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March 25/04 9:25 am - Redlands Classic: Stage One

Posted by Editoress on 03/25/04

Redlands Classic Redlands, California
Courtesy Organization

Stage 1: Crestline Road Race, 85.5km

Pro Women
1. Geneviève Jeanson (Can) RONA2:27:38
2. Lyne Bessette (Can) Quark Cycling Teamat 0:29
3. Christine Thornburn (USA) Webcor Cycling Team0:42
4. Karen Bockel (Ger) TDS-Schwalbe
5. Sue Palmer-Komar (Can) Genesis Scuba-FFCC
6. Kristin Armstrong (USA) T-Mobileall s.t.
7. Magali LeFloch (Fra) Quark Cycling Team1:21
8. Kathryn Curi (USA) RONAs.t.
9. Sarah Noble (Can) Team Ford1:30
10. Rhonda Quick (USA) Red 5 Racing
11. Kim Anderson (USA) T-Mobile
12. Johanna Buick (NZl) Victory Brewing
13. Trine Hansen (Den) S.A.T.S.all s.t.
14. Katherine Sherwin (USA) Kenda Tire1:47
15. Katrina Grove (USA) RONA1:52
16. Kori Kelly (USA) Genesis Scuba-FFCC
17. Tina Pic (USA) Genesis Scuba-FFCC
18. Mari Holden (USA) T-Mobile
19. Amy Moore (Can) Quark Cycling Team
20. Brooke Ourada (USA) Victory Brewing
21. Dara Marks-Marino (USA) Team Fordall s.t.
22. Lynn Gaggioli (USA) T-Mobile2:20
23. Hiroko Shimada (Jpn) Velo Bella
24. Kristin Johnson (USA) Team Basisboth s.t.
25. Magen Long (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.com2:24
26. Sandy Espeseth (Can) Victory Brewing
27. Jennifer Stevens (USA) Red 5 Racingboth s.t.
28. Gabriela Gonzales De Ferrat (Mex) Velo Bella2:30
29. Kate Maher (USA) Team Basis
30. Nicole Demars (Can) Victory Brewing
31. Mette Fischer Andreasen (Den) S.A.T.S.all s.t.
32. Christina Peick-Anderson (Den) S.A.T.S.2:38
33. Suz Weldon (USA) Tamarack/Goldy's2:42
34. Rook Campbell (USA) Genesis Scuba-FFCCs.t.
35. Christine Fletcher (Can) Dizzy Chicks2:45
36. Melanie McQuaid (Can) Team Ford2:55
37. Susan Haywood (USA) T-Mobile
38. Andrea Ratkovic (USA) TDS-Schwalbe
39. Bridget Evans (Aus) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC
40. Jennifer Eyerman (USA) Red 5 Racing
41. Julia Whiteside (USA) Paramount Racing
42. Joan E. Wilson (USA) TDS-Schwalbe
43. Becky Broeder (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz
44. Stefanie Graeter (USA) Webcor Cycling Teamall s.t.
45. Lara Kroepsch (USA) T-Mobile3:15
46. Carla Hukee (USA) Kenda Tire
47. Sarah Faulkner (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.comboth s.t.
48. Megan Monroe (USA) TDS-Schwalbe3:41
49. Maatje Benassi (Ned) Wells Fargo/Ragatz
50. Lisa Matlock (USA) Team Ford
51. Michelle Beltran (USA) Red 5 Racing
52. Lisa Magness (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz
53. Chrissy Ruiter (USA) Team Basis
54. Sara Bresnick (USA) Verizon Wireless - Wheelworksall s.t.
55. Tina Elliott (USA) WLTR Women's Racing4:01
56. Grace Fleury (USA) Genesis Scuba-FFCC
57. Laura Van Gilder (USA) Genesis Scuba-FFCCboth s.t.
58. Catherine Walberg (USA) Kenda Tire4:33
59. Yukie Nakamura (Jpn) Webcor Cycling Teams.t.
60. Cynthia Carroll (USA) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC4:38
61. Catherine Powers (USA) LaGrange4:45
62. Crystal Yap (USA) 9th/9th - SLC4:48
63. Suzanne Macht (Can) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC4:54
64. Ivana Bisaro (Can) Terry Precision5:02
