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June 4/02 12:01 pm - Hardood Hills Short Track: Photos & Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/4/02

Hardwood Hills - Short Track June 2/02

Photos from the short track by Chris Redden

Open Women 17+
1. Melanie McQuaid (BC) Saucony/Fisher/Powerbar/Sundog
2. Kiara Bisaro (BC) Gears Racing
3. Sue Trimble (ON) Gears Racing
4. Trish Sinclair (BC) Gears Racing
5. Sandra Walter (BC) KAPPA/ALPHA TECH
6. Danelle Kabush (ON) Gears Racing
7. Lisa Holmgren (ON) Bay Cycle Racing
8. Karen DeWolfe (NS) Rage/Harpoon
9. Angela Mawdsley (ON) Bay Cycle Racing
10. Nikola Starko (AB) Rebound Cycle
Open Men 19+
1. Peter Wedge (NB) Kona
2. Greg Reain (ON) Gears Racing
3. Ricky Federau (BC) Gears Racing
4. Carter Hovey (BC) Bianchi
5. Adam Bucklin (NH) Harpoon Brewery
6. Ben Sigston (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles
7. Julian Hine (ON) Gears Racing
8. Benjamin Moody (NY) Harpoon Brewery
9. Drew MacKenzie (BC) Roach/Race Face
10. Michael Dennis (ON) Gears Racing
11. Eric Batty (ON) Bay Cycle Racing
12. Shawn Bunnin (SK) Oakley Factory/Cycledelta
13. Will Routley (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles
14. Dustin MacBurnie (NS) Cyclesmith
15. Mark Webster (AB) BicisportSpecializedRudy Proj
16. Mike Garrigan (ON) Hardwood Hills
17. Matt Patterson (ON) Bay Cycle Racing
18. Andrew Watson (ON) Bianchi Canada
19. Julien Fillion (ON)
20. Neil Sauve (ON) Bianchi Canada
Junior Men 17-18
1. Derek Zandstra (ON) Bay Cycle Racing
2. Bradley Fairall (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles
3. Frederic Bussieres (PQ) Gears Racing
4. Andrew Cartwright (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles
5. Adam Coates (SK) Gears Racing
6. Stefan Widmer (BC) KHS Bicycles
7. Unknown Rider
8. Matthew Green (BC) Steed Cycles
9. Jean-Luc Pilote (NB) Cyclisme Chaleur
10. Peter Glassford (ON) Skiis and Bikes


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