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August 22/01 2:00 am - Canada Cup XC Final Standings

Posted by Editor on 08/22/01

2001 Canada Cup Cross-country Final StandingsCourtesy CCA

In the case of a tie on points, the most recent best result is ranked higher.

Only the Elite men & women (XC & DH) were required to start the Canada Cup final as a mandatory race. The final was not mandatory for all other Canada Cup categories.

There was a minimum participation requirement in place for all categories. An overall title was only awarded if at lease three riders attended three series events.

Elite Men
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/SponsorTotal PointsCC # 1 - ONCC # 2 - PQCC # 3 - BCCC # 4 - ABFinal - BC
1Toulouse, MathieuPQFord / Devinci555155*1202002000
2Tourville, EricPQOryx / Procycle505*1151551751750
3Miles, ChadBCRoach5051751751550
4Hestler, AndreasBCRocky Mtn Bicycles445140130175
5Hine, JulianONGears Racing4251301401550
6Kabush, GeoffBCKona400200200
7Federau, RickyBCRocky Mtn Bicycles400*120*100130130140
8Bakker, OsmondONGears Racing360*45*69110120130
9Hurley, BillPQOryx / Procycle355100*90115140*66
10Reain, GregONGears Racing330*60*6495115120
11Wedge, PeterNBKona295140155
12Schnyder, RuedyBCNorco295*64*4710590100
13Lega, RoddiABGreen Mtn Cycle290*66*4180100110
14Grover, NeilMBNorco27262105105
15Hubregtse, MennoSKCycledelia26090*6290*8080
16Sneddon, KrisBCKona246668595
17Lafontaine, MartinPQNestea2417180*6990
18Sebel, DylanBCFact Canada220*52756085
19Ingham, RyanBCOlympia217*33717571
20Patterson, MattONBay Cycle Racing21285*475869
21Savoy, RyanONGears Racing207*28*48856656
22Garrigan, MikeONHardwood Hills185*38*42486275
23Dennis, MichaelONGears Racing170586052
24Mark, JustinBCAirbomb.com165544764
25Myers, DuaneABTerrascape Racing160*47*45524860
26Barns, JonONShoppers Drug Market14242*325050
27Decore, MattABFreewheel14069710
28Hodgson, FredBCRocky Mtn Bicycles134444644
29Matheson, JamieONTeam Hardwood124344347
30Hawkes, CraigONGears Racing121432949
31Pruner, MichaelBCJohn Henry Bikes115115
32Lynem, NickABOGC 1035845
33Bolistad, JeffABEurotech Cycle9950490
34Carleton, TimothyONKona90182646
35Skinner, ThomasON7935440
36Clement, JeremyBCSteed Cycles6262
37Kornell, JamieBCRoach5858
38Daniel, PaulABPeyto Bicycles5454
39Wallace, WadeABPedalhead4848
40Stenning, GeorgeBCElemental Bikes4343
41Marshall, DanONGears Racing42420
42Haviland, KevinON41410
Non Title - Did not compete in the mandatory series final
Curran, LucasONRocky Mtn Bicycles30010510095
Carter, HoveyBCBolla-Bianchi29969110120
Laroche, Jean-FrancoisPQFord / Devinci28610571110
Mcgrath, SeamusBCHaro / Troy Lee200200
Darveau, MathieuPQLa vie sportive1809585
Provost, Jean-PhilippePQTrek / Andre Lalonde1758095
George, GregoryABUnlimited1186454
Visser, GuidoPQ115115
Anatasiadis, SeanMBOlympia1134964
Lafontaine, BrunoBCOGC / Gary Fisher110110
Jetz, DaveABEurotech Cycle102273045
Crewe, DavidABEurotech Cycle98302543
Boehm, MichaelBCGiant953956
Lech, ChrisONGary Fisher914150
Sanschargrin, StephanePQClub Beauport833449
McLeod, LeithMBOlympia803644
El-Ghuzal, ImadONNorco763937
Kyle, AndrewBCRoach Clothing7575
Beaucheman, EmmanuelPQ7575