65. Julie Emmerman (USA) Vitamin Cottage5:18
66. Karina Sorensen (Den) S.A.T.S.s.t.
67. Jane Despas (USA) Paramount Racing5:41
68. Renee Eastman (USA) Vitamin Cottage5:50
69. Carli Figueroa (USA) Paramount Racing
70. Cat Malone (USA) Webcor Cycling Team
71. Beth Leasure (USA) Dizzy Chicksall s.t.
72. Katie Lambden (USA) CRCA/Team Aquafina6:05
73. Eszter Horanyi (USA) Vitamin Cottage
74. Laura Weislo (USA) ABD Racing Team
75. Elizabeth Morse (USA) The Bicycle Store/
76. Aimee Vasse (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.comall s.t.
77. Julie Hutsebaut (Can) Terry Precision6:23
78. Amanda Lawerence (USA) Vitamin Cottage6:27
79. Sima Trapp (USA) Tamarack/Goldy's6:32
80. Andrea Hannos (Hun) RONA6:37
81. Anne Samplonius (Can) TDS-Schwalbe
82. Helen Kelly (Aus) RONA
83. Megan Elliott (USA) Quark Cycling Team
84. Anna Milkowski (USA) RONA
85. Pamela Hinton (USA) 9th/9th - SLCall s.t.
86. Brenda Lyons (USA) ABD Racing Team6:52
87. Christine Vardaros (USA) Velo Bella6:55
88. Lauren Gaffney (USA) Team Basis
89. Melissa Sanborn (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz
90. Kerry Rohan (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz
91. Judy Hay (USA) Velo Bellaall s.t.
92. Megan Esmonde (USA) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC7:08
93. Ann Marie Miller (USA) Verizon Wireless - Wheelworks7:13
94. Nicole Brandt (USA) LaGrange7:18
95. Kirsten Kotval (USA) 9th/9th - SLC7:28
96. Kerry Soraci (USA) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC
97. Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Velo Bella
98. Erin Carter (Can) TDS-Schwalbeall s.t.
99. Sarah Tillotson (USA) ABD Racing Team7:59
100. Mandi Hall (USA) WLTR Women's Racing8:28
101. Gina Grain (Can) Victory Brewing8:32
102. Alisha Little (USA) ABD Racing Team8:42
103. Desire Utzig (USA) LaGrange8:53
104. Laura Downey (USA) LaGrange9:07
105. Betsy Sellers (USA) Kenda Tire9:18
106. Patricia Ross (USA) Dizzy Chicks9:34
107. Barb Zimich (Can) Dizzy Chicks9:46
108. Stephanie Hannos (Can) Team Basiss.t.
109. Rosie Garlapow (USA) Terry Precision9:54
110. Moriah MacGregor (Can) Dizzy Chicks10:18
111. Jana Repulski (USA) Tamarack/Goldy's10:23
112. Sherri Stedje (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.com10:33
113. Heidii Stamm (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz9:07
114. Janine Verstraeten (USA) Verizon Wireless - Wheelworks12:29
115. Laura Perdew (USA) Paramount Racing12:36
116. Jessica Peil (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.com13:55
117. Meredith Miller (USA) S.A.T.S.14:07
118. Lauren Franges (USA) Victory Brewing18:05
119. Elisa Gagnon (Can) CRCA/Team Aquafina18:47
120. Carol Neal (USA) Kenda Tires.t.
121. Tara Parsons (USA) CRCA/Team Aquafina20:39
122. Carrie Eller (USA) Tamarack/Goldy's22:06
123. Rachel Massey (USA) WLTR Women's Racing23:03
124. Kristine Biilyeau (USA) WLTR Women's Racing23:16
125. Emily Westbrook (USA) Tamarack/Goldy'ss.t.
126. Kelly Benjamin (USA) ABD Racing Team24:43
127. Tina Kunstbeck (USA) CRCA/Team Aquafina25:06
OTL. Betsy Bloom-Galenti (USA) LaGrange30:42
OTL. Melissa Kerr (Can) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC30:45
