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July 12/02 10:39 am - Cascade Classic: Women Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 07/12/02

Cascade Classic
Report Courtesy Saturn

Women Stage 1, 72 miles

Thursday was the first stage for the women at the Cascade Classic. They rode the same course and distance as the men. The starting field was small at only 41 riders and although the Saturn Team had only two representing here with Kim Bruckner and Jessica Phillips they quickly established themselves as the dynamic duo to beat.

On the McKenzie Pass climb Bruckner attacked and no one could respond and she quickly started gaining time on the small chase which formed behind her with Phillips riding shotgun. Gradually the chase weakened and split apart as the final climb approached until the entire field was in ones and twos up the climb. Bruckner finished a whopping 6:33 ahead of second place Heather Albert of Goldy's with third place Katherine Maher over a minute behind Albert.

1. Bruckner, Kimberly (Saturn)3:48:583:48:58
2. Albert, Heather (Goldy's)3:55:31at 6:33
3. Maher, Katharine (3 BRT)3:56:417:43
4. Goldstein, Leah (Hutch's)3:58:229:24
5. Snodgrass, Amy (Team Oregon)3:58:579:59
6. Wood, Susie (Lost Rivez)4:00:2011:22
7. Babbitt, Brooke (Team Goldy's)4:02:5013:52
8. Phillips, Jessica (Saturn)4:03:5414:56
9. Gonzalez de Ferrat, Gabriel Goldy's (Chula Vista)4:06:4017:42
10. Rachetto, Liza (Intermountain Orthopedic)4:10:1321:15
11. Demars, Nicole (Hutch's)4:11:0722:09
12. Espeseth, Sandy (Hutch's)4:11:4122:43
13. Trapp, Sima (Goldy's)4:12:2423:26
14. Calle, Maria Luisa (Seleccion Columbia)4:14:2625:28
15. Nakamura, Yukie (Webcor/AltoVelo)4:15:0826:10
16. Gaunt, Susanna (IntermountainCyclingOrg.)4:17:0428:06
17. Matlock, Lisa (FordNoBoundaries)4:18:3829:40
18. Pennington, Alice (TeamBikegalleryTREKVW)4:19:2230:24
19. Jaworski, Christina (MontaVistaVelo)4:20:3231:34
20. Magness, Lisa (IntermountainCyclingOrg.)4:22:0333:05
21. Sanborn, Melissa (Lost Rivez)4:22:3633:38
22. Beall, Allison (Armondos)4:24:1135:13
23. Rohan, Kerry (Lakeside)4:24:1835:20
24. Hunt, Lisa (The Olympic Club)4:29:3240:34
25. Jones, Kathleen (Five Valley Velo)4:35:0146:03
26. Gollogoly, Naomi (TeamBikegalleryTREKVW)4:36:4847:50
27. Bjork, Becky (IntermountainCyclingOrg.)4:37:1248:14
28. Holser, Kele (Armondos)4:43:2354:25
29. Stevens, Joanne (Sunnyside)4:44:5055:52
30. Erwin, Kristina (Lost River Cycling)4:47:0558:07
31. Conrad, Michele (RecycledCycles)4:55:021:06:04
32. Meyer, Martha (Colorado Velo)4:55:021:06:04
33. Loan, sheryl (Arctic Bike Club)5:01:441:12
34. Westbrook, Emily (Gregg'sTrek / VW)5:06:091:17
DNF. Stamm, Heidi (IntermountainCyclingOrg.)
DNF. Eller, Carolyn (Recycled Cycles Racing)
DNF. Legg, Margie (Five Valley Velo)
DNF. Broeder, Rebecca (IntermountainCyclingOrg.)


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