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May 31/04 6:00 am - Victoria Friday Night Track Cycling League, Blizzard Bike Club Report

Posted by Editoress on 05/31/04

Friday Night Track Cycling League Juan de Fuca Velodrome, Victoria
Courtesy Dr. Wayne Walker

May 28th

Sponsored by Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor and Forte Bikes

20 Lap Scratch race (first to the line wins)

Group A
1. Marcus Hadley
2. Chris Anstey
3. AngusErrington
4. Keith Bruneau
5. Mark Butschler

Group B
1. Wayne Walker
2. Jim Holtz
3. Dave Shishkoff

4. Sarah Kirby
5. Kelly Holtan

Keirin (4 laps motopaced and 2 lap sprint)

Group A
1. Charles Durrant
2. Chris Anstey
3. Marcus Hadley

4. Angus Errington
5. Mark Butschler

Group B
1. Wayne Walker
2. Dave Shishkoff
3. Jim Holtz
4th Sarah Kirby
5. Kelly Holtan

3 minute race (riders cannot cross the start line before 3 min. elapses, no timers allowed, then one lap sprint):

Group A
1. Mark Butschler
2. Keith Bruneau
3. Angus Errington
4. Mike Chandler

Group B
1. Dave Shishkoff
2. Jim Holtz
3. Kelly Holtan
4. Thom Ward
5. Sarah Van Biert

Australian Pursuit (staggered start, passed riders eliminated):

Group A
1. Keith Bruneau
2. Marcus Hadley
3. Angus Errington
4. Charles Durrant
5. Mike Chandler

Group B
1. Dave Shishkoff
2. Sarah Kirby
3. Thom Ward
4. Dale Marat
5. Jim Holtz

Team Sprint
1. Keith Bruneau, Wayne Walker, Stephen Price 1:20.04
2. Jim Holtz, Thom Ward, Mike Chandler 1:23.37
3. Dale Marat, Iain Barnes, Dave Shishkoff 1:29.14
4. Kelly Holtan, Sarah Kirby, Sarah van Biert 1:32.05

Learn to ride the velodrome track Wednesday nights, 6:00 pm, $5 includes rental bike and instruction Juan de Fuca recreation center, lower level.

Blizzard Bike ClubFort St. John, BC
Pat Ferris

May 30th

The defending Challenge Cup winner Blizzard Club won the first Challenge Cup meet of the 2004 season by out pointing Grande Prairie, overall, to win with 108 points to Grande Prairie's 69 points.

Grande Prairie's Pro-Triathlete Joe Radench overcame a record crowd of thirty-seven riders to win Challenge Cup #1 on the Montney circuit, Sunday. He won the 60 km event with a time of 1:43:04 hours. The Blizzard's Stephen Ferris was second at 1:43:32, Rod Lewis at three seconds later for third and Tim Gladysz 11 seconds after for 4th. Mark Kildaw (GP) was 5th at 1:43:51.

The 60 km event was held over the Montney to Prespatou road under fair conditions. The pack split and got together numerous times during attacks and breakaway attempts by Grande Prairie riders Richard Fletcher and Mark Kildaw. The strong GP team made it tough for the locals.
It all came down to the final hill with 6 km's to go. Joe Radench attacked the final hill and broke clear leaving the trio of Stephen Ferris, Rod Lewis and Tim Gladysz to chase. Ferris and Lewis managed to get close but Radench held them off for the win.

Geoff MacDonald (GP) was 6th at 1:43:51, Steve Magusin (GP) 1:44:01 for 7th, Pat Ferris 1:44:35, Ina Hoffman (GP) 1:44:43 and Ed Fornelli 1:44:57 for 10th.
Blaine Richter (GP) 1:45:14 for 11th, Richard Fletcher (GP) 1:45:17, Roger St. Jean 1:45:19, Andrew Kovacs 1:45:46, Gary Hilderman 1:46:00, Terry Stone 1:49:34, Sam Keats 1:53:52, Ken Perry (GP) 1:53:56, Gord Harris 1:54:00, Dean Lowry 1:55:17, Ross Garbutt 1:56:28, Francis Plum 2:00:44 and one DNF.
Gilbert Bilodeau won the 30 km event with a 1:02:33. Adrienne Gilbride (GP) was second at 1:04:31 and Ken Nix third at 1:05:23. Richard Wood did 1:06:51 for 4th and Steve Sparling 1:06:58 for 5th.
Adam Currie had 1:10:34 for 6th, Jack Gladysz 1:13:51, Trisha Gladysz 1:15:14, Kim Veraart 1:15:22 and Drew Garcia 1:19:23.
Val Lewis and Marg Evens had 1:36:00 for 33km, Lois Harris 20for 7 km and Dawn Gladysz 38 for 13 km.
Gilbert Bilodeau and Trisha both qualified for the Zone 8 BC Summer Games team, Sunday. They rode a mountain bike qualifier Sunday morning and competing in the 30 km Challenge Cup event in the afternoon.


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