Thibeault, BenPQLa Cordee704822
Carbonneau, IanPQAndre Lalonde6666
Weber, JeffONGears Racing6262
Lewis, JamieON612536
Misseghers, TroyABKona / Active Cycle6060
Farthing, RobABRiver Valley Cycle581642
Simard, BenoitPQDurand Sport5858
Lajeunesse, CedricPQ572235
Webster, MarkABBow Cycle5656
Jakomait, JesseON5656
Lapointe, DavidPQOGC / Gary Fisher5656
Delorme, SebastienPQLa Source du Sport5454
MacDonald, DanBCBile Cellar5454
Wells, SethBCSteed Cycles / Roach5252
Morneau, GillesPQ5252
Smit, RoderickON5050
Oliver, TimONGiant4949
Sauve, NeilONNorco482424
Collins, PatAB4646
Faulkner, JustinONWaterloo C.C.4646
Meunier, VincentPQDurand Sport4646
Kaulins, RonMBA & L Cycle / Ski4545
Elgar, AndrewONOakville C.C.4444
Paradis, MariaPQABC4343
Bilodeau, MartinPQ4040
LaRochelle, MikeONKHS Bicycles4040
Begin, FrancoisPQVie Sportive3838
Wheeler, ZacharyONBoyd's3737
Varney, JustinONOGC / Gary Fisher3333
Epp, DuaneONBoyd's3232
Leblanc, BernardPQDurand Sport3131
Reain, AlanON3131
Souter, DannyONNorther Multisport2929
Hittel, DustinONNorco2828
McNeil, ChrisNLCanary Cycles2727
Purvis, BlairONKHS Bicycles2626
Lebrun, VincentPQ2323
Lepine, JoeONBicycles Plus2323
Martindale, MattONJolleys2121
McCarthur, BrookON2121
Daggett, EricONThe Bike Shop2020
Smith, RyanONKHS Bicycles2020
Roth, GregONWoodstock C.C.1919
Ivey, ChrisON1717
Penfold, RobONU of T (OUMRC)1515
Fawcett, MichaelON1414
Elite Women
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/SponsorTotal PointsCC # 1 - ONCC # 2 - PQCC # 3 - BCCC # 4 - ABFinal - BC
1Bisaro, KiaraBCTrek / Smith555155200200
2Sinclair, TrishBCFord / Devinci550*155200175175
3Premont, Marie-HelenePQOryx550*1751752001750
4Townsend, ClaireBCOryx465*140155*140155155
5Robichaud, LindaBCFord / Devinci390130*120*100140120
6Yew, AnnABTrek380*110130120130
7Walter, SandraBCSpeed Queens330*105*105105110115
8Greene, LeslieONGT Canada290*6910080110
9Hawthorne, TanyaBC254*588069105
10King, HeatherONFly Gurlz230756095
11Trueman, KarenAB184525280
12Lawrie, SelenaBCJohn Henry Bike Shop16464100
13Piccone, CristinaBCBike Cellar1567185
14Chorney, EronABRocky Mtn Bicycles140140
15Spence, TamaraBC9090
16Hirtes, JocelyneON54540
Non Title - Did not compete in the mandatory series final
Simms, WendyBCSteed Cycles365120115130
Hall-Patch, ClaireBCNorco355115130110*105
Dickson, LisaBCCorsa Cycles355*9514012095
Drew, EricaBCSpeed Queens2526211575
Mawdsley, AngelaONBay Cycle Racing241906685
Scheiber, MichelleBCFact Canada212*54626090
Trimble, SueONGears Racing20511095
Redden, ChrissyONSubaru / Gary Fisher200200
Fedyna, MargABBow Cycle19580115
Starko, NikolaABRebound Cycle1759085
Lunstead, MelissaONSpeed Queens1708090
Schroeder, AnnieABPedalhead16666100
Cote, Marie-HelenePQBicycle Record1568571
DeWolfe, KarenNSRhino Bike Works1556095
Williams, StephanieONFly Gurlz1496485
Brown, JennyONGiant1416675
Van Ierssel, JacquieON1275671
Hood, ShannonSKBike Doctor1275869
Sanders, JuliePQDurand Sport100100
Thompson, PennyABKona7575
Bernier, MarisolPQOryx7171
Dozois, Anne-MariePQFisher6969
Austin, NancyBCJohn Henry Bike Shop6666
Demars, JessicaABBike Shop6464
Tuck, CarrieABBow Cycle6262
Temple, TraceyBCBike Cellar5858