OTL. Debbie Dust (USA) Kenda Tire35:21
DNF. Chloe Black (Can) Terry Precision
DNF. Leah Toffolon (USA) Verizon Wireless - Wheelworks
DNS. Kristin Linton (USA) WLTR Women's Racing
DNF. Ali McNulty (USA) ABD Racing Team
DNS. Alison Littlefield (USA) 9th/9th - SLC
DNS. Carla Koehler (USA) LaGrange
DNF. Laura Erker (USA) Red 5 Racing
DNF. April Anderson (USA) Red 5 Racing
1. Geneviève Jeanson (Can) RONA2:37:24
2. Lyne Bessette (Can) Quark Cycling Teamat 1:11
3. Kristin Armstrong (USA) T-Mobile1:16
4. Sue Palmer-Komar (Can) Genesis Scuba-FFCCs.t.
5. Christine Thornburn (USA) Webcor Cycling Team1:20
6. Karen Bockel (Ger) TDS-Schwalbe2:03
7. Kathryn Curi (USA) RONA2:26
8. Trine Hansen (Den) S.A.T.S.2:28
9. Johanna Buick (NZl) Victory Brewing2:35
10. Sarah Noble (Can) Team Ford2:40
11. Katrina Grove (USA) RONA2:41
12. Magali LeFloch (Fra) Quark Cycling Team2:42
13. Rhonda Quick (USA) Red 5 Racing2:47
14. Amy Moore (Can) Quark Cycling Team3:03
15. Tina Pic (USA) Genesis Scuba-FFCC3:05
16. Kim Anderson (USA) T-Mobile3:07
17. Mari Holden (USA) T-Mobile
18. Kori Kelly (USA) Genesis Scuba-FFCCboth s.t.
19. Sandy Espeseth (Can) Victory Brewing3:11
20. Dara Marks-Marino (USA) Team Ford3:20
21. Lynn Gaggioli (USA) T-Mobile3:26
22. Brooke Ourada (USA) Victory Brewing3:33
23. Nicole Demars (Can) Victory Brewing3:39
24. Katherine Sherwin (USA) Kenda Tire3:42
25. Hiroko Shimada (Jpn) Velo Bella3:51
26. Jennifer Stevens (USA) Red 5 Racing3:54
27. Kristin Johnson (USA) Team Basis3:57
28. Melanie McQuaid (Can) Team Fords.t.
29. Suz Weldon (USA) Tamarack/Goldy's3:58
30. Magen Long (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.com4:00
31. Kate Maher (USA) Team Basis4:03
32. Christina Peick-Anderson (Den) S.A.T.S.4:04
33. Rook Campbell (USA) Genesis Scuba-FFCC4:15
34. Mette Fischer Andreasen (Den) S.A.T.S.4:18
35. Gabriela Gonzales De Ferrat (Mex) Velo Bella4:19
36. Susan Haywood (USA) T-Mobile4:23
37. Jennifer Eyerman (USA) Red 5 Racing4:24
38. Stefanie Graeter (USA) Webcor Cycling Team4:31
39. Andrea Ratkovic (USA) TDS-Schwalbe4:35
40. Julia Whiteside (USA) Paramount Racing4:39
41. Christine Fletcher (Can) Dizzy Chicks4:44
42. Becky Broeder (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz4:47
43. Bridget Evans (Aus) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC4:53
44. Joan E. Wilson (USA) TDS-Schwalbe5:01
45. Sarah Faulkner (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.com5:18
46. Carla Hukee (USA) Kenda Tire5:19
47. Lisa Magness (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz5:25
48. Lara Kroepsch (USA) T-Mobile5:31
49. Laura Van Gilder (USA) Genesis Scuba-FFCC5:32
50. Grace Fleury (USA) Genesis Scuba-FFCC5:37
51. Michelle Beltran (USA) Red 5 Racing5:44
52. Sara Bresnick (USA) Verizon Wireless - Wheelworks5:46
53. Megan Monroe (USA) TDS-Schwalbe5:47
54. Tina Elliott (USA) WLTR Women's Racing5:51
55. Maatje Benassi (Ned) Wells Fargo/Ragatz6:05
56. Chrissy Ruiter (USA) Team Basis6:07
57. Lisa Matlock (USA) Team Ford6:11
58. Catherine Powers (USA) LaGrange6:15
59. Yukie Nakamura (Jpn) Webcor Cycling Team6:46
60. Suzanne Macht (Can) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC6:58
61. Cynthia Carroll (USA) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC7:04
62. Catherine Walberg (USA) Kenda Tire7:07
63. Ivana Bisaro (Can) Terry Precision7:10
64. Julie Emmerman (USA) Vitamin Cottage7:27
65. Jane Despas (USA) Paramount Racing7:29
66. Laura Weislo (USA) ABD Racing Team7:36
67. Crystal Yap (USA) 9th/9th - SLC7:41
68. Cat Malone (USA) Webcor Cycling Team7:43
69. Renee Eastman (USA) Vitamin Cottage7:45
70. Carli Figueroa (USA) Paramount Racing7:49
71. Anna Milkowski (USA) RONA7:57
72. Beth Leasure (USA) Dizzy Chicks7:58
73. Andrea Hannos (Hun) RONA8:02
