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May 31/03 6:00 am - Canada Cup XC #2: Results from Hardwood Hills

Posted by Editoress on 05/31/03

Hardwood Hills Canada Cup #2 Hardwood Hills, Ontario
Courtesy hardwood Hills

Junior Expert Men
1. Max Plaxton (BC) Gears Racing.com1:46:10.8
2. Mark Batty (ON) 3 Rox/Bay Cycleat 1:31.4
3. Jonathan Boulanger (PQ) Neste/Perigny2:29.2
4. Chris Thorpe (ON) 3 Rox/Bay Cycle3:50.1
5. Jean-Nicolas Lavertu (PQ) Durand Sport5:09.6
6. Jean-Francois Vennes (PQ) Equipe Record6:10.8
7. Luc Boily (QC) Gagnon Freres Dumoulin8:58.4
8. Jason Duffy (ON) Team Hardwood10:32.5
9. Justin Enns (MB) Olympia11:28.5
10. Adam Morka (ON) Team Hardwood11:35.2
11. Phil Bietz (MB) Olympia12:58.4
12. Kyle Douglas (ON) 3 Rox/Bay Cycle13:41.6
13. Jean Perron (PQ)14:45.7
14. Kevin Johnstone (ON) Uxbridge CC15:17.2
15. Ben Dawson (ON) McBride FitFix17:18.2
16. Eric Robertson (ON) Cycle Solutions18:24.5
17. Andrew Erb (ON) Jolleys Alt.Wheels21:10.3
18. Jon Benson (MB) Olympia22:56.3
19. Dave Vukets (ON) Waterloo CC27:24.1
20. Evan MacAlpine (ON)34:09.0
DNS. Tim Salkavskis (ON) McBride FitFix
DNS. Mike Hall (ON)
Elite Women
1. Karen DeWolfe (NS) Dried Plums/Bitz2:01:08.2
2. Sandra Walter (BC) Marin Canadaat 5:50.4
3. Danelle Kabush (ON) Gears Racing.com8:31.0
4. Linda Robichaud (BC) Norco Performance Bicycles9:08.5
5. Tanis Banks (BC)9:36.2
6. Sue Trimble (ON) Gears Racing.com10:10.9
7. Jean Ann McKirdy (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles10:26.4
8. Nikola Starko (BC) Oryx-Procycle10:46.6
9. Madelaine Bate (AB) Terrascape Racing10:47.2
10. Heather King (ON) Gears Racing.com11:28.8
11. Anne-Marie Jobin (PQ) Clinique/VeloSki11:54.6
12. Lisa Hoskins (ON) Team Hardwood12:20.1
13. Stephanie Martinek (ON)14:08.8
14. Julia Carbonneau (QC) CBSF-Normandin14:35.4
15. Marie-Helene Cote (PQ) Equipe Record15:07.4
16. Sophie Blanchette (PQ) Gears Racing.com17:09.8
17. Audree Vaillancourt (PQ) Equipe Record17:24.3
18. Mathilde Hupin (QC) Sportif Bromont17:51.1
19. Christy Love (BC) Krebs18:25.1
20. Celine Foreht (ON) Skiis&Biikes19:02.0
21. Kerri Graham (ON)19:17.4
22. Kasandra Cote (PQ) Normandin/CB SF19:27.6
23. Heather Stanley (ON) Team Hardwood19:59.0
24. Diana Joness (ON) Trail Hogs20:55.1
25. Allison Lampi (ON) KHS Bicycles Canada21:05.7
26. Karley Cunningham (ON) Fly Gurlz, Devinci23:12.0
27. Sarah Robbins (SK)24:52.1
28. Brigitte Lacaille (PQ) Normandin/CB SF26:07.7
29. Heather Morrissey (ON) Team McBride-Fitfix28:15.8
30. Nancy Manning (PQ) Ride with Rendall28:42.3
31. Nancy Austin (BC)28:57.7
32. Cyd Galbraith (ON)32:36.4
33. Sarah Hills (ON) flygurlz33:23.6
34. Jacquie VanIerssel (ON) 3Rox Racing37:06.1
35. Claudia Paquin (PQ) Laferte-VM38:17.1
36. Laura Whitehead (AB) OGC Canada39:34.7
37. Caroline VanVenBulk (ON) Norco Factory Team43:35.3
38. Karen Martinuk (AB) United Cycle/Titus43:39.9
D N S. Julie Sanders (PQ) Oryx-Procycle
DNF. Martina Feldman (BC) FACT Canada
DNF. Mary-Ellen Ash (ON) Bay Cycle 3 Rox Racing
D N S. Heather Johnstone (ON) True North Cycles
Elite Men
1. Seamus McGrath (ON) Haro/Lee Dungarees2:10:01.0
