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July 12/03 9:29 am - Ottawa Bicycle Club Grand Prix Results

Posted by Editoress on 07/12/03

Ottawa Bicycle Club Grand Prix

Photos courtesy Antoine Bécotte
Men's podium


Senior 1/2 Men
1. Andrew Pinfold (Atlas Cold/Italpasta On)2:40:13.6
2. Alexandre Lavallee (Volkswagen / Trek)2:40:17.1
3. Martin St-Laurent (Volkswagen-Trek)2:41:23.9
4. Carl Dessureault (Colnago/Carrera)2:41:25.1
5. Aaron Fillion (Ottawa Bicycle Club)2:41:27.3
6. Jean-Francois Racine (Espoirs De Laval)2:41:30.6
7. Jeffrey Hansen (Atlas Cold/Italpasta On)2:41:53.4
8. Bruno Langlois (Volkswagen-Trek)2:45:07.0
9. Daniel Maggiacomo (Gearsracing.Com)2:45:11.0
10. Christophe Cheseau (Espoirs De Laval)2:46:18.0
11. Alexandre Nadeau (Ad Opt Cycling Team)2:46:18.5
12. Hugues Lapointe (Gervais Rioux/Medico Qc)2:46:19.6
13. Sebastien Moquin (Colnago/Carrera)2:46:19.9
14. Osmond Bakker (Bianchi)2:46:22.5
15. Jean-Philipe Provost (Oryx)2:46:22.6
16. Sebastien Deschenes (Premier Tech)2:46:29.6
17. Ian Carbonneau (Nestea Perigny)2:46:31.9
18. Bill Hurley (West Quebec Wheelers Qc)2:46:32.5
19. Francois Beaupre (Multi Laser Racing)2:46:34.3
20. Alan Reain (Cycle Logik)2:46:39.8
21. Frederic Millette (Espoirs De Laval)2:46:40.3
22. Francois Doyon (Colnago-Carrera)2:46:41.0
23. Manuel Jean (Cycles Gervais Rioux On)2:46:44.2
24. Noel Savage (Peterborough Racing)2:46:44.9
25. Christopher Reid (Opus/Ogc)2:46:47.0
26. Marc Precious (Oakville)2:46:47.5
27. Jimmy Oneschuk (Bike Doctor)2:46:47.8
28. Simon Small (Atlas Cold/Italpasta On)2:46:48.7
29. Patrick Shea (Atlas Cold/Italpasta On)2:46:50.3
30. Axel Bergman (MBRC)2:46:54.3
31. Sebastien Pilotte (Colmago Camerra)2:46:57.8
32. Greg Roth (Independent)2:46:58.4
33. Antoine Stundner (Espoirs Laval)2:46:59.1
34. Alexi Richer (Premier Tech)2:47:10.7
35. Thierry Laliberte (Sportif Bromont)2:48:44.6
36. Joel Cote-Cright (Espoirs De Laval)2:48:45.3
37. Mathieu Boucher (Nestea Perigny)2:48:46.3
38. Tim Carleton (Sport Swap)2:53:52.3
39. Mathieu Roy (Espoirs De Laval)2:54:58.7
40. Nathan Chown (Midweek Cc)2:58:08.4
41. Hans Ulsrud (Independent)2:58:08.7
42. Louis-Francois Guimont (Premier Tech)2:59:45.3
43. Joel Pelletier (Premier Tech)3:00:04.4
44. Peter Morse (Midweek Cc)3:02:19.9
45. Paul Hornak (Mississauga Bicycle)3:04:07.7
46. Attila Hajdu (Mississauga Bicycle)3:04:08.1
47. Trevor Koker (True North)3:05:48.6
DNF. Jean-Sebastien Maheu ()
DNF. Andrew Hickman (Mississauga Bicycle)
DNF. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)
DNF. Bruce Krip (Midweek Cc)
DNF. Adam Wade (Khs Bicycles)
DNF. Pascal Tetreault (Espoirs De Laval)
DNF. Stirling McArthur (Mississauga Bicycle)
DNF. Jeff Bakal (Multi-Laser Racing)
DNF. Colin Burn (Jet Fuel Coffee)
DNF. Francois Parisien (Espoirs De Laval)
DNF. Craig Deveer (Gearsracing.Com)
DNF. Rino Lapiccirella (Pavan)
DNF. Antoine Varghese (Atlas Cold/Italpasta On)
DNF. Maxime Vives (Espoirs Laval)
DNF. Clara Hughes (Volkswagen/Trek)
DNF. Carl Desroches (Espoirs De Laval)
DNF. Fabrice Vigier (Sherbrooke)
DNF. Joe Giuliano (Atlas Cold/Italpasta On)
DNF. Pierre-Yves Gagnon (Sherbrooke)
DNF. Bryan Rusche (Atlas Cold/Italpasta On)
DNF. Philippe Pinson (Espoirs Laval)
DNF. Thorben Weiditz (Thornhill Saab/Bici)
DNF. Jean-Francois Fortin (Adopt)
DNF. Bruce Ketchum (Midweek Cc)
DNF. David Whyman (Atlas Cold/Italpasta On)
DNF. Marc-Wayne Addison (Espoirs De Laval)
DNF. Chris Atkins (Midweek Cc)
DNF. Brian Truman (MBRC)
DNF. Malcolm Munro (Thornhill Saab/Bici)
DNF. Greg Boileau (Independent)
DNF. Roy Zucchetto (Pavan)
DNF. David Fry (Midweek Cc)
DNF. Robb Lee (Thornhill Saab/Bici)
DNF. Christopher Bolton (Thornhill Saab/Bici)
1/2 Women
1. Anne Samplonius2:18:29.5
2. Leigh Hobson2:18:30.5
3. Emilie Roy2:18:30.9
4. Erin Carter2:23:09.7
5. Merrill Collins2:23:13.0
6. Stephanie Bourbeau2:23:14.4
7. Ann Turrin2:23:19.7
8. Anita Lagler2:23:21.7
9. Julie Hutsebaut2:23:24.0
10. Julia Bradley2:23:30.0
11. Caroline Montminy2:23:31.4
12. Sarah-Jane Chilton2:25:27.1
13. Jennifer Stephenson2:30:16.4
14. Julia Farell2:32:58.9
15. Julie Belanger2:33:17.4
16. Holland Gidney2:35:09.1
17. Mathilde Hupin2:35:26.0
18. Anna Garnett2:37:22.9
19. Marie-Claire Belanger2:37:26.6
20. Sophie Blanchette2:37:29.6
21. Tara Mulder2:37:40.2
22. Maogosha Pyjor2:42:50.5
23. Jenny Trew2:50:07.9
DNF. Claudine Labelle
DNF. Karina Sacca
DNF. Chloe Black

All other results can be found HERE


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