74. Helen Kelly (Aus) RONA8:19
75. Katie Lambden (USA) CRCA/Team Aquafina8:20
76. Anne Samplonius (Can) TDS-Schwalbe8:21
77. Karina Sorensen (Den) S.A.T.S.8:23
78. Aimee Vasse (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.com8:26
79. Sima Trapp (USA) Tamarack/Goldy'ss.t.
80. Pamela Hinton (USA) 9th/9th - SLC8:33
81. Julie Hutsebaut (Can) Terry Precision8:45
82. Amanda Lawerence (USA) Vitamin Cottage8:47
83. Eszter Horanyi (USA) Vitamin Cottage8:50
84. Megan Esmonde (USA) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC8:52
85. Elizabeth Morse (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.com8:54
86. Melissa Sanborn (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz9:05
87. Christine Vardaros (USA) Velo Bella9:06
88. Judy Hay (USA) Velo Bellas.t.
89. Lauren Gaffney (USA) Team Basis9:09
90. Brenda Lyons (USA) ABD Racing Team9:15
91. Megan Elliott (USA) Quark Cycling Team9:21
92. Kerry Rohan (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz9:23
93. Ann Marie Miller (USA) Verizon Wireless - Wheelworks9:34
94. Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Velo Bella9:36
95. Sarah Tillotson (USA) ABD Racing Team9:38
96. Erin Carter (Can) TDS-Schwalbe9:52
97. Nicole Brandt (USA) LaGrange10:05
98. Kirsten Kotval (USA) 9th/9th - SLC10:20
99. Alisha Little (USA) ABD Racing Team10:31
100. Mandi Hall (USA) WLTR Women's Racing10:43
101. Kerry Soraci (USA) Lake Mary Cycles/ORC11:05
102. Gina Grain (Can) Victory Brewing11:12
103. Laura Downey (USA) LaGrange11:26
104. Heidii Stamm (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz11:39
105. Desire Utzig (USA) LaGrange11:47
106. Patricia Ross (USA) Dizzy Chicks11:47
107. Rosie Garlapow (USA) Terry Precision12:15
108. Barb Zimich (Can) Dizzy Chicks12:16
109. Stephanie Hannos (Can) Team Basis12:36
110. Moriah MacGregor (Can) Dizzy Chicks12:56
111. Betsy Sellers (USA) Kenda Tire13:00
112. Jana Repulski (USA) Tamarack/Goldy's13:13
113. Sherri Stedje (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.com13:42
114. Janine Verstraeten (USA) Verizon Wireless - Wheelworks14:51
115. Laura Perdew (USA) Paramount Racing15:31
116. Meredith Miller (USA) S.A.T.S.15:52
117. Jessica Peil (USA) The Bicycle Store/Worlddiff.com16:28
118. Lauren Franges (USA) Victory Brewing19:27
119. Elisa Gagnon (Can) CRCA/Team Aquafina21:05
120. Carol Neal (USA) Kenda Tire21:23
121. Tara Parsons (USA) CRCA/Team Aquafina23:27
122. Rachel Massey (USA) WLTR Women's Racing25:06
123. Carrie Eller (USA) Tamarack/Goldy's25:18
124. Kristine Biilyeau (USA) WLTR Women's Racing25:54
125. Emily Westbrook (USA) Tamarack/Goldy's25:58
126. Kelly Benjamin (USA) ABD Racing Team27:33
127. Tina Kunstbeck (USA) CRCA/Team Aquafina27:53
1. Geneviève Jeanson 21pts
2. Sue Palmer-Komar 11
3. Kristin Armstrong 9
4. Christine Thornburn 9
5. Lyne Bessette 7
6. Melanie McQuaid 4
7. Helen Kelly 3
8. Sandy Espeseth 1
9. Melissa Sanborn 1
1. Laura Van Gilder 7
2. Carol Neal 5
3. Cat Malone 3
4. Nicole Demars 2
5. Lauren Franges 1
Team GC
1. Team Rona7:26:07
2. Quark Cycling Teamat 0:29
3. Team T-Mobile0:51
4. Genesis Scuba / FFCC1:13
5. Victory Brewing2:33
6. Team Ford3:04
7. TDS-Schwalbe3:19
8. Team S.A.T.S.3:25
9. Red 5 Racing3:36
10. Webcor Cycling Team4:57
11. Javelin Bikes5:18
12. Team Kenda Tire6:22
13. Wells Fargo/Ragatz7:04
14. The Bicycle Store / Worlddiff.com8:31
15. Velo Bella8:32
16. Lake Mary Cycles/ORC9:14
17. Paramount Racing11:13
18. Vitamin Cottage14:00
19. Dizzy Chicks14:56
20. 9th&9th - SLC15:40
21. Tamarack/Goldy's16:24
22. LaGrange17:43
23. ABD Racing Team17:43
24. Terry Precision18:06
25. Verizon Wireless - Wheelworks20:10
26. WLTR Women's Racing32:19
27. CRCA/Team Aquafina 42:18


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