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June 1/03 8:58 am - Fort William World Cup: DH Qualifying Results, Notes from Scotland

Posted by Editoress on 06/1/03

Fort William World Cup
World Cup coverage sponsored byVélirium 2003

The seeding runs for the women's DH final and qualifications for the men (only 85 will race the final) were held earlier today. Both of the Canadians - Jordie Lunn and Trevor Porter , qualified.

Steve Peat, bandaged and bruised from last nights crash in the 4-Cross final, was considering not competing, changed his mind and qualified 12th.

XC racer Kashi Leuchs is branching out? He sent us these two photos of the crash that took down Lopes.
Lopes 1
Lopes 2

In the women's race, the most notable rider missing was Caroline Chausson. Chausson has decided to re-focus her season, moving to Red Bull style event and participating only in some of the more high profile races (the Alpe d'Huez World Cup in France).

Only in Scotland, eh! The #1 breakfast food of choice in the press tent, are the HUGE shortbread cookies.

Photos from yesterday's racing should be posted in the next hour (or so).

Results from this morning.

1. Celine Gros (Fra) Morzine Avoriaz4:49.360
2. Sabrina Jonnier (Fra)4:50.821.46
3. Tracy Moseley (GBr) Kona Clarks4:51.041.68
4. Nolvenn Le Caer (Fra)4:57.267.90
5. Emmeline Ragot (Fra) Maxxis-Msc4:57.558.19
6. Marielle Saner (Sui)5:01.5012.14
7. Vanessa Quin (NZl)5:01.6612.30
8. Marla Streb (USA) Luna Womensteam5:01.8012.44
9. Moi Suemasa (Jpn) Trek-Volkswagen5:02.4113.05
10. Lisa Sher (Usa)5:05.2815.92
11. Bernardita Pizarro (Chi)5:05.5616.20
12. Anneke Beerten (Ned)5:06.6917.33
13. Helen Gaskell (GBr)5:09.1519.79
14. Kathy Pruitt (USA) Luna Womensteam5:11.5822.22
15. Petra Bernhard (Aut) Siemens Mob. Cannondale5:12.0922.73
16. Sandra Walker (Sui)5:16.1726.81
17. Miriam Blas (Esp)5:16.8527.49
18. Anita Molcik (Aut)5:20.8931.53
19. Amelie Thevoz (Sui)5:23.7934.43
20. Lucy Loftus (GBr)5:24.0234.66
21. Violeta Janeiro (Esp)5:35.8946.53
22. Anja Rees Jones (GBr)5:39.9250.56
23. Fionn Griffiths (GBr)5:46.8357.47
24. Jules Coventry (GBr)5:56.511:07.15
25. Emily Horridge (GBr)5:57.531:08.17
26. Jaymie Mart (GBr)5:57.711:08.35
27. Rhian Atherton (GBr)5:58.291:08.93
28. Michelle Mccartney (Irl)6:55.582:06.22
29. Lesley Anderson (GBr)7:05.232:15.87
30. Petra Wiltshire (GBr) 8:14.883:25.52

