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May 21/04 6:09 am - Rollin 2nd in France, Ontario High School Championships Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/21/04

Maillot des Jeunes # 4 Cahagnes, France (May 20th)

1. DALIBARD Antoine (GS Jean Floc'h)
2. ROLLIN Dominique (CAN, USSA Pavilly Barentin)
3. CIOBAN Denis (MDA, VC Bourgtheroulde)
4. LEMARECHAL Ludovic (DIVPA Caen)
5. DESAUNAY Stephen (RO Le Teilleul)
6. MALLE Mickaël (USSA Pavilly Barentin)
7. DHERUELLE Aurélien (UC Sabolienne)
8. FOISNET Julien (UC Sabolienne)
9. LECLERC Pierrick (USSA Pavilly Barentin)
10. BELOT Stéphane (VC Rouen 76)
11. VERMEULEN Nicolas (VC Evreux)
12. FONTAINE Emmanuel (USSAPB)
13. BOULANGUE Sébastien (ACMEA)
14. MULLER Aurélien (ES Torigny)
15. BARBIER Julien (UC Sablé)
16. AUBERNON Yannick (AC Luc Leblanc)
17. BERHAULT Romain (VC Bocage Vire)
18. HENRY Steven (USSAPB)
19. GIROUT Alexandre (VC Evreux)
20. TOURAILLE Julien (VC Evreux)
21. COURTEILLE Benoit (RO Le Teilleul)
22. MALLE Guillaume (Comité Calvados)
23. GAZEAU Jérome (Comité Calvados)
24. ALVES Guillaume (VC Evreux)
25. MOINARD Amaël (G.S. Jean Floch)

Ontario High School Championships presented by Louis Garneau
Glenn Meeuwisse, Hardwood Hills Cross Country Ski and Mountain Bike Center

Teams as far away as Wawa and Kingston made the trek to Hardwood Hills to challenge themselves and other riders in the Ontario High School Championships at Hardwood Hills. Dry conditions made for a great day, with over 375 riders representing 85 schools from across Ontario.

Thanks to Louis Garneau and all the other sponsors and volunteers for helping support this annual Championships.

Full Results


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