Reimer, JenniferABEurotech5656
Kabush, DanelleONGears Racing5656
Bouz, MadelaineABUnlimited5454
Cunningham, KarleyPQSpecialized5252
Hoskins, LisaONHardwood Hills5252
Junior Men
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/SponsorTotal PointsCC # 1 - ONCC # 2 - PQCC # 3 - BCCC # 4 - ABFinal - BC
1Bussieres, FredericPQDurand Sport28585100*70*50100
2Coates, AdamSKThe Bike Doctor23030100100
3Trudel, JeremyPQLavie Sportive225*4070*378570
4Routley, WillBCRocky MTN Bicycles20560*328560
5Lazarski, MartinONZiggy's20410034*2970
6Watson, AndrewONBike Depot Racing1804550*3485
7Fillion, JulienPQIntersport17570*45*404560
8Batty, EricONBay Cycle Racing147*29506037
9Douglas, MattONBay Cycle Racing1243440*2850
10Sigston, BenjaminBCRocky MTN Bicycles1223785
11Couture, Pierre-AlexPQOGC / Gary Fisher923260
12Zandstra, DerekONBay Cycle Racing875037
13Kowalchuk, JarymBCHaro85212440
14Bunnin, ShawnSKCycledlia854540
15Thorpe, RyanONSilent Sports722745
16Kerr, CollinBCTeam John Henry662937
17Bell, JustinABBike Pedalers663432
18Deane, K.C.US582830
19Rupke, BrianONBay Cycle Racing562630
20Jordan, MichaelBCSmithers Cycling Club552134
21Acheson, JayABSport Shack532330
22Day, GregBCBrodie512427
23Lundgren, RyanMB502228
24Lazarski, SimonONSilent Sports502822
25Jordan, ChrisBCKelowna Cycle3232
26Widmer, StephanBC3232
27Brilton, RobSKRegina Cycling Club3030
28Sparling, JamieABOlympic Oval2929
29Rowbothan, LanceONOGC / Gary Fisher2929
30Laframboise, MaximePQTeam Cactus2828
31Little, TaylorABUnited Cycle2727
32Cote-Cright, Joel2727
33Holland, EricABThe Bike Shop2626
34Morrison, CarlABSport Shack2626
35Marier, Louis-RemyPQ2626
36Siaben, RyanABUnited Cycle2525
37Veillette, AlexandrePQLaferte Bicycle2525
38Holloway, IsaacYKTeam Yukon2525
39Edgar, GregONBialowski Trysport2525
40Gemmel, MattMBWoodcock Cycles2424
41Fawcett, MatthewONHardwood Hills2424
42Bevis, MattBCHarbor Air2323
43May, RyanONKamikaze2323
44Kuczynshi, ArthurOryx2323
45McMurdo, MattONBay Cycle Racing2222
46Jacques, SimonPQLa Vie Sportive2222
47Redston, GilesBCKelowna Cycle2121
48Deschenes, SebastienPQVelo Plein Air2121
Junior/U17 Women
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/SponsorTotal PointsCC # 1 - ONCC # 2 - PQCC # 3 - BCCC # 4 - ABFinal - BC
1Jobin, Anne-MariePQDurand Sport285100*8585100
2McKirdy, Jean AnnBCOlympia28510010085
3Feldmann, Martina BCMcBike2301007060
4Coney, HelenaONHardwood Hills2007070*40*5060
5Vallancourt, AudreePQSubaru / Specialized1958560*3750
6Hupin, MathildePQSportif Bromont170606050*45
7Blanchette, S-AnnePQTeam Sobe1558570
8Henry, KatarinaBCGreen Mtn. Cycle130454045
9Gauvin, StefaniePQClub Beauport954550
10Vipond, CatherineONBay Cycle Racing905040
11Galbraith, CydneyONKona7070
12Gagne, OliviaPQ4545
13Copland, ErinONKHS Factory4040
14Baker, BrookBCStorm BC3737
15Cote, KasandraPQ3737
16Morris, RebeccaABRocky Mtn Bike N' Board3434
17Gosnell, LindsayAB3434
18Bisson, JuliePQ3434
19Churchill, KimberleyABPedalhead Racing Club3232
20Paquin, ClaudiaPQ3232
U17 Men
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/SponsorTotal PointsCC # 1 - ONCC # 2 - PQCC # 3 - BCCC # 4 - ABFinal - BC
1Rasmessen, JordanBCRocky Mtn Bicycles270*501008585
