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April 30/02 6:55 am - Mississauga Midweek Novice Results

Posted by Editoress on 04/30/02

Mississauga Midweek Novice Results
Courtesy Amit Ghosh and Peter Morse

Event #2 Apri. 29, 2002 Hershey Centre 24 km
Sponsored by La Bicicletta
6 deg C Wind 20 km/h SE

1. Gord Woolley         Brampton                44'06" (32.7 km/h)
2. David Ogryzlo        Mississauga             a 4"
3. Hank Verhoeven       Madonna                 st.
4. Bruce Camacho        D'Ornellas              st.
5. Alex Pond            Midweek CC              st.
6. Phil Moore           Midweek CC              st.
7. Jason Perreria       Ind.                    st.
8. Angus Botterell      Ind.                    a 20"
9. Mark Carli           Ind.                    st.
10.Noel Ramsey          D'Ornellas              a 35"
11.Ian Bell             Ind.                    a 20" (1 lap)
12.Martin Honsberger    Ind.                    st.
13.Carolyne Haill       Ind.                    st.
14.Hong-Yiu Cheung      Ind.                    st.
15.Anita Lagler         Brampton                (lap ?)

Prime: Hank Verhoeven

The riders were given an opportunity to practice in the wind and get a feel for how the wind would affect the racing. The wind broke apart the pack early on and made racing difficult. Thanks to the riders who came to coach the novice riders and thanks to Pavan for providing prizes for the Novice Series.

21 Starters, 15 Finishers

Note: The following riders have graduated to the Wednesday Night Series: Gord Woolley, David Ogryzlo, Hank Verhoeven, Bruce Camacho, Alex Pond and Phil Moore.


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