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May 28/04 2:36 am - High Park Classic: Information and Registered Riders

Posted by Editoress on 05/28/04

High Park Classic

The High Park Classic returns with its new course this Sunday. The event is part of Toronto's Bike Week and its being presented by the City of Toronto, McBride's Cycles and Jet Fuel Coffee.

The Women's race and the Men Senior I/II race still have spots open. The racing starts at 8:50 with the women's race. The "Open" men's race starts at 10:00am and the Men's I/II race starts at 11:00am. Registration opens at 8:00am.

The course's start finish line is located just north of Colborne Lodge on Colborne Lodge Rd.

Pre-Registered Riders List

Heather Davidson (Latern Rouge)
Carolyne Hail (Midweek Cycling Club)
Ireen Wieditz (Midweek Cycling Club)
Kate Archibald (Midweek Cycling Club)
Maogosha Pygor (Independent)
Lili Hrabchak (Independent)
Celeste Merey (Independent)

Men's Open
Ed Smolinski (Bikesports-Pfaff Racing Team)
Eric Credelli (Bikesports-Pfaff Racing Team)
Ian Manning (Bikesports-Pfaff Racing Team)
Paul Amaral (Bikesports-Pfaff Racing Team)
Chris Chambers (Chain Reaction)
Frank Lee (Chain Reaction)
Mark Shaw (Chain Reaction)
Rob Sule (Chain Reaction)
Craig Vedova (
Mike Forsdike (
Samuel Bail (
Tony Liokossis (
Dave Campbell (Cyclepath Oakville)
Francois Faust (Cyclepath Oakville)
Gary Scully (Cyclepath Oakville)
Ian Fisher (Cyclepath Oakville)
David Thompson (D'Ornellas Racing)
John Pucic (D'Ornellas Racing)
Kelly Boucher (D'Ornellas Racing)
Stefan Zurcher (D'Ornellas Racing)
Jacques Guenette (Jet Fuel Coffee)
Jim Davis (Jet Fuel Coffee)
Rob Brehn (Jet Fuel Coffee)
Carlos de Barros (KHS Bicycles)
Ed Makarchuk (KHS Bicycles)
James Bongard (KHS Bicycles)
Jason Vincze (KHS Bicycles)
TBA (Madonna Wheelers)
TBA (Madonna Wheelers)
TBA (Madonna Wheelers)
TBA (Madonna Wheelers)
Hamish Gordon (Midweek Cycling Club)
Jordie Kofman (Midweek Cycling Club)
Mirek Mazur (Midweek Cycling Club)
Patrick Tuite (Midweek Cycling Club)
Brent Aquino (Pavan Cycling presented by Teranet)
Mark Polsinelli (Pavan Cycling presented by Teranet)
Mauro Martini (Pavan Cycling presented by Teranet)
Mark Viel (Pavan Cycling presented by Teranet)
Chris Bartholemew (Peterborough Cycling Club)
Doug Hinan (Peterborough Cycling Club)
Kieran Andrews (Peterborough Cycling Club)
Scott Wood (Peterborough Cycling Club)
Chris Tobias (Sport Swap Racing)
Gerard Yates (Sport Swap Racing)
Steve Heck (Sport Swap Racing)
Tom Vilano (Sport Swap Racing)
Craig Doucet (Westhaven Homes)
Fred Pepper (Westhaven Homes)
Paul Deane (Westhaven Homes)
Julio Goncalves (Westhaven Homes)
Tony Abramavicius (Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif)
Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg)
Keith Gould (McBrides-Fit Fix)
Chris Adams (Independent)
Daniele Zucconi (Independent)
Geoff Morgan (Independent)
John Holland (Independent)
Rob West (Independent)

Senior I/II
Adam Wade (Bikesports-Pfaff Racing Team)
Neil Hendry (Bikesports-Pfaff Racing Team)
Brandon Crichton (Gears Racing)
Craig Deveer (Gears Racing)
Dan Lefebvre (Gears Racing)
Mark Pozniak (Gears Racing)
Nathan Chown (Gears Racing)
Tyler Holtzman (Gears Racing)
Jeff Hansen (Jet Fuel Coffee)
Josh Hall (Jet Fuel Coffee)
Tim Lefebvre (Jet Fuel Coffee)
Patrick Shea (KHS Bicycles)
Robert Mann (KHS Bicycles)
Adam McClounie (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
Jeff Schiller (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
Matt Bonin (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
Maurice Ruelland (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
Piers Davidge (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
Wayne Tomkins (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
Attila Hajdu (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
Andrew Hickman (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
Chris Ainsworth (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
Jason Valenti (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
Stirling McArthur (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
Andrew McDonald (Pavan Cycling presented by Teranet)
Don Zuck (Pavan Cycling presented by Teranet)
Ed Maset (Pavan Cycling presented by Teranet)
Mike Rutledge (Pavan Cycling presented by Teranet)
Al Worozbyt (St. Catharine's Cycling Club)
Eric Stock (St. Catharine's Cycling Club)
Ramon Mira Orduna (St. Catharine's Cycling Club)
Rib Hiscock (St. Catharine's Cycling Club)
Stefan Kramer (St. Catharine's Cycling Club)
Trevor Koker (Waterloo Cycling Club)
Kurt Schreiter (Waterloo Cycling Club)
Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg)
Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg)
Rodney McEwen (Independent)
Rob Lee (Independent)
Dave Britnell (Independent)
TBA (Ital Pasta-Transport Belmir)


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