2Conner, GavinABRebound Cycle2558510070
3Buckler, BrendonONHardwood Hills190607060
4Shankland, DougONZiggy's18510085
5Critchton, BrandonON18585100
6Batty, MarkONBay Cycle Racing10530*2630*2745
7Green, MatthewBCSteed Cycles100100
8MacDonald, MarkABIronhorse90283230
9Boogerd, JonathanBC843450
10Letourneau, MathieuPQ7070
11Eades, BradRocky Mtn Bicycles7070
12Bwylski, MichaelONLondon / KHS7070
13Grant, ZachAB662937
14Hennessy-Moore, JohnABBryans Ski & Cycle643034
15Eastmead, KeeganABSport Shack602832
16Thorpe, ChrisONSilent Sports603228
17Abbott, PhilippeABThe Bike Shop6060
18Schaffer, MartyABBicycle Café6060
19Mercier, BenedictPQ6060
20Crump, ShaunBC5050
21Whitten, AlanABSport Shack5050
22Barylski, MichaelONKHS Bicycles5050
23Sciglianp, VinceAB4545
24Vennes, Jean-FrancoisPQ4545
25Pilote, Jean-Luc NBChaleur Cycling4545
26McArthur, JerryBCStorm4545
27Douglas, KyleONBay Cycle Racing4040
28Atkinson, SpencerABThe Bike Shop4040
29Savoy, TylerONGears Racing4040
30Loughran, JeffBC4040
31Boily, HugoPQ4040
32Beeson, TrevorBC3737
33Lacertu, Jean-NicolasPQ3737
34Guse, MatthewONWaterloo C.C.3737
35Giesbercht, JordanBCEscape Velocity3737
36Bain, BrianABBow Cycle3434
37Homier, RamPQ3434
38Boucher, CabrelMBOlympia3434
39Yau, StevenAB3232
40Myrand, RenaudPQ3232
41Boulanger, JonathanPQLaferte3030
42Pirie, IanBC2929
43Walker, MatthewSKDoug's Spoke N' Sport2929
44Thuss, AdamONSilent Sports2929
45Happy, SimonPQ2929
46Belanger, GabrielPQ2828
47Manning-Dewar, WarrenPQ2727
48Dewey, FergusBC2727
49Sherman, BlaineAB2626
50Koss, NathanBC2626
Master Expert Men (30-39)
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/SponsorTotal PointsCC # 1 - ONCC # 2 - PQCC # 3 - BCCC # 4 - ABFinal - BC
1Bilous, KenABBow Cycle2401007070
2Wade, GaryBCOGC / Gary Fisher18510085
3Lapointe, PaulMBOlympia18510085
4Mann, RobertONKHS Bicycles1558570
5Charuk, MikeBCNatural Earth Racing14050*405040
6Rodland, RickBCBrodie1106050
7Greenaway, ShawnBCRocky Mtn Bicycles10640*293432
8Dermont, DavidONTrue North1047034
9Rendall, ReeceONGary Fisher103*25323734
10Caswell, DavidBCBonzai Cycle103284530
11Achtem, GregABBow Cycle103344029
12Ross, ScottBCTantalus100100
13Gloade, CurtisONWaterloo C.C.100100
14Hedstrom, NewellSKBike Doctor872760
15Montgomery, ScottABEurotech Cycle8585
16Masse, FredericPQABC8585
17Fedyk, JeffBCTantalus823745
18Lowes, BrentON824537
19Hambleton, BrentABBICI Sport80263024
20Gazsi, DavidONSportable79242827
21Williams, KevinSKBike Doctor7070
22Irvine, JohnBCGiant6060
23Orschel, EricONSilent Sports6060
24Hamel, LucPQOGC / Gary Fisher6060
25Tanemura, BarryBCSkookum Cycle552728
26Martinek, PaulON512922
27Smith, RodABCalgary Cycle5050
28Jean, MichelPQRDI5050
29Fournier, ChristianPQVie Sportive4545
30Doyle, PatAB4545
31Bongard, JamesONKHS Bicycles442321
32Blais, Jean-FrancoisPQ4040
33Clarkson, MikeON3737
34Cauchon, FredericPQMont - Velo3737
35Kalinowski, JohnONChain Reaction3434
36Aldworth, DarlyONKHS Bicycles332112
37Bierd, DanielABBICI Sport3232
38Neal, SteveON3232
39Collins, MikeON3232
40Recoskie, ScottONBay Cycle Racing311813
41Wood, ChrisONWaterloo C.C.3030
42Sudlow, PaulABCalgary Cycle3030
43Gauthier, DanielPQ3030
44Bayly, KeithABSingletrack Cycle2929
