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May 19/04 10:44 am - Enumclaw Photos, Hardwood Canada Cup Course Opens, St. Catharines Club Night Report, Edmonton Midweek

Posted by Editoress on 05/19/04


Photos by Greg Descantes. Results tomorrow.

Gears Racing Canada Cup
Glenn Meeuwisse, Hardwood Hills Cross Country Ski and Mountain Bike Center

The proposed course for the 2004 Gears Racing Canada Cup at Hardwood Hills, June 5/6, is now preliminarily marked and will open for riding Saturday, May 22. Course maps are available at the Main Desk upon arrival at Hardwood Hills, and we will post a map on the race website by the weekend.

The course is only open for riding during regular Hardwood Hills hours of operation, and regular facility fees apply until June 2nd, once race packages are ready for pick-up.

A reminder that you can save $10.00 by registering prior to May 30th, and registration is available on-line at

Full race information available at

The Canada Cup weekend also includes activities on Saturday such as the ARC Adventure Race, (see, and the Bike for the Cure charity ride for the Breast Cancer Foundation, (see, as well as the Gears Racing Short Track Races.

St. Catharines Club Night #3
by Shane Lavell

A stiff southwest wind was the least of the riders worries on this mild Tuesday evening, as the scene shifted back to the Saylor's Hill Road Circuit, and a preview night for many of this upcoming weekends Niagara Classic drawing attraction "The Saylor's Hill Climb".

In the true Tuesday night tradition the race was handicapped into the three traditional waves, with the final wave starting well over 12 mins behind the first wave. In the main group, an attack took place in the very first kilometre by Jetfuel's Buck Miller. He immediately took out 200m in less then a kilometre, which saw a reaction by 2002 Canadian Junior Champion Mark Pozniak, and Jetfuel's Tim Lefebvre. Back in the main bunch, conservation for this weekend was the focus, and the break of three quickly established a lot of real estate and, by the twisting technical section of St. Johns, were out of site.

As the Saylor's Hill climb approached, for the first of two trips up, Jetfuel's Tim Lefebvre was disposed from the break and was swept up on Tice Rd, which is the playground this weekend for the opening prologue Time Trial in the Niagara Classic.(Online Reg closes Thursday at 6PM - No Stage Race entry after this point only R.R and Crit on the Day).

Usually by Tice/Metler Rd. the gaps to the Handicappers has occurred, but tonight the main bunch was still many minutes behind, with only Buck Miller, prepping for the upcoming Tour of Japan (a 2.4 race) and Mark Pozniak, where in view of the lead bunch, which included Alex Korten and Greg Knapp, two up and comers in the Junior and Cadet divisions, and both on the SCC Team addition Fuji bikes.

On the last climb, before the epic finishing slopes of Saylor's Hill, Gears Nathan Chown, fresh from his Owasco Stage Race Victory in Auburn, New York two days previous, jumped on the Roland Road Climb, a 1km moderate uphill section of Road, bringing the always aggressive Stephen Krammer with him. Together these two forged forwarded picking up the remaining components of the handicappers and also bringing the duo of Miller and Pozniak into view. On the long false flat into Saylor's, Buck Miller escaped his breakaway companion of the previous 37KM, Mark Pozniak, and took the night's top honors. Chown powered up the finishing climb to take second, followed by SCC cadet Alex Korten in third.

Time- Unofficial 1:01:30
1. Buck Miller(A)
2. Nathan Chown(A)
3. Alex Korten(B)
4. Greg Knapp(B)
5. Jim Bedard(B)
6. Eric Stock(A)
7. Ben Debrey(A)
8.Mark Pozniak(A)
9. Shane Lavell(A)
10. Stefan Deshaines(A)

Edmonton Mid Week
Courtesy Brys Francis, United Cycle Racing

The Edmonton Mid Week road races began last night at Polar Park. A large early season turnout resulted in three exciting starts. Next week, Group Ride, 6:30, from the Velodrome.

A Group : 3 Laps : 45 km
20 Starters
1 Mike Stickland (Pedalhead)
2 Sean Barr (Pedalhead)
3 Jere Hu (Hardcore)
4 Nick Jondzjowsky( Pedalhead)
5 Zibi Szymanski (United Cycle)
6 Taylor Little (River Valley Cycle)
7 Ted Emes (ERTC)
8 Gregg Menard (Juventus)
9 Kevin Rokosh (ERTC)
10 Craig Horon (Velocity)

B Group : 3 Laps : 45 km
30 Starters
1 Wayne Long (United Cycle)
2 Darin Schacker (Pedalhead)
3 Paul Plakas (Pedalhead)
4 Tim Bulger (ERTC)
5 195
6 Ryan Lakhrom (Juventus)
7 Tom Birkness (Cycle Logic)
8 119
9 Joe Hostyn (EMCC)
10 118

C Group : 2 Laps : 30 km
19 Starters
1 Jordan Sykes (United Cycle)
2 Kris Loshack (Pedalhead)
3 Heather Oswald (ERTC)
4 James Radford (River Valley Cycle)
5 Andrew Schietzsch (United Cycle)
6 Cindy Banin (Way Past Fast)
7 Anna Patton (Way Past Fast)
8 Jennifer Lachambre (United Cycle)
9 Tanya Garnell (ERTC)
10 Sherlyn Rawson (Pedalhead)


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