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March 18/02 9:30 am - Redlands Classic: Women's Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 03/18/02

Redlands Classic - California

Women's Final GC

1Judith Arndt GERSaturn9:13:23
2Genevieve Jeanson CANRONAat 10:30
3Andrea Hannos CANRONA11:57
4Lyne Bessette CANSaturn13:03
5Susy Pryde NZLTalogoamerica Cycling17:54
6Lara Ruthven USACannondale-USA18:32
7Caroline Alexander GBRTotal Trainer 19:10
8Susan Palmer-Komar CANTalogoamerica Cycling19:27
9Mari Holden USACannondale-USA19:33
10Manon Jutros CANRONA19:41
11Alison Dunlap USALuna19:48
12Cybil Diguistini CANDiet Rite20:48
13Trish Choo USAHelens/Trek/VW20:48
14Alison Sydor CANCanadian National20:55
15Tina Mayolo-Pic USADiet Rite21:16
16Rhonda Quick USAHelens/Trek/VW21:38
17Kelli Emmett USALuna23:05
18Kim Anderson USACannondale-USA23:22
19Sue Thomas GBRTotal Trainer 23:44
20Amy Jarvis CANRONA24:59
21Barbara Blatter SUITotal Trainer 25:03
22Kori Kelly USADiet Rite25:51
23Stacey Peters USABianchi USA25:56
24Nicole DeMars CANBianchi USA26:08
25Joan Wilson USATalogoamerica Cycling26:57
26Belem Guererro AC Mexiquence26:59
27Sue Haywood USA 28:17
28Katrina Berger USACannondale-USA32:36
29Lesley Tomlinson CANCanadian National33:26
30Erin Carter CANCanadian National35:08
31Heather Cole CAN 36:47
32Jennifer Wilson USABiogen40:24
33Cheryl Binney USADiet Rite41:42
34Gabriela Gonzales De Ferrat MEXAmoroso's41:50
35Jenny Eyerman USABianchi USA1:16:09
36Giselle Trahan CANVoler1:29:06
37Gail Longenecker USARONA1:30:53
38Catherine Powers USA 1:31:15
39Joanne Kiesanowski NZLDiet Rite1:44:22
40Dotsie Cowden USACannondale-USA1:45:03
41Erin Mirabella USAHelens/Trek/VW1:45:55
42Deborah Durand USAHelens/Trek/VW1:46:04
43Kimberly Davidge CANSaturn1:47:16
44Maatje Benassi USA 1:47:57
45Trish Sinclair CANCanadian National1:48:05
46Cynthia Mommsen USA 1:49:24
47Gina Hall USALuna1:50:25
48Jennifer Stevens USAPaa/Javelin1:50:51
49Gina Grain CANBianchi USA1:52:32
50Emma Davies GBRTotal Trainer 1:54:12
51Kirstin Fisher USAVoler1:55:25
52Joy Shaffer USALos Gatos1:55:26
53Cynthia Carroll USA 1:56:45
54Nicole Freedman USARONA1:57:24
55April Henderson USAVoler1:58:23
56Kiara Bisaro CANCanadian National1:58:31
57Desira Utzig USAPaa/Javelin1:58:35
58Mina Pizzini USADiet Rite1:58:39
59Lisa Hunt USA 1:59:38
60Ivana Bisaro CANVoler1:59:49
61Meredith Miller USATalogoamerica Cycling1:59:52
62Melissa Sanborn USAVitamin Cottage2:01:48
63Christine Vardaros USATotal Trainer 2:01:53
64Riley McAlpine USAHelens/Trek/VW2:02:05
65Dara Rogers USAHelens/Trek/VW2:02:27
66Lauren Franges USAAmoroso's2:03:01
67Renee Eastman USAVitamin Cottage2:06:12
68Lenora Felker USAAmoroso's2:10:11
69Karen Dodge USAVitamin Cottage2:10:37
70Sally Warner USABiogen2:13:32
71Daphne Perry USABiogen2:15:59
72Linda Biederman USA 2:16:04
73Lisa Milkavich USAVoler2:16:20
74Alexe Yeung HKGAmoroso's2:20:41
75Nicole Brandt USAPaa/Javelin2:31:44
76Jennifer Scott USAVitamin Cottage2:36:22
77Patricia McKay USA 2:40:12
78Patty Davis USALos Gatos2:40:29
79Martha Meyer USA 2:46:37
80Jennifer Petosa USAVitamin Cottage2:50:24
81Marisol Ponciano MEXAC Mexiquence2:51:16
82Maren Partridge-Osguthorpe USABiogen2:57:15
1Genevieve Jeanson CAN50 pts
2Judith Arndt GER35
3Lyne Bessette CAN29
4Andrea Hannos CAN15
5Caroline Alexander GBR14
6Mari Holden USA13
7Manon Jutros CAN6
8Susan Palmer-Komar CAN5
9Lara Ruthven USA3
10Susy Pryde NZL3
11Dotsie Cowden USA3
12Alison Dunlap USA2
FInal Team GC
2Cannondale-USAat 17:57
3TalgoAmerica Cycling24:04
4Total Trainer24:50
5Diet Rite25:12
6Canadian National46:15
8Bianchi USA1:28:50
10Luna Team1:53:55
11Amoroso's HH Racing4:09:19
14Vitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark5:32:40


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