2. Roddi Lega (AB) United Cycle1:45.9
3. Perr Wedge (NB) Kona2:45.5
4. Carter Hovey (BC) Rider's Cycles4:14.1
5. Julian Hine (ON) Gears Racing.com4:29.8
6. Mike Garrigan (ON) Bianchi Canada4:32.7
7. Ricky Federau (BC) Gears Racing.com5:22.4
8. Jesse Jakomait (ON) Team Hardwood5:36.7
9. Kris Sneddon (BC) KONA CLARKS FACTORY TEAM7:42.9
10. James VanToever (PE) Morati/Honeywell8:00.8
11. Andrew Watson (ON) Bianchi Canada9:00.2
12. Benjamin Moody (NH) Dried Plums/Bitz9:04.1
13. Greg Reain (ON) Gears Racing.com9:42.0
14. Martin Lazarski (ON) Gears Racing.com10:02.7
15. Benoit Simard (PQ) Cycle Lambert10:08.3
16. Derek Zandstra (ON) 3 Rox/Bay Cycle10:41.9
17. Bruno Lafontaine (PQ) Nestea-Perigny10:45.0
18. Will Routley (BC) Whistler LodgingCo11:21.0
19. Mark Webster (AB) Bianchi Canada11:31.6
20. Matthew Patterson (ON) Gears Racing.com11:39.9
21. JeanPhilippe Provost (PQ) Oryx/Prorider Eye.11:41.6
22. Frederic Bussieres (PQ) Gears Racing.com12:05.9
23. C. C-Navarrette (MX) Morati/Honeywell13:00.4
24. Dustin MacBurnie (NS) World Sports Ex13:04.0
25. Adam Bucklin (NH) Dried Plums/Bitz13:06.1
26. Jeremy Trudel (PQ) Le Yeti13:22.8
27. Mark Leishman (NZ) Cabin Racing13:44.7
28. Adam Coates (SK) Gears Racing.com13:46.7
29. Stefan Widmer (BC)13:47.9
30. Jason Clement (NZ) Avanti Bikes14:01.1
31. Eric Batty (ON) 3 Rox/Bay Cycle14:15.7
32. Tim Oliver (ON) Gears Racing.com14:23.9
33. Eric Merlin (QC) CBSF Normandin16:15.4
34. Thomas Skinner (BC) KHS Bicycles16:28.0
35. Jason Shenkariuk (AB) OGCgaryfischer16:31.4
36. Jeff Weber (ON) Gears Racing.com17:08.4
37. P-Alexandre Couture (PQ) Club Sportif18:10.1
38. Brendan MacIntosh (BC)18:29.7
39. Mathew Hewitt (ON)19:34.9
40. Peter Glassford (ON) Skiis & Bikes19:47.6
41. Yoshito Tsuji (BC) oak bay bikes20:55.5
42. Timothy Carleton (ON) Sport Swap20:57.0
43. Michael Dennis (ON) Gears Racing.com21:47.4
44. Jamie Matheson (ON) Team Hardwood21:49.9
45. Alan Reain (ON) CycleLogik Racing22:33.2
46. Greg Edgar (ON) Algonquin Outfitters22:44.6
47. Menno Hubregtse (SK) Peyto Pedalhead OGC23:31.1
48. Andre Sutton (AB) Hardcore24:44.1
49. Justin Faulkner (ON) KHS Canada25:29.8
50. Edmond Blanchette (MB) Olympia25:46.7
51. Shawn Bunnin (SK) Kona/Oakley26:43.9
52. Tyler West (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles26:56.4
53. Kevan Cranmer (ON) Freewheel Cycle28:32.3
54. Ryan Ingham (SK) Olympia31:30.4
55. Justin Hines (ON) Liberty/Fitmass31:40.7
56. Adam McClounie (ON) Maple Leaf CC38:25.1
57. Matthew Richter (ON) AO Bikes & Boards40:58.2
58. Myers Duane Ashley (AB) Terrascape Racing42:00.0
59. Per Strom (AB) Gilisport/Spokes47:32.8
DNF. Ian Carbonneau (PQ) NesteaPerigny
DNF. Marc-Andre Daigle (PQ) Team Devinci
DNF. Dan Skinner (BC) KHS Bicycles
DNF. Ryan Thorpe (ON) 3 Rox/Bay Cycle
D N S. Osmond Bakker (ON) Bianchi Canada
D N S. Jonathan Palframon (ON) Pedal Performance
DNF. Matt Douglas (ON) 3 Rox/Bay Cycle
DNF. Martin Lafontaine (PQ) Commencal
DNF. Jamie Douglas (BC)
DNF. Thomas Freure (ON) Liberty/Kona
DNF. Blair Purvis (ON) KHS/Schwable
DNF. Joel Lepine (ON) Bicycles Plus


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