45Gauthier, MartinPQOGC / Gary Fisher2929
46Prinz, MichaelABSingletrack Cycle2828
47Thomlison, BrentONWaterloo C.C.2828
48Potvin, StevePQCVM Saturn2727
49Pederson, BrianONWaterloo C.C.2727
50Laprade, AndreBC2626
51Shearer, TracyABTrailraiders2626
52Makarchuk, EdONHalton2626
53Blain, LucPQOGC / Gary Fisher2626
54Bate, JohnABSpokes & Attire2525
55Andersen, RossABJuventus2525
56Gasienica, RobertABGS Campione2525
57Fortin, NicolasPQVie Sportive2525
58Villeneuve, PatrickPQ2424
59Brodzinski, TomAB2424
60Dean, KenBCKona2323
61Vocelle, StevePQFord / Devinci2323
62Boudreault, EricPQMont - Velo2323
63Klassen, SteveBC2222
64Stone, PaulON2222
65Phillips, RossYKTeam Yukon2222
66Jones, ToddBC2121
67Lemaire, EricPQ2020
68Barnett, PhilipON2020
69Roddy, EdwardON1919
70Galarneau, JacquesPQOGC / Gary Fisher1919
71Adams, MartyON1818
72Webb, JohnON1717
73Mercier, PierrePQRecord1717
74Pollard, RodneyONCyclepath1616
75Brabant, StephanePQ1616
76Thibodeau, YvesPQRDI1515
77Cameron, BillONEcclestone Cycle1515
78Grypimios, EricPQRDI1414
79Box, AndrewONWoodstock CC1414
80Redden, ChrisON1313
81Moo Choy, NigelON1212
82Stevens, BradleyON1111
Master Expert Men (40+)
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/SponsorTotal PointsCC # 1 - ONCC # 2 - PQCC # 3 - BCCC # 4 - ABFinal - BC
1Findlay, PeterBCOGC / Fisher300100100100
2Routley, TonyBCRocky Mtn. Bicycles2408585*70*7070
3Harvey, PierrePQOryx18510085
4Daechsel, TimBCDairy Queen / Bike Barn1708585
5Laycock, GlenON16010060
6McPalen, DonABDynamic943460
7Jones, DarceyABSpoke & Attire854045
8Funk, JackABTerrascape823250
9Harris, RichardONNorther Cycle Ajax7070
10Garceau, SergePQMoto Performance7070
11Bandura, JeffBCAlder Grove673037
12CockShutt, DeanABSoma Cycle662937
13Juryn, RichardBCSteed Cycles6060
14James, DennisONKHS6060
15Boorman, BobYKTeam Yukon6060
16Bleulrz, UrsBCHigh Boat Café5050
17Rivard, AlainPQLa Cordee5050
18Buffet, JamesOND'Ornellas5050
19Brezsnyak, TimAB5050
20Zaugg, WalterBCSpok'n Motion4545
21Ridpath, RobertON4545
22Oliver, GeorgeBC4545
23Morency, EtiennePQ4545
24Graham, PhilipBCSun Country Cycle4040
25Breau, ClaudeABBICI Sport4040
26Stewart, IanPQOttawa Bicycle Club4040
27Parenteau, RejeanPQLaferte Bicycle4040
28Hendry, NeilONBoyd's3737
29Froehler, GaryAB3737
30Boily, MarcPQUltra Violet3737
31Carleton, RobertON3434
32Mak, TommyABCrankmasters3434
33Leblanc, PaulPQ3434
34Bailey, JoeON3434
35Bant, PeterBCDizzy Cycles3232
36Steenaerts, ThomasABEurotech3232
37Whitmore, SteveON3232
38Theriault, PaulPQOGC / Fisher3232
39Fogels, KarlisBC3030
40Yau, HenryABBow Cycle3030
41Sule, RobONChain Reaction3030
42Avann, GordON3030
43Sim, PaulBCDizzy Cycles2929
44Churchill, PeterABPedalhead Racing Club2929
45Newman, Duncan2929
46Dube, JacquesPQCVM / Saturn2929
47Stegger, DarrenBCSun Country Cycle2828
48Keller, LawrenceABBow Cycle2828
49Smith, GrahamABUnlimited2828
50Olynyk, RichON2828
51Garceau, AlainPQLa Cordee2828
52Zelensky, MichaelABPedalhead Racing Club2727
53Hupin, PaulPQ2727
54Gawinski, TedON2727
55Cowan, JoeyAB2727
56Tremblay, MartinPQLa Cordee2626
57Reid, ChrisONUxbridge Cycling Club2626
58Bellinger, KarlON2626


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