1. Mickael Pascal (Fra) Maxxis-Msc4:08.650
2. Fabien Barel (Fra) Kona Clarks4:09.961.31
3. Cedric Gracia (Fra) Siemenscan.Dale4:12.293.64
4. Will Longden (GBr)4:15.436.78
5. Greg Minnaar (RSA)4:15.997.34
6. Christopher Kovarik (Aus)4:16.187.53
7. Julien Poomans (Fra)4:16.497.84
8. Bas De Bever (Ned) Be-One4:16.627.97
9. Justin Havukainen (Aus)4:18.8010.15
10. David Vazquez Lopez (Esp) Msc Bikes4:19.3710.72
11. George Atherton (GBr)4:19.6210.97
12. Steve Peat (GBr) Team Orange4:19.6711.02
13. Crawford Carrick-Anderson (GBr)4:20.6011.95
14. Dave Wardell (GBr)4:20.7112.06
15. Nathan Rennie (Aus)4:21.0112.36
16. Julien Camellini (Fra)4:21.8113.16
17. Damien Mermoud (Sui)4:22.3713.72
18. Samuel Hill (Aus)4:22.4013.75
19. Ivan Oulego Moreno (Esp)4:22.5813.93
20. David Klaassenvanoorschot (USA)4:22.7614.11
21. Chris Ball (GBr)4:22.9014.25
22. Bernat Guardia Pascual (Esp) Maxxis-Msc4:22.9414.29
23. Markolf Berchtold (Bra) Msc Bikes4:23.1414.49
24. Neil Donoghue (GBr)4:23.2914.64
25. Eric Carter (USA)4:23.7915.14
26. Daniel Atherton (GBr)4:23.9615.31
27. Pascual Canals Flix (Esp)4:24.2115.56
28. Marcus Klausmann (Ger)4:25.6216.97
29. Kris Hargreaves (GBr)4:25.7817.13
30. Matti Lehikoinen (Fin)4:25.9117.26
31. Mark Beaumont (GBr) Team Orange4:26.0817.43
32. Himar Sanchez (Esp) Msc Bikes4:26.4117.76
33. Adam Vagner (Cze)4:26.8518.20
34. Roger Gonzalez Salvador (Esp)4:26.9218.27
35. Nigel Page (GBr)4:27.3318.68
36. Ed Moseley (GBr)4:27.4118.76
37. Rob Warner (GBr)4:27.6218.97
38. Glyn O'brien (Irl)4:27.8119.16
39. Todd Leduc (USA)4:28.4819.83
40. Cesar Rojo (Esp)4:29.0920.44
41. Gertje Tholen (Ned)4:29.1320.48
42. Justin Leov (Nzl)4:29.4920.84
43. Michal Marosi (Cze)4:29.8621.21
44. Maciej Jodko (Pol)4:30.0321.38
45. Koen Valkenhoef (Ned)4:30.1421.49
46. Vlastimil Hyncica (Cze)4:30.4321.78
47. Jordie Lunn (Can)4:30.5321.88
48. Espen Johnsen (Nor)4:30.6622.01
49. Steve Barker (GBr)4:30.7022.05
50. Filip Matus (Cze)4:31.0422.39
51. Ashley Mullane (GBr)4:31.5222.87
52. Dan Harper (GBr)4:31.9223.27
53. Scott Beaumont (GBr)4:32.7024.05
54. William Corry (Irl)4:32.8624.21
55. Todd Bosch (USA)4:33.0724.42
56. Filip Polc (Svk)4:33.1324.48
57. Jon Cheetham (GBr)4:33.5524.90
58. Paul Angus (GBr)4:33.6925.04
59. Ashley Cross (GBr)4:34.0825.43
60. Oscar Saiz (Esp) Maxxis-Msc4:34.3725.72
61. Stuart Thomson (GBr)4:35.0126.36
62. Mathias Haas (Aut)4:35.0526.40
63. Romain Saladini (Fra) Msc Bikes4:35.4326.78
64. Ian Mcintosh (GBr)4:35.6927.04
65. Trevor Porter (Can)4:36.4927.84
66. Gregorz Zielinski (Pol)4:36.6628.01
67. David Young (GBr)4:37.0028.35
68. Nick Platt (GBr)4:37.1828.53
69. Rene Wildhaber (Sui)4:37.8629.21
70. Jamie Popham (Irl)4:38.3129.66
71. Kamil Tatarkovic (Cze)4:38.6329.98
72. Richard Cheetham (GBr)4:38.9030.25
73. Daniel Critchlow (GBr)4:39.0630.41
74. Ben Reid (Irl)4:39.3630.71
75. Shaun Keppler (RSA)4:39.4230.77
76. Mathieu Troquier (Ger)4:39.5030.85
77. Nicolas Ortiz (Fra)4:39.8931.24
78. Andrew Yoong (Irl)4:39.9331.28
79. Stuart Hughes (GBr)4:40.1531.50
80. Dave Smith (GBr)4:40.7232.07
81. Simon Parkinson (GBr)4:41.4032.75
82. Duane Stander (RSA)4:42.1133.46
83. Herman Oelund (Swe)4:42.2533.60
84. Tim Mackersy (Nzl)4:42.5233.87
85. Jordi Bago (Esp) Msc Bikes4:42.7634.11
Did not qualify
86. John Lawlor (Irl)4:42.8634.21
87. Daniel Kendrick (GBr)4:43.5734.92
88. Jonathan Brain (GBr)4:44.4735.82
89. Aidan Bishop (GBr)4:44.5135.86
90. Matej Charvat (Cze)4:44.7236.07
91. Ricardo Santana Ramos (Esp) Msc Bikes4:45.1036.45
92. Iain Cookson (GBr)4:45.7637.11
93. Szymon Syrzistie (Pol)4:45.8037.15
94. Colin Williams (GBr)4:46.3637.71
95. James Gould (GBr)4:46.5137.86
96. Martin Hoferek (Cze)4:47.2738.62
97. Chris Sinden (GBr)4:47.7239.07
98. Ferran Marias Sorribes (Esp) Maxxis-Msc4:48.5539.90
99. Daniel Auerswald (Ger)4:49.2240.57
100. Marco Fidalgo (Por)4:51.9543.30
101. Rudiger Jahnel (Aut)4:54.5645.91
102. Andre Wagenknecht (Ger)4:55.7847.13
103. James Hughes (GBr)4:56.1947.54
104. Steven Ponting (GBr)4:57.8949.24
105. Mark Maciver (GBr)4:58.2049.55
106. Karlis Kisuro (Lat)4:58.6850.03
107. Jorge Aguin Castro (Esp)4:58.7150.06
108. Andy Smith (Irl)4:59.2850.63
109. Judd Devall (USA)4:59.7851.13
110. Mickael Deldycke (Fra)5:02.2353.58
111. Andre Beato (Por)5:06.4057.75
112. Andi Deutschenbaur (Ger)5:08.5159.86
113. Markus Lagerblad (Swe)5:10.401:01.75
114. Neil Harris (GBr)5:12.921:04.27
115. Lukasz Smolak (Pol)5:19.971:11.32
116. Thomas Braithwaite (GBr)5:33.911:25.26
117. Dale Mcmullen (Irl)5:38.101:29.45
118. Joe Achilles (Aus)6:21.612:12.96
119. Mark Harries (GBr)7:35.693:27.04
DNF. Stuart Jenkinson (GBr)
DNS. Mick Hannah (Aus)
DNS. Cyril Lagneau (Fra) Maxxis-Msc
DNS. Trond Hansen (Nor)
DNS. Christopher Marshall (GBr)
DNS. Waylon Smith (GBr)
DNS. Michael Schnell (Ger)
DNS. James Marples (GBr)


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