKOffroad Syndicate59:44
27Ernst, PatrickYKYukon Cycling1:08:15
DNFSherstobitoff, TimBCFresh Air Experience
DNFDouglas, MattONBay Cycle Racing
DNFSkinner, DanONBay Cycle Racing
DNFOwen, MartinYKTeam Yukon
DNFSieben, RyanABUnited Cycle
DNFLazarski, SimonONSilent Sports
DNFJordan, ChrisBCKelowna Cycle
DNFBevis, MattBCHarbor Air


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